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  1. K

    Reciprocal lounge access In New Zealand

    You’ll notice from the map on that press release that Invercargill is strangely not included. While it should be if QF is codesharing on routes there, it’s possible it just hasn’t been included on their access lists as an anomaly or deliberately. I’d recommend someone query with NZ directly.
  2. K

    (Possibly targeted) Qantas International DSC May 2019 promo [Book by 22/5/19, travel by 9/5/20]

    Nothing for me, as WP. I already have WP in the bag for the next membership year however, so perhaps they think I don’t need it. Though I’d definitely take advantage of it to bank another year, as I have a few trips to plan.
  3. K

    Not impressed with BankWest

    So was the fraudulent transaction made at an ATM? Because this is what this means.
  4. K

    Not impressed with BankWest

    Stick with Visa, guys. Their Zero Liability Scheme that banks subscribe to means they must extend you provisional credit to cover the losses with 5 business days. And you don’t need to pay the balance. Most bank officers won’t know about the scheme and will tell you to pay the balance, or in the...
  5. K

    OW Lounge access in Orly & Barcelona

    Just thought I'd add that I have just successfully gained access with my girlfriend to the Iberia lounge (operated by a third party) located near D gates at Terminal 3 in Rome Fiumicino. My flight is VY6255, codeshare IB5961 to Orly. I booked through Iberia hoping that I'd try my luck...
  6. K

    Double status credits email - window missed

    There you go, I just turned a return trip to Sydney in E earning only 30 status credits to two return trips to Melbourne in E, for $58, earning 40 status credits, earning me Gold Status by June 30. BAM. Thankfully I had bookings to Melbourne that I needed to make anyway.
  7. K

    Double status credits email - window missed

    All good, I just read through the rest of the the thread, and the answers were already there! I have another flight I can cancel and rejig... seeing as they don't seem to want to charge me rebooking fees....
  8. K

    Double status credits email - window missed

    So just out of curiosity... I was going to be 10 SC short of Gold, so I cancelled a return trip from ADL - SYD and changed it to ADL - MEL. Under the double status, I would get 40 SC now instead of 30 SC. But for one reason or another, when I rebooked, I was not charged a fee online and I have...
  9. K

    10,000 Bonus Points With New OnePath/ANZ Life Insurance

    I looked at the start of this thread and realised that this offer was a lot better a few years back... regardless, I just signed up on two policies, will pick myself up a mean 20,252 points after six months, inclusive of credit card bonus points and bonus points just for the dollar amount of the...
  10. K

    Qantas Double Points Offer

    Okay, so I had no hope of getting to Gold this year, I am 22 and only just been working in a graduate position for the past year and a half now. But I have lived overseas twice and am addicted to travel (aren't we all). Anyway, clearly I am getting paid too much.... because with the email that...
  11. K

    Qantas Status Run

    I'm actually considering the New Zealand return from Sydney on LAN. But I've looked at pricing at it all seems pretty consistent, even for two weeks from now compared to four months. So I think I might hold off for a bit and see whether one of those double status offers that you mentioned come...
  12. K

    Qantas Status Run

    Is this pricing standard or on special? Cause I was going to rush to book tickets on Qantas tonight with all the specials, but won't even think about it now if those prices are fairly consistent.
  13. K

    Qantas Status Run

    Mgjdubs, I checked out the LAN flights, they're dirt cheap!
  14. K

    Qantas Status Run

    I might elaborate a bit. I've just graduated, I have travelled a lot for my studies over the past few years and managed to acquire PS FF Status. I have also been a QC member for the past year, through a work scheme (was only about $245 to join, no annual fee for the first year) and the two...
  15. K

    Qantas Status Run

    Hello guys... I won't run into too many details, but I want to keep my Silver status going into the 2013-2014 financial year. I am tossing up between booking a status run to NYC for $1,298.72 with 23,936 points spend and a 36,000 ~ points earn with the flight and CC. Or, I can pay the whole...