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    QF interline to WY when operated by MH metal ?

    Hi guys, I am considering flying to SIN on QF35, then taking an Oman air (WY) issued ticket from SIN-KUL then WY to MCT and onto the final destination on this part of the trip which is CMN. So the whole plan is QF award MEL-SIN WY paid fare SIN-KUL (MH) - MCT (WY) - CMN (WY) Now the first...
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    Answered Adding infant to partner award booking

    Hi guys, If i purchase AA miles to book QF PER-MEL in J class for my wife and I, how do I add my son (about six months at planned time of travel) to the booking ? I'm guessing I need to call QF ? Any idea if there's any charge involved ? I heard with QF for revenue domestic fares infants under...
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    How to link infant to award booking

    Hi guys, My wife and I flew CMB-MEL on what was a reasonably priced EY F fare last year and for our effort we each earned 22,200 EY miles. At that time it crossed my mind that I may want to start building a points balance with EY but since their series of enhancements I have no desire to fly...
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    Qantas & Air France partnership

    Hi guys, I thought there may have been a thread about this already but did a search and couldn't find one so perhaps not. I read a couple of weeks ago about this partnership Air France and Qantas renew partnership to offer customers more travel options between France and Australia which I...
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    Garuda 333 J

    Hi guys, I am considering the direct MEL-CGK service (GA717) on GA an airline which I haven't flown internationally for maybe 20 years but seem to have come a long way in the past few years especially in terms of J and F. Does anyone know if this flight has the newest 333 J (1-2-1) or more the...
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    QF648 PER-MEL redeye in Aug 2017 appearing to be operated by 73H ?

    Hi guys, As per the thread title, does anyone know the reason for this ? I would have thought this flight would be a guaranteed goer for a 332 given most pax on this flight would want to sleep ? Thanks
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    Best way to upgrade Y to J domestic (no status)

    Hi guys, I have a flight in Y SYD-MEL next week booked into L class. I'm currently QF Bronze lol so no status. My flight is running the 332 and I wouldn't mind lounge access as well as the J seat, even though flight time is often an hour or less. I can try for a Classic Award for 10k points...
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    Interline luggage UL to EY different PNR

    Hi guys, I'm flying MLE-CMB on UL on one ticket then later on the same evening CMB-AUH-MEL on EY. These are on different tickets and separate PNRs. But I know that UL and EY do work together and have some codeshares etc and they are partners in terms of mileage earning etc. So, my...
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    MEL F Lounge current menu

    Hi guys, Visiting the MEL F lounge tomorrow evening for EK407, does anyone have a copy/screenshot of the current menu ? I suspect there's a thread for this already but I searched and couldn't find, mods if it exists please feel free to merge, etc. Thanks
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    Tight connection in BKK help !

    Hi guys, I recently booked an award flight to MCT, the full routing is like this MEL 13:10-19:25 BKK in JQ Y BKK 21:15-00:05 DOH in QR F DOH 13:50-16:40 MCT in QR F (regional) This is all on the one ticket, an award ticket that was booked using QF points. Now the problem is this, JQ I believe...
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    JQ booked as a QF classic award

    Hi guys, I tragically unexpectedly had to use up some points to fly my mum to CGK return in J which left me short of a few points for a week or so and of course in that week it so happened that someone snapped up the QR F SYD-DOH seats that I had my eyes on for oh so long. So sadly I have had...
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    Seeking QR F award availability on

    Hi guys, I am finding it tough to find QR F availability on the QF website. When searching the BA website for example, I am finding that on April 6th and April 8th there is availability for two pax on DOH-SYD in F. However on the QF website there is no such mention. In fact, QR doesn't even...
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    VA "The Business" v QF "Business Suite"

    Hi guys, I am thinking about checking out Perth as never been and wondering which product is best out of the two. The things most important to me, in order of decreasing priority are. 1/ Hard product in terms of look and feel of the seat, design and comfort etc 2/ Food 3/ IFE 4/ Service 5/...
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    EY upgrade J to F

    Hi guys, I'm eyeing a cheap J fare MEL-MLE return which is just over A$3k per person on EY and coming back on a mixture of UL and EY. Both ways we are on EY metal for the long MEL-AUH and AUH-MEL flight. As paid F for this route is something ridiculous, like A$12k per person, I wonder how much...
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    International Premium Companion Sale

    Hi, I am actually pretty keen to book one of these to CGK with my wife however we can't actually travel together (we have a business and one of us sorta has to be here) so I'm wondering if I could book this promo ($1800 return in J per person is quite a bargain) for the two of us for the dates...
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    Dubai Connect

    Hi everyone, My brother and I are booked on an EK F award AMS-DXB-BNE with a 10+ hour overnight transit in Dubai (00:15-10:15) and it seems that we are eligible for Dubai Connect. When trying to book this on the QF MMB page, it asks for "room allocation" what does this mean ? If I book myself...
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    65min connection Intnl to Dom at BNE doable ?

    Hi guys, I am looking at a way to get home from Europe next month. It looks like I will get to the middle east through CDG-DXB though the taxes are exhorbitant but from there onwards I am keen to fly EY F however the flight I want (evening flight direct to MEL) has no availability but there is...
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    Why can't you book a classic award online originating at DOH ?

    As a destination it works fine. Any suggestions ? If I have to book via the phone will they waive the booking fee ?
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    Using TK miles for travel on SQ ?

    Hi guys, I travelled TK (sadly in whY) last year KUL-GRU return and earned around 15k TK miles. If I want to use these miles for travel on SQ (J short haul) how do I go about it ? And would 15k TK miles be worth 15k KF miles ? Thanks
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    Using a CC for home deposit - can you earn points ?

    Hi everyone, I was reading this article earlier today And it had me thinking. Obviously a cash advance wouldn't earn points but if you were to "purchase" a deposit book as...