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  1. Doug_Westcott

    How travel could be improved: If we ran airlines, hotels and cruise ships

    We've all thought it at one time or another: if I ran this joint, things would be different. It's a notion that usually arises from annoyance. An overlong wait. A brush with rudeness. A bad plate of food. Under-delivery on over-promises. Substandard experiences bombard us in day-to-day life, be...
  2. Doug_Westcott

    Australian airport security rethink for ‘low-risk’ passengers

    Thirteen years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, the Australian government is considering whether to allow passengers to carry small scissors and tools on board aircraft and eat with metal cutlery. The expedited screening of low-risk airport passengers to allow a more...
  3. Doug_Westcott

    British Airways develops 'happiness blanket' to measure passenger stress

    British Airways has developed a "happiness blanket", which will analyse the "meditative state" of fliers and change colours according to the passenger's mental state. Upon boarding, fliers will be required to affix a headband to their head. The headband will then send brain-waves via bluetooth...
  4. Doug_Westcott

    If You've Never Missed a Flight, You're Probably Wasting Your Time

    Do you find yourself spending endless hours waiting at the airport? Here's what math says about the perfect time to arrive for your next flight. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places | Smithsonian
  5. Doug_Westcott

    Domestic Qantas Club and Business Lounges

    As I have not previously travelled Qantas domestic J, can anyone tell me the differences (if any) between the Qantas Club and Business domestic lounges? (The Qantas web site seems to indicate that if you are flying domestic J you can access either of these lounges)
  6. Doug_Westcott

    F.A.A. Approves iPads in Cockpits, but Not for Passengers

    Reported in The New York Times (and others) The Federal Aviation Administration said Tuesday that pilots on American Airlines flights would be allowed to use iPads instead of paper flight manuals in the cockpit starting Friday, as reported by ZDNet, even during takeoff and landing. But...