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  1. K

    Upgrade using points

    I have an upcoming booking from MEL - CNS and return. The fare class booked was elevate . When I logon to Velocity portal and try to bid for upgrade using points , it says my booking is not eligible for points upgrade. As it is a domestic flight , not sure why my booking is not eligible for...
  2. K

    Separate Ticket for 4 year old

    I will have to book a separate ticket for my 4 yr old son from SYD - MEL as my wife's ticket is booked by work. I try to book the ticket online but don't seem to go anywhere with only child passenger. Any inputs/suggestions to work this around are highly appreciated.
  3. K

    Question SQ flights with VA numbers - Points + Pay

    How will the status credits be calculated/posted if am booking Singapore Airlines flight on Virgin Australia website using the points plus pay option. It is not a reward ticket , hence the points and SCs will be posted as per the fare type.
  4. K

    Bonus Promotions for Transfer to KrisFlyer

    Does anyone of any bonus point promotions from the past when transferring Ascent Premium reward points to Krisflyer.
  5. K

    Itinerary for AKL Self Drive Tour Nov 2020

    We are planning to do a short road trip from Auckland to surrounds from 30 Oct - 4 Nov. Will be flying in from Mel . Below is the list of activities we want to do : 30 Oct - Arrive Auckland and Explore 31 Oct - Drive to Taupo via Waitomo caves 1 Nov - Drive to Rotorua, visit Huka falls and...
  6. K

    MEL - DPS using points ( Virgin Australia or Singapore Airlines )

    I am planning to book for J class tickets using points from Melbourne to Bali. I have around 280K velocity points and will need to get reward tickets for 3 pax. Is it better to book directly with Virgin using points or transfer the points to Kris Flyer for reward bookings. Dates are fixed ( 31...
  7. K

    MEL-OOL-AKL on 7th Mar

    I will be doing my first ever status run on 7th Mar , it will be good to catch up if anyone is taking the same flight. I am happy to guest 1 PAX if anyone is looking to get into VA lounge around that time. My flight from MEL is at 6:15 AM and from OOL is at 11:00 AM.
  8. K

    Mantra Amphora Palm Cove Suggestions

    We will be visiting Cairns for 5D/4N in the month of Apr 2020 and have booked the room at Mantra Palm Cove as they are now available under Accor. Appreciate if anyone can shed some light on the accommodation at Mantra and its proximity to all the wonderful things do to around Palm Cove/Port...
  9. K

    MEL - CNS Apr 2020

    I am in the process of booking return fares from MEL to CNS in APR 2020 , somehow none of the promo codes seem to be working. I do realize some codes have black out period but does any one know if any code works during the Good Friday Long weekend. Appreciate your tips/suggestions. It will...
  10. K

    Velocity SCs on Delta Airlines

    I had my Delta flight from LAX to SFO , which had the number VA 6481. My points/sc have not been posted inspite of it being more than 2 weeks. Tried submitting a claim but it says flight number not valid. Any pointers on how to get this updated.
  11. K

    VA MEL to LAX - Economy Meals

    Does anyone know how do we update the meal preferences for VA international flights. I have not been able to locate the section where we update the meal preference under manage booking. Any pointers are highly appreciated.
  12. K

    MEL-LAX VA23

    Can anyone suggest which are the best sections of the flight to be seated when flying from MEL to LAX in Economy. Currently have the middle three seats ( 3-3-3 ) config in row 41. Any inputs or tips are appreciated as we are travelling with a toddler , want to keep him engaged without disturbing...
  13. K

    12 hours at Auckland Airport

    As part of status run , I have around 12 hours of lay over at Auckland airport. Are there any budget accommodation options at Auckland airport. I am not inclined not to step out of the airport and spend time inside the airport. If am landing at Auckland around 5:50 PM , what are my lounge...
  14. K

    Can I move directly from VA silver to VA Platinum

    I currently have 342 status credits and my review date is in Mar 2020. Have some flights planned in next couple of months which will fetch me around 400 SCs. So If I target to get the balance status credits to reach 1000 , will I be able to jump from Silver to Platinum directly. Based on this ...
  15. K

    Elevate Ticket price is higher on Amex Travel Site

    I am trying to book a VA flight from MEL to SYD for 26th Nov and the fare class selected was Elevate. When I check the price on VA site , it is available $219 , however when I check the same ticket/fare class on Amex travel website it is available for $289. Has anyone else experienced this...
  16. K

    200K Velocity Points - 3 PAX - MEL to CDG -Jul 2020

    Hi Experts - Looking for some tips/suggestions to fly to Paris using my velocity points in the month of Jul 2020. Are there any good options for me to redeem the points , no preferred class as long as I am able to book atleast one way using points. Per my research , 200K points are not...
  17. K

    Adelaide - Pullman Parking

    We are booked at Pullman Adelaide for 3 nights , was just wondering if the prepaid parking is the best option or is there any other viable option that we could avail. The prepaid parking is $25/ so per day which is on higher side ( pardon my ignorance ) . I will have to pay around $100 if there...
  18. K

    Transaction Declined on Amex Platinum Charge Card

    I had my platinum charge card replaced recently and the agent did mention to me over phone , my existing direct debits on old card will be honoured for 90 days. However today I realise my payment on energy australia was declined and had to default on my payment. Is it fair to ask for...
  19. K

    Velocity to KrisFlyer Transfer

    I have around 120K velocity points and I intent to use them to book reward tickets to Paris in Jul 2020. On checking the virgin australia reward tickets availability I don't think there are any left as I seem to be too late in the race. Interestingly , I am able to find rewards tickets on SQ...
  20. K

    Suggestions for SQ Flights - 3 Legs within 4 months.

    Hi Experts , I need suggestions to complete 3 legs of Singapore airlines without spending a fortune to meet the criteria to reach SQ Gold. Looking at the current options , the cheapest option is around 1500 AUD. Any quick tips/suggestions are much appreciated.