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  1. Quickstatus

    When is a Demo not a Demo. Cars

    When is a Demo not a Demo?. While waiting for my VW Golf to be declared either a write off or a repair job. (NRMA taking its time- accident 4March) I went to look at a Demo/Used VW Passat Alltrack Diesel (Not made anymore, one of 5 left in the country still for same) Advertised as a Demo...
  2. Quickstatus

    Alaska Airlines to join One World

    Alaska airlines AS to join One World in Summer 2021 - will partner with American Airlines AA with codeshare agreements involving West Coast USA (LAX and SEA) New city pairs could be SEA-LHR and SEA-BLR (Bangalore India)
  3. Quickstatus

    Uber driver requirements

    Asking for my newly retired neighbour What the requirements to be an Uber driver in NSW/Sydney He has a 1 year old insured car He also has demerit points on drivers license Australian citizen Whats the background check?
  4. Quickstatus

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    A virus similar to SARS has broken out in China (Wuhan province). The disease has also been detected in some SEA countries Theory is that virus is animal origin and has made an animal to human jump and is being propagated by human to human transmission. SIN, HKG and LAX are commencing...
  5. Quickstatus

    Answered Should companion animals be allowed in the human cargo hold on Australian domestic flights?

    Small dogs and cats? Not sure about cabin crew trained in animal first aid or whether an aircraft should be diverted if animal medical emergency occurs
  6. Quickstatus

    How to book stopovers

    Many fare rules allow stopovers. Is there a way of booking a stopover without a travel agent A fare is $XXXX for ABC-GHI transiting through DEF. How do I book a stopover (>24 hours or several days) in DEF (fare rules allow a stopover)? Or am I really booking a multi fare multisegment? Thanks...
  7. Quickstatus

    AI314 19Oct18 DEL-HKG 200ft AGL 2.6nm short of runway 1)At least the pilots managed to go around bottoming out at 200ft vertical after the ground proximity warning went off. 2)Sounds like VMC (visual meteorological conditions) at HKG (edited from PVG) ILS glideslope...
  8. Quickstatus

    Malaysia departure tax hike

    Malaysia is proposing a departure tax hike. The tax will depend on class of travel on departure and also intended destination. J class to AUS could be MYR $150 per person. J class to SIN could be MYR $50 per person. This may affect MH disproportionately...
  9. Quickstatus

    2019 Skytrax Worlds best Airline

    Passenger choice awards apparently
  10. Quickstatus

    AA management and Unions at loggerheads

    Accusations from some travellers that AA unions are deliberately delaying flights. Background:
  11. Quickstatus

    Accompanied pet travel

    Looking to do a WGA-SYD with a cat (non service animal) What is the process with a domestic accompanied pet travel. And Where is the pet pickup at SYD?
  12. Quickstatus

    Air India unable to pay for engines

    Debt ridden AI is unable to pay for new engines for approx 16% of its fleet. Hence those affected aircraft are grounded. 2017-2018 AI P&L = approx annual loss USD 750mil And their cashflow also looks bad
  13. Quickstatus

    Answered Airlines which ban outside food and/or beverages

    @Melburnian1 raises an interesting issue on Scoot (IATA code TR) "Consumption of outside food and beverages is not allowed on board" Is this enforced on TR? What other airlines ban outside F&B? BI does not serve alcohol on board its flights but do not ban non muslim passengers BYO. Cheers!!
  14. Quickstatus

    Another happy Apple experience

    Another happy Apple experience. MissQS in all sorts last night. Her large assignment (due on Tuesday0 was nearly completed and saved within the SSD in the Macbook. Unfortunately the MacBook would not boot past the Apple logo. Tried for hours with NVRAM reset, recovery disk, safe mode. Thought...
  15. Quickstatus

    AVV Delays [In Processing - 2+ hours common]

    Recently some friends flew D7 218 KUL-AVV Now AVV is not considered a busy airport by any metric nor is it a mega hub. However the time it took from aircraft door to car was 2hr 50 min. No specific reasons such as missing luggage, immigration or quarantine/custom issues. It just took that...
  16. Quickstatus

    ANA A380

    ANA is deploying 3 A380 (ex Skymark) Quirky design. The 3 are in sky-blue, emerald-green,red-orange livery 8F suites 56J (zodiac staggered like United 787-10 J) 73W All Premium upstairs 383Y with Y couches at rear of main deck Exclusively NRT-HNL-NRT complementing the 787 service Initially...
  17. Quickstatus

    Ethiopian 737 Max 8 crash and Fallout

    ET302 from ADD-NBO was supposed to arrive at 1027hrs (1827hrs AEST) 10Mar19 but didn’t. Presumed crashed 737 Max 8 involved
  18. Quickstatus

    QF eligible flights ~. Which Jetstar fares are eligible flights

    Which jetstar fares count toward the ~
  19. Quickstatus

    J/F lap sash belt

    FWP: I really don’t like the sash belt. It digs into my shoulders because my shoulders are higher that the sash. It’s fairly uncomfortable. Car sashes have a height adjustment which is not available on aircraft I note the pilots have a 4 point - double sash. Must be uncomfortable.
  20. Quickstatus

    Japanese tax free goods - into checked or carryon?

    Japanese tax free goods (purchased on the high street) have the purchase receipts stuck onto the passport. Do I need to show the goods when they inspect the receipt? Was hoping to put them in checked luggage