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Search results

  1. LadyC

    San Diego hotels and restaurants

    Looking for some recommendations for hotels in San Diego. There will be 4 of us travelling (3 adults and 1 almost 7 year old) there in December - we will need to book two rooms. The current plan is to visit Legoland, the Zoo and the Safari Zoo. Not Disneyland. I am currently Marriott Platinum...
  2. LadyC

    Portable coffee maker

    I'm looking at buying a portable coffee maker - more specifically a Wacaco Nanopresso portable espresso maker. Anyone have any experience with this espresso maker or other portable coffee makers? I'm looking for something that makes an espresso style coffee (rather than an American style...
  3. LadyC

    Whistler accomodation

    Any recent experiences with accommodation in Whistler? We will be travelling with a 6 year old so ski in ski out is preferable. Currently we are thinking of staying at the Fairmont but interested in any feedback on other places also.
  4. LadyC

    Europe by scooter

    The Gentleman, MasterC and myself are heading back to Europe to visit some new locations and enjoy some warmer weather as the European summer commences. We finish our European adventure in Paris before we fly home via Bali and Singapore. This trip we are happily ditching the stroller in favour...
  5. LadyC

    Answered New Istanbul Airport processing time

    If anyone has been through the new Istanbul airport, I would interested to know how long it took on arrival and departure? How crowded you found it and how long it took to get from plane to luggage? Heading there in just over a month so trying to get a sense of what it is like.
  6. LadyC

    Free 2 X Qantas Club Lounge passes

    I have 2 Qantas Club invitations that expire 30 June 2019 that I cannot use. Happy to give to an AFF member who has been a member for more than 1 year and has at least 100 posts. First PM to meet the criteria can have them. As per the back of the invitation "This invitation is valid for a...
  7. LadyC

    The Westin Perth

    We stayed for 3 nights in a Suite with Club access over the Easter break. We really enjoyed our stay at the Westin and will be back here for our next stay in Perth. The hotel is only 1 year old and the hotel still looks fresh and new. This is my first in a series of stays as part of a...
  8. LadyC

    2020 Travel Plans

    Here's your opportunity to detail and discuss your travel plans for 2020. I find it is a great thread for providing new ideas for travel locations and experiences. 2020 for us will start in Bangkok followed by some more time in Bali. Bangkok has a few new 5 star hotels opening over the next 6...
  9. LadyC

    Free $30 Qantas Hotels Voucher

    PM me if you would like it. It expires in just under 72 hours. I'm happy to give it to an AFF member with a reasonable history/amount of contributions.
  10. LadyC

    Answered Points earning on food and beverages

    We recently stayed at St Regis KL and I booked the accommodation via Qantas Hotels as the rate was significantly cheaper than direct with Marriott. I understand that the room charges, as not booked direct, will not earn any points. Does this mean that the food and beverage charges (eg...
  11. LadyC

    Bali and beyond

    Although not as exotic as some of the trip reports being written up at the moment, I thought I would add to the fray with a trip report on our impending Christmas break holiday. With all offices ‘closing’ for the Gentleman, MasterC and myself, I thought it was a good opportunity for us to...
  12. LadyC

    Qantas Gift Vouchers with child booking

    Hi Brains Trust I have done a quick search and couldn't find an answer to this question. Earlier in the year I bought a gift voucher for myself, the Gentleman and MasterC. When you buy a gift voucher, you can't (or if you can I didn't see it) choose for children, you just get number of pax and...
  13. LadyC

    QFF award booking on Emirates

    I am trying to book some award flights on Emirates from SIN-MEL in F. When I look at availability one way, they are not showing as available. However if I book them as part of a return, MEL-SIN-MEL, then they are available. Not available under a multi city booking either. Is this a new rule...
  14. LadyC

    2019 Travel Plans

    I'm a bit excited as I have just finalised some key award bookings for June-July 2019. Currently flying MEL-IST with SQ in J early June 2019. Flying out of Europe from CDG-DPS with QR J early July. 4 nights in Bali, then overnighting in SIN flying home with SQ again in J. Still finalising...
  15. LadyC

    QFF award booking on Qatar

    I booked a business class award ticket from CDG-DPS with Qatar last week using my QFF points. Looking through the itinerary, I can't see any mention of what class the ticket is. This is making me feel a little uneasy however it has been some time since I booked an international business class...
  16. LadyC

    Byron Bay Break

    Byron Bay break Just a mini-TR with a local flavour to add to the mix. Apologies in advance for the mixed quality of the photos – I really don’t know why some photos work out whilst others don’t! The gentleman, MasterC and I spent 4 nights up in Byron Bay recently. Flying Y up and back to...
  17. LadyC

    Luang Prabang recommendations

    Planning on heading to LPQ in June with the Gentleman and MasterC (4 yo). Nothing organised as yet so any recommendations - whether accommodation, restaurant or tourist attractions - all welcome.
  18. LadyC

    Crown Towers Perth

    I thought I would post a quick review of my stay at Crown Towers Perth back in December 2017. I booked a base level room earlier in the year through Qantas Hotels when they had a 6 points per $1 promotion. Considering we arrived on Boxing Day, I was quite happy that I managed to grab a $300...
  19. LadyC

    Byron Bay recommendations

    The gentleman, MasterC and myself are heading to Byron Bay for 4 nights in late April. Any recommendations for accommodation and/or restaurants?
  20. LadyC

    Posting photos via mobile

    Apologies if this is already written somewhere but I couldn't quickly find it. I only post photos from my phone (a Samsung) and they always come up as a thumbnail. When I access the website from my phone, there doesn't seem to be an option to upload my image as a full image or a thumbnail as...