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    Right place, right time.

    My parents flying into NYC 10 September 2001....
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    Airline lounge WiFi speeds

    Was in QC LAX....88.68 mb up and 81 down on Speedtest ... Best i have ever seen.
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    question in regards to seating on syd-bkk flight

    Flew up on this flight a couple of days ago. if you don't get a exit row, avoid the windows and inside aisle seats as they have those annoying entertainment boxes bolted to the floor in front of you that take up a third of your leg room. I will be asking for a side row seat on the way home.
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    Using Virgin Lounge with Singapore et al..

    First time post. I have been reading the site and trying to work out if there is any benefit of my Virgin Lounge menbership when flying with Singapore, but am still unsure. I have a lowly Velocity status, sometimes as much as Silver as I mainly travel OS. Can I access Singapore lounges with only...