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    Advice to get to Europe and back using Qantas points Oct 2020

    Hi all, My mother In law wants to get to Ireland around the 1st October 2020, she is flexible with time and would like to spend 4 weeks travelling. She has 240,000 points and is willing to part pay? she would like to fly in J for as much time as she can, She likes the Idea of a stop over in...
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    Anyone want to fly from Shanghai to Melbourne

    A legit request from a FB friend of mine pm me if interested Ta Clive005 So need a person who lives in Shanghai who wouldn’t mind catching a plane to Melb tonight at 8pm. Must have Aust Visa. Can go back whenever. Next day, week does not matter. Urgent TV broadcast hand delivered package...
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    Question Best sim for Europe

    Hi all, just looking for recommendations for the best Sim to use while in Europe, we will be visiting Germany, Switzerland, Paris, Amsterdam & Iceland I am with Telstra and it cost $10 per day for talk time and not much data what do you all recomend Thanks Clive
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    help with SQ to Virgin transfer at Perth

    Hi all I have a reward flight in SQ J from Sin-Per, that has a arrival time of 14:40, I need to book a flight to get back home to Adelaide there is a Virgin flight leaving at 17:20 this will be a paid fare. Is this going to be enough time to get through Customs etc? or is it pushing it. is there...
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    Best tours in Iceland

    Hi all myself my wife and 12 year old Son will be heading for Iceland in mid September, we are staying in Reykjavik for 6 nights Can anyone recommend some must see sights or Tours to go on, and should I be booking Tours now or will it be ok when we are there to book Thanks Clive
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    Help withTrain travel in Switerland

    HI all myself my wife and our 12 year old Son are having 6 week holiday in Europe in September, Im starting to book our train journeys, with the help of people on here and the Man in seat 61 I think I have it under control. I just would like some advice on the Swiss portion of our trip. We will...
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    Answered Where to stay in Paris

    Hi all just looking for some advice on where to stay while in Paris for 4 days in September, It will be our first time there so would like a continent location as only have 4 days, I'm a Accor member and probably looking at keeping the price below $300 a night. Thanks Clive
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    Help on a visit to Switzerland please

    Hi all, myself wife and 12 year old boy are going to Germany and a couple of other stops for 6 weeks in Sept/Oct, looking at Switzerland we thought it may be to expensive but accommodation looks ok that time of year and the more we look the more we want to go. Im thinking spending 5 nights...
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    Answered Train Travel through Germany help please

    Hi all myself wife and 12 year old son go on our dream holiday 6 weeks in Germany and a bit of time in Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland. I am keen to travel by train, We land in Frankfurt I haven't planed the itinerary completely as yet, but will be something like this with maybe a stop or two...
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    Answered Accommodation in Germany & Amsterdam advice

    Hi Myself, wife and 12 year old son are flying to Germany in September for 6 weeks we land in Frankfurt so will probably spend a couple of days there then my plan is to travel by rail (advice on this would also be appreciated) Switzerland ( maybe) Amsterdam- Hamberg - Berlin- Munich most of the...
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    Help Get me back from Germany in J SQ or Vel

    Hi all, I have booked a flight to Frankfurt in Sept 2019 for 3 pax, We will be spending 5-6 weeks traveling mainly around Germany and a couple of other nearby Country's I need a return flight around October 10th don't mind the Idea of stopping in Sin for several nights before home to Ade...
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    Hotels advice for Germany, Amsterdam & Paris

    Hi all Myself my wife and 12 year old son are going to spend 6 weeks in sep/oct2019 travelling through Germany, Amsterdam & Paris In Germany we will mainly be in Berlin & Hamberg Looking at Hotels the price seems to jump when you ad a 12 year old child Any advise and recommendations would be...
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    Advice please SQ or Virgin to Germany

    Hi all, Im looking to book for myself wife and 11 year old son, a reward flight to Germany in J, we plan on having 6 weeks staying at 6 locations and probably returning from Paris, Just after advice on who would be better to book through Virgin or SQ, it would require fewer points through...
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    CC with quick turnover of bonus points

    Hi all, anyone recommend a cc to take out that will award point asap? With velocity looking like offering a high transfer bonus in May would be good to have some to transfer Thanks Clive
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    Advice to help me get to Germany in J

    Hi everyone I'm after any general advice/tips, to get myself my wife and our 12 year old son to Germany in around July - September 2019. Flying in J for a 6 week dream holiday. We are based in Adelaide I have 500,000 velocity points atm looks like I will need 300,000 more and probably will...
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    What to do in Singapore

    Hi all we are finally of to Langkawi and Singapore flying SQ in J, first time and we fly out tomorrow. I am going with my wife and 10 year old son. Any advice on what to see and do is greatly apriciated. We are interested in the night safari and breakfast with the orangatangs, Also has anyone...
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    What card next

    Hi all I think it's time to get some more CC sign up points, I have a Virgin Australia visa and a velocity Amex platinum. I'm mainly concentrate on velocity but may be time to chase some Quantas points also. I have had current cards for about 2 years any recommendations would be greatly apriciated
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    Using Multi stops on SQ

    Hi gang, I have my first point flight from ADE to Langkawi via Singapore, in July with wife and son, all very exited. Now I have been trying to work out the best and best value flight back to ADE. After 5 days in Langkawi I plan to fly to Singapore on the 14 th of July for 6 days there and then...
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    Flying SQ am I able to transfer points & SC

    Hi I'm after a flight back from SIN to ADE and have noticed a well priced SQ through WOTIF, am I able to earn and transfer points & status credits to Velocity from this flight thanks
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    First Business class flight

    Hi all I booked 3 award business class flights for my wife,son and myself with Virgin from Adelaide to Singapore.on july8 and plan on returning July 19th As this is our first Business class flight i have a few questions I only have booked the flight to Singapore, and was thinking of booking...