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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Please could somebody help me with a flight availability search. I'm looking for loads on JAL flight JL742 from MNL to NRT on January 16 2020. Thanks in advance!
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    ANA to fly Tokyo - Perth

    Saw this on the news this morning:
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    Row 4 - 737

    I selected my original seats around the time when I made the booking, a few months ago. A few days before the flight I went back onto the MH website and the seats I had selected were still there. Then I remembered reading this thread and came back to it. The last few posts indicated that the...
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    QF Gold not allowed access to EK Sydney lounge [flights to USA]

    This seems to be an Australia-specific thing. I've tried entering the MEL and BNE Emirates lounges when travelling with QF and was knocked back when on a non code share flight and welcomed in when on a code share flight. Despite what is on the QF/EK websites they seem to have their own set of...
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    Perth terminal 1 Qantas Lounge

    I used this lounge the other day when catching the dreadful MH126 departing at 2:10 am. It wasn't bad - food offerings not as extensive as the T4 lounge but nice and quiet with only a few passengers from MH and CX waiting.
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    Row 4 - 737

    I used this hack the other week when flying MH in Y. Was able to select an exit row on the first leg, and a preferred seat up front on the second leg. Would have had to pay a fee to do this on the MH website but no fee through the Sri Lankan website. Morally questionable, I know.
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    When DYKWIA becomes the full <airline> tanty

    A few years ago I was on a long haul QF flight seated in Y. The seating arrangement was 2-4-2, reducing to 2-3-2 as the fuselage tapered down the back. I was allocated an aisle seat in one of the rows of three. The flight was fairly full with only a few seats vacant, but no chance of bagging a...
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    Current F Lounge Menu (SYD/MEL)

    Has anyone got a breakfast menu for the MEL F lounge? I'll be visiting for the very first time in a couple of days and want to see what's on offer.
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    Help! Can’t get to sleep J & F

    You weren't the guy in the Melbourne international business lounge sawing wood a few weekends ago? I had headphones on and could still hear him from across the room! I'm another one who struggles to sleep in J. The only times I've had any decent sleep was when I was dog tired after a full day...
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    Problem with Qantas booking engine?

    I wrote an e-mail to Qantas informing them of the problem and they wrote back promptly to say that they were aware of some current issues with the website and suggested some fixes. Might be worth getting in touch with them.
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    Problem with Qantas booking engine?

    For the last few days I've been trying to book AKL-JNB return on the Qantas website and keep getting an error message saying no flights are available, yet sometimes it comes up with a fare, but no flights are selectable. The dates I'm trying are March 31 2018 returning April 25 2018. Anyone else...
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    QF changed my seat!

    Rather than start a new thread, thought I would add on to this one. So the other day, I flew Qantas in J and had pre-selected seat 4K. Upon checking in, the agent handed me a boarding pass for 5A . I queried this and she told me she couldn't give me 4K as it was taken. Just wandering if it's...
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    Qantas or Singapore Airlines, which offers more reward value?

    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, as part of a company travel agreement, the travel has to be either on QF or SIN metal - and no codesharing bookings.
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    Qantas or Singapore Airlines, which offers more reward value?

    Yes. Or BNE/MEL. As part of a company travel agreement, the flying has to be on QF metal.
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    Qantas or Singapore Airlines, which offers more reward value?

    Thanks for the replies. I have a clean slate with both airlines so will be starting off without status on either.
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    Qantas or Singapore Airlines, which offers more reward value?

    I will be flying from Perth to Tokyo at least four times a year in J with my new job. My company has given me the option to take either Qantas or Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines was my first choice as they offer more flight choices, the flight time via Singapore is shorter, and they...