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    Inter-lining baggage

    Hi I recently travelled from Chennai (India) to Sydney. I was booked in for Friday night 23.30 flight from Chennai to Singapore and then Sunday night 20.30 flight from Singapore to Sydney. I originally wanted to spend the night in Singapore (more on that later) without having to check out my...
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    Canadian Millionnaire

    Read this: A guy who collected 1 million points in a C$7000.00 ticket.
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    HSBC Credit card annual fee

    When I bought a treadmill last year, the store was having an 12-months interest free promotion with HSBC. So I got this card. I was not charging anything else as I was going to can it after 12 months. Now I paid off the balance and I called to cancel. They asked me why I am cancelling and I said...
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    CBA cancellation "offer"

    My CBA Platinum is up for renewal. I need this card but do not want to pay $250.00 annual fee. Did anyone get a part fee waiver with CBA when trying to cancel?
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    CBA cancellation "offer"

    My CBA Platinum is up for renewal. I need this card but do not want to pay $250.00 annual fee. Did anyone get a part fee waiver with CBA when trying to cacel?
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    Wireless internet at Holiday Inn US

    During my US trip, I took my laptop along with a Wireless Network PC card (108 Mbps Netgear WG511T, bought for $90 but now it costs even less). I was not working - it was going to be primarily the the Gaming machine cum DVD player for my son! At every Holiday Inn I stayed (New York Mid Town...
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    Pre paid SIM card in US

    In April, I was in New York (Mid town) and checking about pre-paid GSM SIM only card. For some reason, the first two shops (T mobile and Cingular) said that I have to buy the phone as well as part of the pre-paid package. To be honest, when I think back now, I am not sure if I have made clear...
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    "Benefits" of cancellation (or attempting to cance

    I have a Citibank Platinum card and experienced a number of issues with customer service. I asked them last week re: balance transfer and they said that there is no special interest rate on balance transfers - it is the same 18%. With my North American trip I have a quite a bit balance on my...
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    Visa to US

    I found the following reference in the US visa website " Effective October 26, 2004, travelers eligible to use the Visa Waiver Program MUST be in possession of a Machine Readable Passport (MRP). All travelers not in possession of a MRP, even though otherwise qualified, must obtain a visa...
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    Fee -Free Credit cards and reward Programs

    With the credit card and reward program fees soaring, I though a thread on fee-free cards and programs usually available to affinity groups would be useful. I am starting with a few. 1. CPA AMEX Gold cards available to CPA Australia members (incl students, I believe) are fee-free. There is...
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    Booking accommodation with FlyBuys and Accor Advantage Plus

    I just redeemed 22,000 flybuys points for two nights accommodation at Adelaide All Seasons Meridien for 2 adults and 1 child. The cheapest rate available was $115 per night. I then called and Accor and checked if I could get a free room for the third night and use a 50% discunt voucher for...
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    Suggestions for North American routings

    Hi We will be going to LA (in USA) and Edmonton (or Vancouver) in Canada in April. These are the definites. Would also like to cover Philadelphia, New York and Toronto, if time (and money) permits. I will be departing from Sydney. Will be flying economy. Any suggestions on routings...
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    Westpac Altitude Interst charge policy

    I recently missed a Westpac card payment by about 4 days as I was ill and did not bother to pay. After 4 days I paid the statement balance in full. In the next statement I was charged interest. As I knew that every subsequent purchase now will carry an interest (though I do not charge much to...
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    Myers are introducing another loyalty program called MyerOne. Basically you get one point for every dollar spent at Myer. Once you get 1250 points you get a $25.00 gift card (aka gift voucher) that you can use at Myer. This is a good value 2c per point. Compare that with Altitude or AMEX : It is...
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    A Malaysian misadventure

    I flew Malaysian (MH) SYD/KUL/Delhi. On my way to Delhi I had a 12 hour transit (landing at 5 am and leaving at 8 pm) in KL. The travel agent said that MH will provide me with free accommodation and meals. I was quite excited at the prospect of leaving my hand luggage at the hotel, having a good...
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    The Citibank rewards T&C refers to transferring Citibank rewards points to Omegatrends Global points at the rate of 5000 citibank points for 12.5 Omegatrends. Does anyone know what this Omegatrends is?
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    KL Airport info

    I am leaving for Delhi and got a ticket only in Malaysian Airlines. I have a transit (day time) of 12 hours at KL. I want to know the best way to get into the city and any tips to spend time. Is there a train from Airport to the City. Some websites talk about it, but some do not. Not sure if...
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    Citbank Take Flight - Is it worth?

    got a leaflet from Citibank. Sydney - Perth return - 48,400 points Bangkok rtn - 113,900 points Round the world - 313,900 points Except for the fact that there is no "black out" period, this offers very little value when compared to a 1:1 transfer to QF and then book from QF. Too...
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    How many Airlines you have flown?

    Just thought of this list!!!! I have flown the following: Qantas Ansett Virgin Cathay Thai SriLankan Air Lanka (former Sri Lankan) Indian Airlines Air India Singapore Airlines Air New Zealand Canada3000 (now bankrupt) ExpoAir (a domestic Sri Lankan airline) Another Indian...
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    Audi Test Drive

    CBA Platintum card has an offer for its cardholders that if they go for a Audi test drive, then they get 4000 points. I remember QF club had something like that with Jaguar. Has anyone tried it? Is there any catch? O