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    Status Credit calculation

    Hi First world problems but I have 4,000,000 points but am only bronze. I’m trying obtain Gold to spend these points easier and am flying Gold Coast to Santiago return in business. On the Qantas Status calculator if I put in OOL/SYD/SCL/SYD/OOL it comes up with 390 status credits. The flight...
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    I'm constantly trying to book multi city flights on Cathay from Brisbane to Europe or Asia via HKG which I think they call an interline ticket. I get right to the end of the booking process and it flakes out back to the error page. I've spoken to Qantas many times about it and they know it's a...
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    Missing Staus Credits

    Hi All I recently reached Gold and tipped over with some points to spare. After these extra points did not credit to my tally for next year I contacted Virgin and was informed that these extra SC had now disappeared. Seems unfair, does anybody have any experience with this?
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    AFF Gold membership $25 discount - disappeared

    Hi A few days ago I noticed at the top of the page a $25 discount (via a credit back to PayPal) but can't find it anymore. Does anybody have this link please?
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    Expensive VA flight redemptions, one year out

    Hi I usually book Qantas and am unfamiliar with the VA booking system. Any ideas out there why VA points redemptions are so expensive when trying to book one year out? Last year I booked four months out for BNE LAX business class return for about 160K points. Now looking to book 11 1/2 months...
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    Why is there only ever two J seats out of Australia?

    Nearly every time I try and book J seats for my family of four there is only usually two J seats on the first leg out of Australia to HKG, SIN, DXB, etc, particularly leaving Brisbane. If I book two seats I was wondering if two more will appear? I haven't tried it because I don't want to waste...
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    Four business class tickets to Italy next June - Help needed please

    Hi, I have managed to accrue over two million frequent flyer points but have never spent any and I am a lowly bronze member. I want to take the family (2 adults, 3 kids) to Italy next June 2015 school holidays for three weeks, in business class from preferably Brisbane but if not Sydney. I...
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    Westpac Earth Black DOUBLE Qantas points offer, for life of card?

    Just found this new offer on the Westpac site. Could be a nice earner. Earth Black | Westpac From what I read it says that you get double Qantas points. It doesn't say that the offer is for the life of the card but then again it doesn't have a time limit on it. Special promotion: Earn...
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    Points ripped off by Woolworths! Bastards!

    Points ripped off by Woolworths! I got the dreaded cancellation letter a month ago after continued ATO abuse. That's ok I don't mind playing the game I got some good points out of WW. So I dutifully stopped using my card and paid the balance in full. Now they are saying that because my card was...
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    The Dreaded EDR Cancellation Letter - One last Tango

    Got the infamous cancellation letter today. Been going a bit hard for the last few months. Does anybody know if you can keep spending and more importantly getting points for the 21 days written on the letter until the card is cancelled? I'll miss it just wanted to take it out for one last...
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    Frequent flyer cost table help please

    To save me a huge search on QFF can somebody please point me in the right direction to a table which shows the value per point of flying JQ versus qantas economy and qantas business?
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    Trying to get 5 business class seats on one flight with points or upgrade.

    The curse of having lots of points and a family of 5! Please help I've over bred! I'm only a lowly bronze QFFI and I'm trying to book a long haul flight one year out to Europe or Canada with points and 5 seems to be the hard number to get business class tix on. 4 is no problem but 5 is near...
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    ATO payments and EDR

    Hi All ive looked high and low on the forums about whether ATO payments with a Woolworths EDR or Jetstar mastercard credit card earn points and there seems to be some conflicting info out there. Does anybody know for sure (or has got points from this) if you earn points paying the ATO with EDR...
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    Value of QFF on Jetstar

    Hello FF World Please help me to work this out with all your combined knowledge as I am a bit a newbie at this FF stuff. If I can buy 5 tickets on Jetstar for $7100 Gold Coast To Tokyo for cash, does it work out more worthwhile to spend 300,000 QFF points and $2,600 in taxes? Does that...
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    Jetstar flights to Japan in January

    Hi out there intrepid bargain hunters. I've been keeping an eye on Jetstar flights to Japan leaving after Xmas and coming back end of Jan for a bit of ski/sushi. They only have released their direct Gold Coast to Tokyo flights in the last few days and they are pretty expensive at $1000 each...