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  1. GCS

    Crumpler and Tumi on sale

    The current 'frenzy' sales have David Jones offerring 20% off some items, including Crumpler bags. Crumpler is not often on sale, and I picked up a Dry Red 3 roll-on for $200 delivered. Westfield is also offerring 20% off Tumi products.
  2. GCS

    Israel, Vietnam, Qatar and UAE – QR, TK, SQ, MI and VN (F, J and Y)

    I needed to go to Perth for a wedding so, I thought I'd turn it into an overseas trip. I wanted to see Vietnam as I had to cancel a trip there a couple of years ago. I also wanted to see Dubai, and visit family in Israel. The trip was a combination of F, J and Y purchased and reward. The report...
  3. GCS

    Virgin Australia E190 Business Class

    I discovered the following on Virgin Australia's business class page. Virgin Australia's Business Class | Virgin Australia Embraer E190 Business class seat features include: Luxury leather Generous recline 34 inch (85cm) seat pitch There is also a blurb about entertainment and comfort packs...
  4. GCS

    Travel Insurance - Over 80s

    My dad travels overseas on average once a year. Now that he has turned 80, he is finding it difficult to find insurance. Can anyone recommend a provider that could provide a suitable one-off or annual policy.
  5. GCS

    KE to TLV

    As a regular traveller to TLV, I was interested to read a few months ago that KE were to begin non-stop flights from ICN to TLV. Travel Trends: Non-stop service to begin to Seoul | Jerusalem Post I have not been able to find anything on this on the KE website, nor on any booking engines...
  6. GCS


    Sorry to be pedantic, but could one of the moderators please correct the following error in the site's opening blurb: ...all of which are linked to the Quantas Frequent Flyer program. Thanks
  7. GCS

    Tiger Airways - first Australian domestic route

    Tiger's first Australian domestic route will be Melbourne to Darwin (initial fare $79 one way including taxes). This will link to flights from Darwin to Singapore (initial fare for Melbourne/Singapore return $499 including taxes). Welcome to Tiger Airways
  8. GCS

    Connecting flights - different tickets

    If, for example, I purchased a return ticket from SYD to BKK and used points for BKK to Europe with no stopovers, would I be able to book luggage straight through even though the segments are on 2 different tickets. Similarly if both sets of tickets were purchased separately?
  9. GCS

    Fuel Charges - minimising on award flights

    I need to get rid of some expiring Krisflyer points, and am planning to use them on a short trip SYD-AKL later this year (25K points return). When I pretend to book a normal flight (on ITA Software), NZ additional charges are about $213 return, but are about $165 on UA codeshare on the same...
  10. GCS

    Unaccompanied luggage

    My brother recently transferred at LHR to a BA fight to NRT, then on to SYD. Due to delay, the connection was tight and his luggage was forwarded on one of the other BA flights to SYD (via BKK I think). I always understood that luggage must travel with the passenger. Could anyone shed some...