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  1. AustraliaPoochie

    5000 WW Rewards points, if you buy a specific mobile phone from them and go on their plan

    Looks like a very pricey smart phone. And not everyone will get the offer email, but if you are looking for a (edit: very very expensive) new smartphone for yourself or someone, check and see if its sitting in your email in box. Its on the Telstra network, not sure if there is a prepaid version...
  2. AustraliaPoochie

    Flybuys surveys, via private outside survey companies, earn FB ergo VFF points

    Check your email address. If you are not in FB, join to earn FB points from external company surveys, then transfer points to VFF. So no SC earn though. Edit: need FB app, so need Smartphone. And of course, in my case, after trying, its my el cheapo mobile comes up, "your device isn't compatible..."
  3. AustraliaPoochie

    Make sure you ask the Woolworth checkout person if your WW card has successly scanned

    First time this happened. In the past, when i put my WW supermarket to that small reader near the EFTPOS machine, its always worked, and my QFF # number has always successfully entered onto their system on paying for items. It bleeped at me today, so I thought, all good, my Woolworths buy has...
  4. AustraliaPoochie

    Answered I was looking on Google, and saw (if I am/was not mistaken), a QF AKL - BNE flight got turned back to AKL?

    What I typed was ((QF AKL - BNE schedule)), and what came up was QF126 dep AKL, was diverted in red, AKL to AKL. Any details? Ta. I am taking this flight in Dec, with a transfer back to ADL the day after I arrive in BNE. Just curious if it was an interesting reason, of course, Google search...
  5. AustraliaPoochie

    (SQ KF mileage earning), if flying SQ partners, putting in SQ KF # into booking, no earns on some fares

    Flew (Air)NZ with an SQ KF# in the NZ booking system in Jul this year. It was in Works Deluxe, the fare was not cheap either, Au$5xx or so. Edit: had put in a retro points claim, came back declined, had kept etx booking details too. Didn't check account after flight, left it the normal few...
  6. AustraliaPoochie

    Qantas car or vehicle insurance, 20000 bonus points plus 1 point per $1 spent

    Qantas in the news, has a new vehicle insurance way of earning QF points, no QF SC though. As in header, (seen in Adelaide Advertiser), 20000 bonus to join, and 1 point per $1 earnt. Good earner for car drivers. Not sure how much premiums are though, ...
  7. AustraliaPoochie

    MEL T2 (international departures) for any international airlines

    Now that you can DIY scan your own BP to get past the very first stage of security processing for outwards (international) deparutres from MEL T2, only the person hovering that you scanned the BP the right way, and that no one looks at the BP, ... Has anyone left on the first early am flights...
  8. AustraliaPoochie

    Gasp... Spend $150 at Coles for 9000 FB bonus points!

    Must be an error, eh?
  9. AustraliaPoochie

    Freedom Furniture and VFF are partners

    Never knew this! Freedom Furniture. If you join their rewards system, points can he transferred to to VFF. 1 point per $1 spent. Edit: ouch, Aud$99 Myfreedom fees apply every 2 years... So only worth it if major furniture shopping.
  10. AustraliaPoochie

    Please excuse, (note) you have to have your mobile phone number to log into WWR

    WWR have a new system to log into it. You will be sent a 6 digit code to log in. Might already be known on here, haven't logged into my WWR in a while, didn't have it the last time. Just so that colleagues on here who have WWR linked to QFF, know about it.
  11. AustraliaPoochie

    NOTE: you will now need your mobile phone number to log into Woolworths Rewards.

    Need mobile phone no to log in now. They send a OTAuthentication 6 number code to your mobile you provided when you joined, to log in. Granted I haven't logged into WWR in a while, it might already be known on here. Which a good thing to have.
  12. AustraliaPoochie

    Flybuys to VFF transfers, anyone else having problems trying to do a tranfer of late?

    I have been doing a lot of FBs to VFF transfers, not sure how many now, for those of you who have tranferred a lot, up to 69 times (not sure is it a annual cycle/or our velocity 12 months cycle), does the system tell you you have gotten to your maximum? Or does FB just stop, and will not allow...
  13. AustraliaPoochie

    Flying with CI (China Airlines) with the QF flight code/number

    I do realise that they (CI) are not a OW airline, but they carry do a QF flight number on their planes from some airports to Taiyoan (TPE). For those of you colleagues who regularly fly CI from MEL/SYD/BNE to TPE and other cities that CI planes do carry the QF code, has Qpoints and QF SC always...
  14. AustraliaPoochie

    QF J class CTS to SYD... only 10 QF SC?

    Even less than what JL will give as a QF FF member flying JL going via HND or NRT to SYD in J. Error on QF or what? Anyone wants to take trip and see what posts?
  15. AustraliaPoochie

    New Qantas Money (QTMC) formerly Qantas Cash Card website is now live

    Don't want to start a new thread, but the new Qantas Money (QTMC) formerly Qantas Cash Card website is now live. You need to always have your mobile phone when you log into it, as they will send a 6 digit code to your mobile you provided when you joined QFF. Which is a good idea. Pity they (QF)...
  16. AustraliaPoochie

    VFF dom booking (extra seat) no online checkin possible?Note says I owe them more

    VA Extra seat request booking. All Au domestic flight. 48 hrs prior. F100. Paid Aud$6xx. When I rang to book, that was all I had to pay. No online check in possible? Rang the GCC and agent couldn't tell me why. Maybe they (VA) really do want me to fly QF again. They really make it hard for us to...
  17. AustraliaPoochie

    Aer Lingus leaves QFF

    Might be old news on here, I did do a search, just noted on my QFF regular email... Aer Lingus leaves QFF from 01 Jul 19. Anyone planning to fly them would/should do their booking now.
  18. AustraliaPoochie

    OW website.Used to be able to book multi city stopovers... now have an oops error on it

    Has anyone over the past maybe 12 months or so, maybe 18 months, gone on the OW website and made a multi airline in the OW alliance booking for multi city stopovers? Eg: ADL - MEL (QF), MEL - SIN (QF), SIN - HND/NRT (JL), HND/NRT - HKG (JL/CX), HKG - ADL (CX) About 2.5 years ago, or so, the OW...
  19. AustraliaPoochie

    QF no more paper based BP!

    Will take some getting used to.
  20. AustraliaPoochie

    Answered Buying 2 seats for 1 on VA dom online - non comfort seat req

    Has anyone succeeded in doing this? From the buying part to the airport part, to succeeding on getting onto the plane part. I do realise that there is a cheaper option, is to phone up VA phone bookings and ask for a "comfort seat request" on VA dom, or do a booking for economy X. Ie, Mr X...