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    few points, which program forward?

    Hi all, A quick hopefully not too pressing question. Long time United MP, but my points are down to basically a US domestic trip now and due to expire in a few months. Also with Velocity, but again irregular flyer and due to self paying, my rare o/s flights earn limited points. So much of a...
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    Service Announcement - Malaysia Airlines

    Just received... Effective 2 April 2012, Malaysia Airlines will no longer be an airline partner in the Velocity Frequent Flyer program. The final day members will be eligible to earn Points and Status Credits for travel on Malaysia Airlines flights is 1 April 2012. The final day to redeem...
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    Aviation Management

    In the continual tossing around of my existence, does anyone have any experience / stories of what it's like working on the operation side an airline? After coming across Qantas scrambles: supreme effort in ops room, including pizza, I again randomly stumbled across the Bachelor of Aviation -...
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    "Loyalty no longer its own reward"

    Loyalty no longer its own reward Whichever way you look at it, this is pretty damning account.
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    new year, one airline

    So V Aust and Pac Blue meld into VA from the start of next year. Does anyone anticipate sale fares coming with that for the first part of next year?
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    Is this the next big VA announcement?

    There have been lots of VA announcements lately and we know there is another one forthcoming [in particular the reference to there are 5 letters in the word; I think it was 777 who suggested maybe it could be Delta or Air NZ] and all of the VA airlines are becoming one at the start of the new...
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    Creating Atmosphere

    VA are revamping their frequent flyer program and some of us had some ideas. The background to this thread is here. So, if you have some ideas, put them below with suggested levels and I will update this header post. The broad aim of this task is for it to be an overview and how the levels of...
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    I put in an application to work for VA

    Hi everyone, It's not super frequent flyer related but I just thought I would mention that I recently put in an expression of interest as a Part Time Guest Service Agent, based in Sydney. I've done a couple of things over the years and at a bit of a crossroads phase of life. I love my people...
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    flying to US - who or who

    Hi everyone, I have been pondering this and can't quite decide, so thought I would ask my more informed colleagues (that is you). So, I go to the US not frequently at different times, paying for myself and don't have the money for anything fancy. I am considering going again over their coming...
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    Do more MP seats open as time goes on?

    Hi everyone, I am looking to travel to the US in the middle of next year and have enough MP thingys to get over in economy, but I was hoping to splurge to business, which I have to buy another close to 40 000 points. The issue at the moment is that there are no flights available on the day...
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    On Hold with V Australia

    I called VA the other day. After 53 mins on hold, I hung up. Am trying again now. Onto minute 44. About to hang up again. Is this common? (on the plus side, they have a nice way of phrasing their please wait for us to talk to you message. - "We know you don't like to be kept waiting" and the...
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    Enough transit time at LAX?

    Hello flying friends and happy first day to VA... A question. In mid-August, I am due to be flying in AA in pleb class :p from JFK - LAX arriving at 10:10pm. Am then on the 11:45pm (was 11:30pm) VA flight from LA back to SYD. Is that enough time in between flights? I booked the AA flight...
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    United one day out of trans-pacific?

    An article about VA starting up. Talks about how there will be more airlines and then... "Yet Sir Richard said that he expected at least one of the four airlines - United - to pull out within the next two to three years. He dismissed its quality of service as "dire" and said it would be unable...