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  1. Steady

    Well Hello!!

    Welcome aboard Zaccy
  2. Steady

    Rockfords discussion

    So Stonewall members who do not buy wine don’t get kicked out - they are members for life regardless?
  3. Steady

    Invite sent

    Invite sent
  4. Steady

    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    The one thing stopping me from joining has been my lack of will power when it comes to great wine deals - I am getting better so maybe it is almost time :oops: :D
  5. Steady

    Hobart Wine, Food and Gin tasting trip – March 21 2020

    Having a look through the thread I think this is what has been posted..... :) If I have it right currently 7 for the tour and potentially 10 for dinner. Can any of the silvers confirm yet? @Tassieoptom Platinum @kookaburra75 Platinum x 2 @Doug_Westcott Platinum @Delectable...
  6. Steady

    New here

    Welcome aboard qf380,
  7. Steady

    How do you store your wine

    I'm south of you, my cabinets are in a shed, they do go below the set temperatures for about 2 months - they don't fluctuate much daily due to insulation and thermal mass - just very slowly over weeks and then slowly back up. 2 of my cabinets have a temperature alarm I have to turn off. I don't...
  8. Steady

    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Thanks for your post - I managed to pick up 3 bottles of something I had been watching early this morning after seeing your post - I had to add a cheap bottle to lift up the value, but happy with the price paid
  9. Steady

    Project Sunrise gets massive support boost due to Corona virus

    I thought you were on the sunshine coast
  10. Steady

    Question Noumea dining advice

    Les 3 Brasseurs had a great pork knuckle (among other things) and craft beers back in 2008 to 2010
  11. Steady

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome aboard tdonovic
  12. Steady

    Hello All

    Welcome aboard Alpha7
  13. Steady

    The view from my "office"

    $60/kg off the boat Wynyard Tas
  14. Steady

    Cathay to cut worldwide capacity by 30%

    The Pier F lounge is closing from Feb 17th
  15. Steady

    Help with Expedia booking on VA via HKG

    Welcome aboard Bon Bon, the entity you booked through/paid money to is responsible to help
  16. Steady


    Welcome aboard HanyuPinyin
  17. Steady

    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Its worth checking BWS clearance wines (selecting different local stores as they all have different items) every now and then - just picked up 4 bottles of the Jimmy Watson '16 Xanadu Cab for $18/bottle - shame the 25% off promotion isn't running or they would have been $15/b...
  18. Steady

    Hello, glad to be back home

    Welcome aboard trevella
  19. Steady

    China (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    I’ve spent quite a few nights there, it’s ok.