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  1. 11sjw

    New J Sleep Service Offering

    Just wondering if anyone in here has experienced the new offering. I've seen a couple of pics on FT with some mentioning that the "Medium Haul" legs to/from Australia don't have it yet. Anyone have any experiences that they can report on as yet?
  2. 11sjw

    JFK, early check in

    I'm looking at having to make my way from EWR to JFK. Plenty of time and options so no problem there. My query is can I check in for my flight 5-6 hours before departure? I'm on the 10pm flight, JFK-LHR, and wouldn't mind just crashing in the lounge for that time as the week beforehand will be...
  3. 11sjw

    HSBC (non QF) Platinum Card

    Just wondering If anyone has had any experience utilising the two free lounge entries offered on the included Lounge Key Membership? This appears to be an easy way to obtain a lounge pass for a flight ex KRK and I'm hoping the LK membership is easy to use. HSBC Platinum Card
  4. 11sjw

    Interesting Development for PER

    Check in off site sounds great. Hopefully they can create a "HKG Airport Express" type experience. Perth Airport leads the way in new airport check-in technology
  5. 11sjw

    Booked JQ J HNL-SYD, Flight Cancelled and offered QF Y 2 days later..

    Hi, Posting on behalf of a friend. They'd paid for JQ J Class for a SYD-HNL-SYD, the return flight was cancelled. They were notified by email with the offer of a $25 voucher. Given it was the 4th July weekend they were very fortunate to find a room for 2 extra nights in HNL. Over the...
  6. 11sjw

    A Couple of QF Execs Pull the Pin!! Interesting turn. I wonder if there was some pushing involved?
  7. 11sjw

    EWR - BA Galleries Lounge Access - CX Flight

    Hi, Wondering if anyone has experience re the BA Lounge at EWR. We're flying CX J EWR-HKG-PER later this year. Yep, burning all the QFF points. I realise I can go into the F Lounge (Mrs 11 travelling later so Jnr 11 and I will go in. She'll be in the J Lounge a day or two later). My query...
  8. 11sjw

    8-10 hours in HKG

    Hi, A bit of long range planning here. Have read this thread and thought it had some great ideas in it. However it is locked now, hence a new one. Have just booked Mrs 11 and Jnr 11 PER-HKG-JFK next...
  9. 11sjw

    Lounge Nomination Fee; Possible to get it waived?

    New job and it seems Virgin is preferred locally (possible BFOD policy, not sure as yet) hence some lounge access will be handy until status obtains it. Has anyone had success with getting the lounge nomination fee waived?
  10. 11sjw

    Packing Cubes - Groupon Deal

    Hi all, Right from the start, mods please move if I have this in the wrong spot. Groupon have a deal going 4 sets of Cubes for $49. They also have emailed out a discount code for $20 off any purchase over $40, the code is "J5Yo96vvJb" meaning the 4 sets are only $29 Firstly I believe you...
  11. 11sjw

    Looks like the 80k joining bonus has been reinstated.

    Surprised me. Might be worth it for one year. Have a look at what's on offer. There's something for everyone.
  12. 11sjw

    Shenzhen Visa

    Hi, A few questions regarding the Visa requirement for a day trip into Shenzhen ex HKG. 1. Will a standard Chinese Visa do the trick? I ask this knowing that a special Shenzhen Visa is available at the border crossing. I'm just trying to avoid the 1 hour it takes. 2. If the answer to 1 is...
  13. 11sjw

    OK QF Enough with the Chorizo Sausage.

    It's in everything from Breakfast to dinner, salty as all hell and the overall taste is bloody ordinary. Let's get creative QF and get rid of this. Rant over...;)
  14. 11sjw

    Golf - Oahu - near Waikiki preferable

    Well it's finally arrived and we go (as my 5 year old says) in 3 more sleeps. Given we're staying near the Hilton in Waikiki which is pretty much within walking distance of the Ala Moana Shopping centre it's safe to say I won't be seeing my wife much as she and her sister will keep themselves...
  15. 11sjw

    Centurion Card - Is it worth it?

    Hi, I've receieved the offer phone call and had to ask for a call back due to timing issues. In short can those who have one comment on whethr or not it is useful above and beyond the Platinum Charge Card (my current card). Thanks, 11sjw P.S. Mods I did search but found nothing that...
  16. 11sjw

    Diverted Flight, do I get the extra FFPs and SCs?

    I was on QF1837 this evening (PBO-PER) and it was diverted to LEA due to a mechanical issue. The issue was with a scheduled LEA-PER flight, not ours. Will I get FFPs and SCs for the flights I flew, ie PBO-LEA and LEA-PER or just PBO-PER? I'm hoping the former as a 16hr day the day before my...
  17. 11sjw

    Linking QF Dom and JQ Intl Bookings

    Hoping the AFF collective knowledge might know if this has been done previously... 1. Mrs and Jr 11sjw booked on JQ (*class) with my QFF Pts SYD-HNL return; 2. Mrs and Jr booked QF Dom Classic Y with Mrs 11sjw's points PER-SYD return; Due to uncertainty re leave approval and lack of points I...
  18. 11sjw

    JQ Starclass Bookings with Points, how far in advance?

    Hi, Can't seem to get a definitive handle on it through the QFFF website. Does anyone know how far in advance JQ *class flights are listed for purchase using points?
  19. 11sjw

    Qantas Club Dress Standards...Stubbies, singlet and thongs....What the???

    I'm not regarded as the snappiest of dressers but I sit here (BNE Q Club Lounge) staring at a guy that looks like a larger version of Paul Hogn from his 70's TV show. This prompted me to check the requirements and here is what I could find: Item 10.7 "Smart, casual dress standards apply at...
  20. 11sjw

    Brag and a Request

    OK Brag 1st, I've just landed a big contract and the reward is two all expenses paid tix to the US Masters Golf in 7 or so weeks time. Afterwards I'm going to our head office. On the premise of being v busy and not really interested in SCs (on this trip) here can anyone in the AFF Collective...