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    Flybuys Dollars REDEEM Alert INFO 2020!

    Hi all, Found out the following today after being a Flybuys member for 10+ years and as a result of losing free for life Coles Black card when Citi took over and said no use of CC: 1. If you have a Coles financial service linked to Flybuys you will get prompted, ever time to use $10 Flybuys...
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    Tesla Referral......Free 1,500kms Super Charging!

    Hi all, Buying a Tesla in the future? This Referral Code will get you 1,500km Super Charging You and anyone using your referral link to buy a Tesla will receive 1,500 free Supercharger kilometers! Each referral now also gives you a chance to win a Founders Series Model Y or Roadster...
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    Rome - Italy

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    Florence - Italy

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    Venice - Italy

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    Lake Como - Varenna - Bellagio - Cadenabba - Lenno - Menaggio

    Info is in the Description of video!
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    Milan - Italy

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    Aussie Broadband referral code! I'll get a $50 credit and you get $50 credit on joining Aussie Broadband with referral code: 2196434
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    Berlin The Wall

    Couple of Mature travelers in 2016..... Central Berlin......
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    Sea Princess 11 nights Papua New Guinea Dec 2018

    Family members took this Cruise and enjoyed it. For the mature cruiser!
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    Answered Any Emirates, Qatar, Ethiad discount codes?

    Looking for discount codes for airlines in title...... Otherwise if use a service/business her access to discount?
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    Answered Did anyone get a Cathay Pacific First Class ticket?

    Bugger Cathay Pacific had a ticket blunder on New Year's day and was selling $20k first class tickets for $990 economy tickets prices and honoring them!
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    Boxing day cruise deals

    Any of them worth considering? No Cookies
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    Presents....What we're they thinking?

    So share the presents you got that when opened you thought..."What we're they thinking!" Or Regifting Or Gumtree time! I thought I would share mine:
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    Secret Santa Kris Kringle 2018

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    Virgin LAST flight cancelled do you get accom?

    Hi all, Mates in Brissie and has a ticket to Mackay tonight on Virgin. When does Brissie close airport? When does Mackay airport stop receiving flights? Do you get accom paid for if the flight does not happen? Paid on Ultimate Amex...anything insurance from that ?
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    Kogan-Citi card

    So new credit card coming..... How many Citi cards can you have? Features and cost..... Not released yet. Available?
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    Nursing home access payment on credit card?

    Anyone been able to pay the nursing home access payment(RAD, buy in) on credit card? Are CC fees involved? Can you make multiple payments?