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    Answered Status Credits from Singapore Air to Velocity time frame?

    Hi, Any idea how long it will take for status credits earned on a Singapore Airlines flight to hit my Velocity acct? Cheers Steve
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    Code share - Status Credits?

    Hi I am flying with Singapore Airlines and I have SQ flight numbers for all flights. I have added my velocity number to the bookings, but 1 leg is operated by lufthansa, will I still earn SC / Points for that flight? Cheers Steve
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    Velocity to Elevate status levels

    Hi Note Elevate is the Virgin America reward system. I am heading to the US early next year so starting to plan it all out. As a Platinum Velocity member, I looked at the Virgin US and whilst I get the usual check in and priority bags, the Velocity site does not state anything about x...
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    BNE to Vegas with LA stop over - points?

    Hi Looking at booking a BNE to Vegas trip on points, but would like to know if I can do a stop over in LA for the same points total? Cheers Steve
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    BNE to LAX on points now 14,000 points higher than last year??

    Hey Booked a reward seat last year to LAX, booked in Sep 2013 for flights in Feb 2014 for 80,000 points, looked into booking the same this year and find it's now around 94,000 points.. ouch!! anyone else notice we seem to be able to travel less for the same points these days? I fly Virgin a...
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    US Visa Waiver program

    Hey My boss just advised I am heading to the US on the 9th of July thru till the 18th/19th July. I have a current US Visa under the visa waiver program, but it expires on 25th July. Will this be an issue? do you need 6 months like passports for travel to the US? Cheers Steve
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    Lugloc - Will no longer work for anyone needs new Sims

    Hi I purchased a lugloc from AFF forums before xmas for a trip I have coming up. Been trying to activate for the past 2 weeks and no luck.. then I find this. No Cookies | Herald Sun I have had no contact from anyone and thought I should share as other may be traveling thinking this is...
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    Lax tbit / t3

    Hey I know we need to currently check in / drop bags in T3 then head over to TBIT for VA departures, any idea if / when check in will also move to TBIT? Cheers Steve
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    Upgrade possible at gate?

    Hey Booked a reward seat BNE to LAX in econ for end of Jan, paid for the same for my wife. I have heard that at times you can buy a cheap upgrade to perm econ or J class at check in. Does Virgin offer this on int long haul flights? Also as a Plat Velocity member, would I be more likely to...
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    Flying Virgin America out of LAX - Velocity Elite benefits?

    Hey Flying BNE to LAX with Virgin via a reward seat.. Looking to then fly LAX to Vegas. As a Plat velocity member any benefits re baggage allowance etc if I fly Virgin America? or better to fly some other partner - if so who? Cheers Steve
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    Who would you fly econ LAX to Vegas

    Hi Managed to score a reward seat to LAX from BNE for early next year. Heading to vegas with the better half.. As a Plat Velocity member, who would be best to fly econ from LAX to Vegas for lounge access? Cheers Steve
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    Aerosol deodorants

    Hi Packing for a flight bne to fra via sin. On Singapore airways. Ok to pack a couple of rexona aerosols deodorants in checked baggage even tho they say on the can that they are flammable? the Singapore website only talks about carryon. thanks steve.
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    Lounge in Frankfurt

    Hi His am flying from Frankfurt to London with BA. I am gold qantas FF. will this enable me to use a lounge at Frankfurt if so which one as cant see either BA or Qantas lounge in the airport. Thanks Steve.
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    VVF Gold, just shy of required SC to maintain..

    Hey My Gold VFF membership is up for review on 11 September. I will be 30 SC's short of required to maintain gold, yet flying out on the 15th Sep BNE to Frankfurt on Singapore Airlines.. Any ideas re will Virgin maintain me at Gold? or drop me back to silver?? Cheers Steve
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    Caribee Departure Bag

    Hey Looking for a bag to carry a few bits on my next international flight. Looking at one of these - Departure Bag: Caribee Accessories range anyone used one before? also any idea if a macbook pro 13" will fit in it? Cheers Steve
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    Weekend in Frankfurt or Stuttgart or near by in Sep

    Hi Heading to Frankfurt in Sep this year. Will have a free weekend and a hire car. Monday will need to be in Stuutgart for meetings so any suggestions on which city to spend the weekend Frankfurt or Stuttgart and I will have access to a car so can travel to some where else nearby.. Interests...
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    Oversized baggage SIA question

    Hi Looking at flying BNE to Frankfurt then Paris to BNE on SIA Business class. I know I have extra weight allowance as a Gold Velocity member, but my question is around the physical size of the checked bags.. hoping to just have 1 bag as getting the TGV from Frankfurt to Paris and don't want to...
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    48 hours free in Paris - What to do?

    Hey Heading to Frankfurt then Paris for the motor show. We will have 48 hours free between when we arrive in Paris and the start of the motor show. So what would you suggest 2 guys early 30's and early 40's do in Paris.. not really into Art Galleries or Museums. So thinking Moulin Rouge or...
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    BNE to LAX QF15 Non Reconfigured 747

    Hey Heading off on Sat, BNE to LAX and have found that is still in the old 747 configuration ( still has first class), Flying J class.. Anyone know if these non reconfig 747's have the "At any time, let our crew prepare you tasty refreshment, such as gourmet toasted sandwiches, pizza or a...
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    Inflight gear

    Hi About to do a BNE to LAX with Qantas in Business class.. Being a "larger" guy the on board PJ's will not fit me but not keen to wear Jean for the 14 hours or so.. What is ok in Business class with Qantas these days? Board in jeans than change into Comfy shorts and Tee for the flight...