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  1. K

    Neil Perry menus - change coming? :)

    Rockpool restaurant empire ripping off workers
  2. K

    DXB lounge with 2 guests?

    WP here, going through DXB on a Y ticket, with 2 relatives, most likely on EK metal/ticket (seriously, QF is $2K more for MEL-Europe than EK in Y for the periods I'm looking at ... they're also selling EK metal for $2K more than EK's own website :confused:). I know the lounges only allow 1...
  3. K

    reward availability not working?

    Join BA to check out the availability of Oneworld reward flights (for QF), going to the page, but every time I click on the "explore availability" or "search and...
  4. K

    EY noob - EY or VA?

    Hi all, I usually fly oneworld, but due to costs (for work), given that EY was cheaper, I'll be doing a J return to Europe with it. First time I'll fly with them, and I don't really see myself flying them again for work as this was a one off. So the question for me is where to credit the miles...
  5. K

    Queries on New York-Montreal

    Hi all, I'll be in New York late June, and would like to book a return ticket to Montreal. I tried on the QF website, and couldn't find a way to do it for a paying fare. So I suppose I do it on AA's website (to stay in OneWorld)? How do I then link it back to my QF frequent flyer number for...
  6. K

    Questions: SG on international QF Economy, vs. Emirates

    Just flew Economy with Emirates as a QF SG, and I'd like to get some comparison with experiences on QF, as so far when traveling internationally with QF I somehow always got an upgrade to J (well, all of the 3 times I flew with them, it's not like it's every week :) ). Only made SG for the first...
  7. K

    Manage booking, Seats, can't show plane map for QF1?

    Do the good people here know any specific reason the seat map would not be shown (small text box on top of the screen saying "sorry can't display the plane map give us a call") for QF1? I managed to book Y seats on the upper deck the first time around, but forgot to check if there were exit row...
  8. K

    noob question: booking CX to Europe on QF site?

    I am looking at booking MEL-HKG and then HKG-CDG/LHR on Cathay (or other airline ex-HKG). I can see MEL-HKG by itself, but no option to do MEL-HKG-CDG. The only options offered are via DXB or LHR (not really wanting to go to/transit via LHR myself ...). I am using the QF site as a) I want the...
  9. K

    DXB-MEL not showing QF10 on QF site?

    I'm trying to book MEL-DXB-Europe (not London) and return. On the way out I can get QF9, but on the way back QF10 is only shown if I detour from wherever I am to London first (which adds another 7-8 hours from where I'll be, not that keen), it does not show just the DUB-MEL leg, only EK is...