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  1. Daver6

    Darwin Hotels - Hilton and Accor

    Interesting about the pricing. I realise August is peak season, but Hilton is quite a bit more with rooms starting from $324. DT Esplanade at $279 and the other DT at $237. Accor currently have a 30% off sale and another 10% for members. I think the Novotel is going to win this time round.
  2. Daver6

    Earn up to 3,000 Qantas Points with PayPal

    Nothing here....but I am in PER where everything takes longer to arrive...
  3. Daver6

    The view from my "office"

    City Beach just before the thunderstorm blew by and dumped 10mm.
  4. Daver6

    Contact Centre Madness = Unnacceptable

    I corrected your mistake :)
  5. Daver6

    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    There is one single OW flight a day into BGO. That's an AY flight from HEL - BGO, operated by Wideroe for AY. This can be included on a OWA booking. I had this booked this booked as part of a OWA last year. Unfortunately AY had a schedule change and cancelled that flight on the day I needed...
  6. Daver6

    Darwin Hotels - Hilton and Accor

    Well it seems the Novotel is cheaper than the Mantra anyway. I notice the Mantra offers "hotel rooms" as well as apartments. No clear difference that I can tell other than apartments seem to be larger and have a kitchen/laundry facilities. So my dilemma becomes. Do I just take the one free...
  7. Daver6

    Darwin Hotels - Hilton and Accor

    Decided to visit Darwin in the dry season for four nights. Last time I was there was 2009. Looking to stay CBD area, probably along Mitchell St or the Esplanade. Unsure if I'll bother with a car. Really looking to enjoy the markets, food etc. I love the vibe of Darwin. A pool is a must. Not so...
  8. Daver6

    P1 status run- can it be done?

    Back when the DSC were valid for QF flights numbers on EK metal, didn't someone on here book enough F trips between MEL and AKL (or somewhere in NZ) to qualify for P1?
  9. Daver6

    Qantas law unto themselves - don't waste your time with ACA complaint

    But it's so much easier for me to just post here and look silly :rolleyes:
  10. Daver6

    Qantas law unto themselves - don't waste your time with ACA complaint

    That's news to me. I'd be interested in hearing how QF have implemented. Can you point me to where QF describes how it works?
  11. Daver6

    Connections to QF9

    In Perth.
  12. Daver6

    Meal times on Qatar F

    I suspect they will have a dinner and breakfast offering. Of course, what one has for dinner is pretty similar to lunch. I would avoid eating in the lounge and safe yourself for what is onboard. Last time I flew QR out of PER, they used the QF lounge in T1. Food options are buffet and calling...
  13. Daver6

    Qantas law unto themselves - don't waste your time with ACA complaint

    I don't think you understand how the technology works, if I've understood your comment correctly. There is no writing or over-writing of the data on the Q-tag. It simply is a RFID. In the sense when the reader queries it, it responds back with a GUID (globally unique ID). The analogy to the...
  14. Daver6

    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    I wonder if the salad was a proper salad or the NP weeds?
  15. Daver6

    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Some Bollinger is on the way at $56.xx/bottle
  16. Daver6

    Qantas law unto themselves - don't waste your time with ACA complaint

    Wow. I'm pretty stunned, but not surprised, by how poorly QF have handled this. I'd be livid if I was in your situation :(
  17. Daver6

    The view from my "office"

    I can't say I have. I gather that's a local pub? If so, worth a visit for a counter meal?
  18. Daver6

    The view from my "office"

    Swan River near Woodbridge.
  19. Daver6

    Qantas Itinerary to Google Calendar

    On the QF website, in MMB you can "add to calendar" which just exports a .ics file. This can be imported into G cal. Obviously not automated. I find about 90% of my QF flights will auto-populate from the confirmation email.
  20. Daver6

    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Hence I said QP membership AND PP membership and still less expensive. Or if not based in AU, just get PP lounge membership. OW ruby (ie QF silver) is sufficient to get you J check-in.