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    Qantas Points Club.... dead?

    Despite all the fanfare back when "the biggest changes in 30+ years were announced", there's no sign of the promised "Qantas Points Club". Can't wonder if the idea has been taken out behind the back of the sheds and.... Any thoughts?
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    Earlier F flight on SQ award

    Has anyone had experience changing to an earlier SQ flight at the airport when travelling on an award ticket? I've got a first class redemption flight from SIN-SYD. There's a flight that leaves a few hours earlier with seats still for sale in F. I'm hoping that if I get to the airport early...
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    When are AA seats released (exactly)?

    I know AA releases award seats 331 days out... but when exactly does it happen? Midnight Chicago time? Midnight port of departure time? Some other random time? Cheers
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    Points+Money.... qualifying stay?

    Looking at making a booking and considering the Points&Money option. It's roughly 50/50 split between points/money. Will this count as a qualifying stay? Do I earn any points for the $ component? Thanks
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    Virgin Australia - Promo Codes (ongoing)

    Click HERE for a list of current Virgin Australia discount codes. A while back VA had a discount code that could be used for (almost) any domestic booking. Are there any discount codes that work at the moment? Thanks!
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    Cancelled CX award seats

    I had a CX award seat on a courtesy hold with AA and unfortunately, didn't get the ticket issued in time. The booking also included a QF seat. The QF seat became available for re-booking straight away, but the CX seat has not 'reappeared'. Assuming the seat hasn't been taken by someone...
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    Platinum One experiences?

    To all the newly-minted Platinum One frequent flyers out there... I'm curious to hear... what's been your experience so far? Anything different? Free upgrades? ... or all hype?
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    Will Qantas respond??

    Some very interesting news from Virgin Australia this morning about changes to (the now) 'Velocity Frequent Flyer' program. Do you think Qantas will respond? If so, how?
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    Day trip to Champagne

    I'm travelling to Paris soon :D and would like to take a day trip to Champagne. Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for tours? Ideally, it would be nice to go on a "not-too-touristy" tour... would be great to visit some boutique champagne houses rather than just the big names. Won't have...
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    Qantas fare changes - is this really bad news for AAdvantage??

    I know the Qantas domestic fare changes has been covered extensively in another thread, but on a different note - are these changes going to be bad for AAdvantage members? One of the big benefits of Qantas domestic sales is they book into O class - which can accrue miles with AA. But, when...
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    FF awards booked onto QF codeshare

    Normally award seats are not booked with QF codeshare but with the operating carrier's own flight number - with the exception of LA flights from Sydney to Santiago. Just wondering - are there any others?
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    BA online upgrades - when?

    I know from time to time it's possible to pay for upgrades on From past experience, does anyone know if there's a particular pattern as to when the option is available? I've booked 2 European flights for later this year, but the upgrade option isn't available.
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    British Airways Australian office?

    Does British Airways have an Australian office? I'm trying to use a customer care voucher and the Indian call centre is driving me mad. If I call London they say I must ring the Australian number. Is there a phone number for someone actually based in Australia? Thanks in advance!
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    Intl J service to Perth - what does this mean?

    As we know, Qantas is bringing back the 747 and other internationally configured aircraft for some flights between Perth and the East Coast. But what does this actually mean in terms of onboard product - apart from skybeds on a few flights? Champagne? Printed menus? Pyjamas? And will soft...
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    WP requesting extra seat release for ASA change?

    I've booked a First class any-seat-award in P but need to make a change. Sadly, there is very little availability and certainly none around the dates I want. Can I request Qantas to release another seat, in the same way I could if it was a classic award? Failing that.... The booking did say...
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    QF codeshare credit to AAdvantage?

    Can I credit a QF codeshare flight on Air Pacific to AAdvantage? On the AA website it says: "Qantas codeshare flights operated by oneworld carriers and oneworld affiliates are eligible for mileage accrual." I realise FJ isn't part of oneworld, but FJ is an AAdvantage partner in its own right...
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    Is Qantas breaching TPA?

    I've been reading about the Component Pricing laws (contained in Trade Practices Act) which, although introduced some time ago, have not been subject to an amnesty period since 1 July 2010. Reading about the examples given about credit card surcharges got me thinking... is Qantas (and other...
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    Confusing Any Seat rules

    I can book a domestic SYD-MEL anyseat award in business for 16,000 points plus $55.13 (or 19,979 points) on flights that have a classic award seat available. Similarly, I can book a first class anyseat award from SYD-HKG for 90,000 points plus $215.97 (or 104,665 points). What happens if I...
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    AA status buyback

    Has anyone ever taken up the offer of AA status buyback? As a WP, the only benefits I see of buying back AA Platinum are - 100% points bonus rather than 25% - 72 hour clearing of upgrades and higher in the pecking order (but only useful if travelling within US) - Next year soft landing will be...
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    Qantas seating changes! No more First on 747s! New A380s without F!

    Qantas has announced it will invest $400 million to upgrade seats and inflight entertainment on nine Boeing 747-400 aircraft, and reconfigure its Airbus A380 fleet to meet the changing demands of the airline’s international customers. B747-400 nine B747-400 will be upgraded and fitted with...