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  1. Mr Pumblechook

    China (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    If the NZ government wants to use NZ taxpayer's money to pay for the evacuation and two weeks' accommodation of Australian citizens, that sounds like the preferred outcome for Australian taxpayers as well!
  2. Mr Pumblechook

    VA flights now (randomly) posting to Velocity quicker [Dec 2019]

    Yep retro claim after 14 days and an email every subsequent two weeks. I'm still nine months from my requalification date so I'm just enjoying the adventure.
  3. Mr Pumblechook

    VA flights now (randomly) posting to Velocity quicker [Dec 2019]

    Flew BNE-LAX on 23 Nov 2019 and still waiting, which is a new record for me.
  4. Mr Pumblechook

    Boeing has fired CEO Dennis Muilenburg

    What a sad decline :( Boeing used to convince people that its aircraft were reliable by building reliable aircraft. Now it builds shoddy crap and hands out little cards to the passengers to try and convince them to step on board.
  5. Mr Pumblechook

    JetStar Pilots' Strike

    That makes no sense at all. Employees engaging in industrial action need customers on their side to place pressure on the employer to negotiate in good faith. The most effective industrial action will cost the employer dearly while not affecting customers. Edit: I imagine the only way for the...
  6. Mr Pumblechook

    JetStar Pilots' Strike

    Alan? Is that you? :p It seems pretty obvious that the intention of the industrial action is to cause difficulties for the employer, not its customers.
  7. Mr Pumblechook

    Answered Virgin Platinum seat selection on Etihad

    Yep I've flown EY in Y a couple of times when SQ wasn't an option e.g. to northern Africa. The AUH F lounge is nice but 45 minutes of F lounge in no way makes up for a miserable 24 hours in EY Y. The tiny seats (9 across 787s and 10 across 777s), generally unpolished nature of the Y service...
  8. Mr Pumblechook

    Tokyo Haneda slot - how will Virgin Operate it?

    Some additional Japanese destinations are now available connecting at HND but they only seem to book onto NH flight numbers at the moment.
  9. Mr Pumblechook

    Now Available: Upgrade Delta-operated (VA-coded) with Velocity Points

    'Delta international short haul' is a new term, no?
  10. Mr Pumblechook

    Virgin Lounge at Brisbane International

    My first visit to the My Lounge today and I agree it doesn't feel like a lounge, more like a holding pen - probably because they just installed some fences in the terminal and put some vinyl flooring down! At 9 am on a Saturday it's standing room only, loud and not at all a relaxing vibe :(
  11. Mr Pumblechook

    Virgin Australia Financials 2019/20

    Flights/day SYD-OOL: QF 4, VA 9 Cost for Y & J: QF $139/$673, VA $99/$579 Hard product: Barely distinguishable Lounge: VA has the edge If QF can command the premium pax with that offering, how can VA ever succeed?
  12. Mr Pumblechook

    Virgin Australia Financials 2019/20

    VA's success in OOL brought QF back after they abandoned it to JQ, so replacing VA with TT could be counter-productive. QF loyalists will buy a JQ Y middle seat for $1500 rather than a $500 VA J seat, but I can't imagine too many VA customers would set foot in the TT area of a terminal let alone...
  13. Mr Pumblechook

    Ethiopian 737 Max 8 crash and Fallout

    Perhaps a better question is when VA is flying the 737 MAX from 2021, who will actively avoid them?
  14. Mr Pumblechook

    Virgin Australia Financials 2019/20

    SQ offer 50-60 minute connections in both directions for SYD-LHR-SYD. What traveller in their right mind would book a seven hour layover in HKG instead?
  15. Mr Pumblechook

    Airlines eye new slots at Haneda (Tokyo)

    Both airlines submitted their applications before the closing time. Surely that's all that matters rather than who submitted first?
  16. Mr Pumblechook

    Closing overhead bins before take off

    What was the airline?
  17. Mr Pumblechook

    Delta buys 20% of LATAM, which will exit oneworld

    Maybe my wishful thinking but I can't imagine DL supporting an ongoing LA/QF relationship. A DL/LA/VA joint venture seems more in line with what Ed Bastian has been saying about integrating partners around DL.
  18. Mr Pumblechook

    Delta buys 20% of LATAM, which will exit oneworld

    A DL/LA/VA Pacific joint venture? Using the DL 777s displaced by the extra LA 350s to bump BNE/MEL-LAX to daily? And a VA/LA FF partnership (one that DL won't thwart like they did to VA/AC)? Now you're talking :D
  19. Mr Pumblechook

    Ethiopian 737 Max 8 crash and Fallout

    Yes as a student of human performance and safety I didn't find much in that article to like. As Sir Humphrey said (or was it Bernard?), "It's very well... typed"