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  1. tgh

    Airlines are also facing COVID-19 challenges

    Delta Air Lines and Hawaiian Airlines are working with federal and state officials to trace the path of a married couple that has tested positive for coronavirus after visiting Hawaii...
  2. tgh

    Cruising choices with an active Pandemic

    We are booked on the Silver Explorer along the Japan coast in June ,including a day in Busan. Today is our 120 day get out of jail day (cancel no charge) The ship has gone from full to plenty of availability and I am tempted to pull the pin . I expect that the cruise as it is will not happen...
  3. tgh

    Answered Please bring back the hug

    The hug was an enormously successful and well used emoticon in the previous software The AFF community is quite close and caring and the icon was extensively used as an expression of warm inclusive sympathy among friends. Please reconsider.. and bring back the Hug...
  4. tgh


    My Travel Pro Rollaboard is tired. It also recently disgraced itself by falling over (again) and tipping swmbo into the adjacent lounge table. Enough!! I cannot find a cabin bag that keeps the heaviest item (a macbook pro) in balance Every bag I check out has a nifty way of extracting the...
  5. tgh

    and the beat goes on.. (shared with permission)

    Sharing this with the permission of the author… LATAM Air Lines tried to 'steal' from me - On July 8, 2018, through the LATAM Airlines (English language, Canada) website, I purchased a one-way ticket on flight LA893 departing 11:20 LPB (La Paz, Bolivia), arriving 15:20 SCL (Santiago, Chile)...
  6. tgh

    The drought..

    It is not getting enough exposure in the cities , but the bush is doing it hard. Sadly it is all the voiceless animals who suffer the most. There are many voices calling for people to care, this is just one….. Hey I’m not someone who is in to politics or ranting on Facebook. But I have just...
  7. tgh

    Should I bother to collect status/FF points?

    Just booked Bne> Sfo with Air New Zealand. Great price and seems a good flight. For an annual int J flyer, is there any point in collecting the airpoints ? I used my velocity # in the booking but assume there are no crossover arrangements. We harvest a steady stream of qf points, but status...
  8. tgh

    The Happiest guy in the world

    Opinion | The Happiest Guy in the World
  9. tgh

    Cold Comfort

    In a moment of mental vacuousness, I added a couple of bottles of low priced Syrah to my Xmas discount Riesling order. I knew it was dumb and the opened bottle winking at me last night confirmed the mental vacuosity….( invented word) It ended up in the kitchen frig last night after one painful...
  10. tgh

    Urban Wine Walk _ Brisvegas_ 17/2/18

    Anyone Going ? Reads like fun….
  11. tgh

    Christmas dinner in Queenstown

    Has anyone spent christmas in Queenstown or nearby recently ? We will tour around for a couple of weeks dec 17, enjoy Christmas somewhere nice , and fly home. There are lots of reviews but little info about Christmas although the Bunker is already accepting reservations…. Plenty of award...
  12. tgh

    Looking for :

    This might work or be useful as there are some eagle eyes out there. I have lots of regrets, mostly when I find something that seems a great deal, is a great deal ,and I didn't buy enough….. Case in point : Tahbilk 1927 Marsanne ; recommended by Wozza?.. anyway , eventually I found some 08...
  13. tgh

    WARNING : WOW QFF Plat card insurance + epic fail..

    Just a quick heads up for anyone currently travelling or about to travel; who plans/is relying on the travel insurance on this card. I'm currently on the road and have an injury that makes continuing my trip difficult. Ace insurance , as the underwriter, confirmed some matters prior to...
  14. tgh

    Fantastic Service from the roo

    A dyslexic finger slip saw me book a day early for our Dubai stopover, en route to Casablanca. I emailed the hotel to confirm availability and was a tad miffed to be told I had the date wrong. I had booked the room with Qantas Hotels , an online booking and paid in advance. This booking was non...
  15. tgh

    Solomon Airways.. safe to fly ?

    We have a one way into Honiara in Oct. Choices are Solomon Airways or VA a few days earlier. My understanding is that one day in Honiara is too long let alone 4, so Solomon is the go …... if…….:?: any thoughts /opinions/reviews greatly appreciated
  16. tgh

    Flight info apps.. which is best?

    I have been prowling for an app that will give me real time departure time and gate updates. I have a few local LAN flights coming up in Chile , and it would be nice to find a decent push notifier . Heaps and heaps of apps around , but reviews thin on the ground and the existing apps seem to be...
  17. tgh

    Status and Service Discrimination

    There has been a short discussion on another site where a customer complained about overt discrimination in QF Long Haul J on account of the OP's Upgrade status. I'm a point hoarder and have flown quite a few long haul legs in QF J with no obvious discrimination on account of my status .. or my...
  18. tgh

    Raising the bar ?..done

    We have just arrived home , completing a very pleasant six week holiday. The final instalment involved a long day culminating in a pretty ordinary 6 hour internment in the lax4 aa lounge. ( This is disgraceful worn tired overused cattle class lounge and a major fail that the roo needs to...
  19. tgh

    A good word for Jetstar

    It seems that seldom does a good word appear for this carrier so this post seeks to help redress the matter. Following in the august footsteps of the resident aff cruise/tour writer,(Drron) we were heading for Tokyo to board the Silver Shadow for a cruise to Vancouver via the Aelutians. Bris...
  20. tgh

    Jetstar Business on points.

    A really neat option to get to Narita and back seems to be Jet* from Coolangatta. Non Stop day flight and only 9 hours... Otherwise we have to go Bne syd nrt to get proper J amenities on the roo Does a Classic award flight on JS give Lounge Access ? They seem to be charging normal J mileage at...