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  1. wendlle

    Question on changing flight

    So Hubby and I and our two kids were going to QLD in May to visit his Parents. I have two separate tickets - one Canberra to Bundaberg, the other Gold Coast to Canberra. They are both Getaway Fares. I can see that they don't allow name changes or allow me to cancel. But it does say that I can...
  2. wendlle

    Triple Bonus Points

    I was playing around with my Velocity App last night and saw this offer on it. I didn't get an email and can't see it on the website. Triple Bonus Points, book and ticket an eligible flight between December 5 and December 17 2019, Travel by November 3 2020. Enjoy triple bonus points on eligible...
  3. wendlle

    Points plus Pay Question

    I know that it isn't popular to do this but this is the only way this will work for us right now. I want to book a flight from Canberra to Bundaberg, If I use points+pay It will cost me around 35,000 points and $280 to get 2A and 2C tickets (1C is an infant) I have a $129 voucher to apply...
  4. wendlle

    Status Credit Bonus Offer and Status Credit Question

    Any ideas if there is a pattern to velocity offering a Double SC promo? I need to book some flights for the family from Canberra to QLD for 2020 and I will need double SC or similar to get me over the line to getting back to Gold which would be great for our trip to the USA in 2021. Also, I...
  5. wendlle

    Virgin Credit Card "Perks"

    I have a credit card with Virgin. I'm sure when I joined it came with a $125 a year voucher but I can't find anything on my online account relating to it. Do I have to call for this? Or should It be on my account? Also. My Hubby is considering getting the same card for himself, we family pool...
  6. wendlle

    Any way to Transfer points?

    I have a few AA points that I will never use. I am wondering if there is anyway I can transfer these to something I will use? Qantas, Hilton, Velocity??
  7. wendlle

    Connecting Flight & Lounge Passes

    I've recently dropped from Gold to Silver. I have 4 lounge passes - 2 for my Silver Membership and 2 from a Virgin Money credit card. There are 4 of us total, 2 Adults and 2 kids who will be 4 and 1 at time of travel next year. We are looking at going from Canberra to Townsville, there is a...
  8. wendlle

    Unexpected "extension" of status

    So my Gold status was due to expire on July 8. I had 3 flights for 4 of us (pooled to me) due in September and I sent Velocity and email asking if there was a chance they could extend my status. I got a nice reply back, but of course it said there was no way it could be done. I'd drop to...
  9. wendlle

    Velocity Silver & Delta

    I currently have Velocity Gold but am going to drop to Silver this month. I have a trip to the USA booked for September for 2A and 2K flying Virgin to LAX then from LAX to MCO via Delta (not on one ticket/flight) as we wanted to stay overnight in LAX to give the kids a break in the trip...
  10. wendlle

    Earning Velocity Points with phone plan

    I currently still have a Virgin Mobile phone plan and so does Hubby. I know we have to stop this soon as Virgin Mobile will no longer exist. I'm holding out because I'm still earning points by having the plan. Can anyone tell me if any other service providers have the ability to earn Velocity...
  11. wendlle

    BP moving away from Velocity?

    We get a pretty good amount of points by using BP as our petrol station of choice. Hubby commutes to work so uses quite a bit of fuel in a week. I received a survey today from BP and it was all about a new loyalty program they are looking at. Asking LOTS of questions about Velocity and Qantas as...
  12. wendlle

    Dropping from Gold to Silver

    Currently I have Gold Velocity status, this runs out in July 2019 which is a shame because we have a trip to the USA booked for September with Virgin. We currently have family pooling set up (My Husband and eldest Daughter are pooling to me, youngest Daughter is under 2 so no need yet) and we...
  13. wendlle

    Double Velocity Points offer - date question

    I've activated the Double Velocity Points offer for all 3 of us in our Family Pool, it states that you can fly up until December 5th 2019 and you have to book the offer by Nov 17th 2018. My issue is that I want to book dates for November 2019 but I can't do this online as it only lets me book up...
  14. wendlle

    Reward Seat vs Any Seat

    When I put it my search for "points plus pay" to see what's available it shows availability for Reward Seats, then when I log into my account they vanish and I can only choose any seat which is of course almost 3 times as many points. Why? I'm trying to see how many points I would need to fly...
  15. wendlle

    Lounge Pass and Children Question

    I've just noticed that my latest status credits have been given to me 3 days before my status review which is a shame because I won't be traveling much in the next 12 months so will no doubt slip down to Silver as I can't get enough credits to keep my gold (or go up to Platinum in time) So, I am...
  16. wendlle

    Checkin In a Car Seat @ Canberra Airport

    We are traveling to Bundaberg from Canberra on the weekend and hiring a car to drive around Queensland for two weeks. We are planning to take our own car seat for our Toddler and will be checking it in at the airport. But I'm wondering how to go about this? We don't have a bag for it, or a box...
  17. wendlle

    Best Current Velocity Credit Card offers

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any current good offers to get extra Velocity points via a credit card or other bonuses (lounge passes etc) I'm about to refinance the house and this includes them transferring a credit card balance which then has to be closed. So i'll be in the market for a new...
  18. wendlle

    How long for VA credits / points to appear after flight

    Just got back from Hawaii, flew Hawaiian Airlines and I'm wondering how long I need to wait before putting in a claim for points? I paid extra to get a fare class that DOES earn miles and status.
  19. wendlle

    Virgin to Hawaiian Terminal Transfer @ Sydney Airport

    We're flying out of Canberra into Sydney with Virgin and then going onto Honolulu with Hawaiian Airlines. We usually fly internationally with Virgin so use the transfer desk to get our bags and ourselves over to the International terminal. Am I right in thinking we can't do this as we are flying...
  20. wendlle

    Velocity and Hawaiian Airlines privliges

    Hi. I haven't flown with HA before but have just booked flights for May. I have gold status with Velocity and last year flew with Delta and was able to take my Husband and Daughter (2 years old) into the Delta lounges in the USA, we were also able to use the Delta Gold lines at the Airport and...