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  1. Bundy Bear

    Project Sunrise - what is it going to mean for non-Sunrisers?

    Long haul cheap airfares might disappear but I think domestically cheap airfares will stay. Also airlines and their owners want growth so new markets will keep coming up, and this current corona might hurt an airline like Jetstar more than Qantas, but then domestically Jetstar might be ok.
  2. Bundy Bear

    New Qantas safety demo 2020

    Just watching the video Qantas stands for Qantas and Northern Territory Aerial Services but the plague on the plane shows without the s, which is correct.
  3. Bundy Bear

    Project Sunrise - what is it going to mean for non-Sunrisers?

    JFK will most likely be direct, So Qantas would have. LAX, SFO, DFW, ORD, JFK, and SEAttle is sure to happen now that Alaska is joining oneworld.
  4. Bundy Bear

    Project Sunrise - what is it going to mean for non-Sunrisers?

    I thought that Qantas owned 4 slot pairs at Heathrow, but are only using 2. There used to be 2 Singapore flights, a flight that went through Bangkok, and one through Hong Kong.
  5. Bundy Bear

    Global Qantas Double Status Credits Offer (Book 20-26 Feb 2020; Fly: 28 Feb 2020-14 Feb 2021)

    Gold Coast to Adelaide via Melbourne for 100SC at $879 isn't too bad, I just booked one. Gold Coast to Auckland via Melbourne is another good one, but timing don't really work.
  6. Bundy Bear

    It must be Sydney Mardi Gras Weekend ...

    Good business for the airlines. I am sure some people use it as the best weekend to leave Sydney.
  7. Bundy Bear

    Free Hi all. First class lounge access free 1 pass only - exp. Feb 26

    Dam; I flew out of Sydney 2 days ago, :( AFF members I know plans change but I have being seeing this a lot don't leave it to the last few days to offer up the lounge pass. :mad: Hoping someone can use it as the First lounge in Sydney or Melbourne are very good.
  8. Bundy Bear

    China (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    Flew China Airlines last night from Auckland to Brisbane, all the cabin crew were wearing face masks, plane was empty not sure how they would be making nay money at the moment.
  9. Bundy Bear

    Over 1 million Australians have a credit card that earns Qantas points

    I used some Qantas points on the weekend and I flew in economy. Wanted to keep some for a rainy day.
  10. Bundy Bear

    Scams like these

    One from Jetstar today
  11. Bundy Bear

    Jetstar suuuuuucks.... why don’t I learn???

    Jetstar is you get what you pay for. If you can fly another airline then do it, although I did fly Brisbane to Darwin on Jetstar with a 30 minute delay.
  12. Bundy Bear

    Breeze & maybe Rex ?

    Australia doesn’t have the city to city pairs that are available in the US. Australia has 5 cities above 1million people and only 14 above 100,000 where the US has 300 cities above 100,000. Rex will only survive in years to come if they can find a cheap 30-40 seat plane as those SAAB340s won’t...
  13. Bundy Bear

    Qantas T-80 no longer a thing?

    T 80 only generally worked if you had status. What I found is that even as a Gold T80 would be hit and miss depending on expected flight loading, and then if a forward seat became available then someone has changed flights or that sales weren't as good.
  14. Bundy Bear

    Rexit because QF wrecks it?

    With Kangaroo Island I would guess that market is going to shrink after the recent bush fires, Qantaslink won't last. Ballina is a route that Qantaslink should have been in ages ago and Rex have been milking that market for a while. There are no replacement type aircraft for the 20-30 seat...
  15. Bundy Bear

    Changes afoot at Alaska Airlines [joins Oneworld]

    I wasn’t expecting that.
  16. Bundy Bear

    Scams like these

    Oh thinking that i not bother with the package
  17. Bundy Bear

    Answered Cannot access Flight Tracker at all

    It was working this morning; but now; I get this; Whoa! Are you sure you want to go there? may be risky to visit. replaced some of the text with dots.
  18. Bundy Bear

    If you had a day to spend with AJ to fix QF what would you say ?

    1. Fix up the phone system, if it means putting on more staff then do it. As a Qantas Gold I shouldn't get the message there is currently a 2hour wait for your phone to be answered. 2. Priority boarding seems like a joke, and is treated like one. 3. 787 seating for long haul, you aren't going...
  19. Bundy Bear

    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    Anyone know what happened to QF541 now back in Brisbane
  20. Bundy Bear

    VA withdraws all services from Hong Kong

    Put the A330 on flights to and from Perth, Also the A330 might be good between Sydney and Melbourne for any evening peak service, as soon as a storm hits either city 737s can't clear the mess.