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  1. Daver6

    "the trip to get to TLV turned to ..."

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, the trip to get to TLV turned to excrement. Another case of different people at QF telling me different things. Several hours before departure I'm noticied of a 90 minute delay. The connection at LHR to TLV gives me 3 hours. So now we're down to MCT. I...
  2. Daver6

    Strange seat selection

    I'm flying on QF9 PER-LHR next week in Y as a WP. At the time off booking (several months ago) I selected 41D. I'm an aisle kinda guy. I figure a centre aisle is my best option as if there is someone in the middle seat there is a good chance they'll be travelling with someone in the other aisle...
  3. Daver6

    Vent - QF call centre incompetence

    This is a first world problem, but no excuse for incompetence and a poor customer experience. Background is as part of my OWA J I had booked QR16 LHR-DOH specifically for Q-suites. I noticed a week ago when checking seat selection the aircraft has changed to two generation old J with a 2-2-2...
  4. Daver6

    Answered When does Qatar check-in open in SYD

    Does anyone know how long before departure the QR check-in counters open at SYD?
  5. Daver6

    Norwegian cruise, London, Bavaria and the Maldives

    The time has come for MrsDaver6 and I to head off on another adventure. We start on 28th October and will be on the road for four weeks. I'll do so pre-trip posts with details and planning for those who are interested. During the trip I'll try post a bit, likely to be mainly photos. We started...
  6. Daver6

    New pay per use lounge for PER

    Reported here Touch of Perth departure class with pay-per-use lounge for the T1 international terminal. I wonder if Priority Pass would get access. I'd imagine so. View looks fantastic. Certainly better than the QP.
  7. Daver6

    Fly to New Zealand and earn 25% more Status Credits (targeted?)

    This arrived in my inbox...
  8. Daver6

    Advice needed: award flight cancellation and knock on issues.

    Hi all, Would like input/advice/my rights on the following scenario. Last week I booked a One World Award for 2 pax in J with the following: PER - SYD QF SYD- DOH - HEL QR HEL - BGO AY 12 nights. 11 on the cruise and one in Bergen. BGO - HEL - LHR AY Managed to score a throne seat on the A330...
  9. Daver6

    Answered Issue with seat selection due to duplicated FF number

    Hi all, I've booked a OW award for MrsDaver6 and I that includes flights on QF, QR, AY, UL and CX. Obviously I cannot select seats for other airlines using the QF MMB. Retrieving my booking on QR, it gives me an error when I finalise QR seat selection. Something along the lines of my FF number...
  10. Daver6

    2FA login to AFF

    I just noticed 2FA using an authenticator code is now available. This is fantastic! :) I note when logging in, there is an option to remember this computer for 30 days. Would be good to have an option to just remember the computer without expiry too. My 2 cents :)
  11. Daver6

    AFF Flight Tracker TripIt Import not working

    Hi, I'm trying to import my flights from TripIt. When I get to the screen below, clicking on the left option does nothing (as does the right). I'm using the latest stable release of Firefox. Any suggestions? Thanks team :)
  12. Daver6

    Answered Earning points and SC on Jetstar international

    Hi all, Little unclear to me what I might earn on the following. Flight booked on the QF website for PER to BKK. via SIN. PER to SIN on QF metal and then 3K from SIN to BKK. I see the following two options. The earning calculator tells me I'd earn 15 SCs on this as a discount Y fare. I...
  13. Daver6

    Answered Easiest/cheapest way for gain ~4k points

    After some advice from those who are more knowledgeable about this program. I have just over 26k points and need to book one night at the IC at JNB airport. This seems like a good redemption given the cost for a room starting at $400+ per night. 30k points will get me a free night. I think I...
  14. Daver6

    QF 747 Y+ bulkhead seats

    On this version of the 747 SeatGuru Seat Map Qantas Boeing 747-400 (744) Three Class V2 what's the legroom like in the bulkhead seats 36J and K? Any comments from experience or pictures would be greatly appreciated. Is legroom restricted much?
  15. Daver6

    Y fare class for domestic when booking Y+

    When booking say PER to LAX in Y+, the domestic sector is in Y between PER and SYD. Does anyone know what fare class this falls into in terms of SC earn and for upgrades for the domestic sector in Y?
  16. Daver6

    Rumour: US Customs preclearance for Sydney

    Recently in the US I was on a flight sitting next to someone who worked for US Customs and Border Protection. They were confident that this would be happening in Sydney in the near future. Would be wonderful to avoid the mess that is LAX and presumably not needing to collect and recheck bags...
  17. Daver6

    Upgrades on QF11 and QF12 SYD <-> JFK

    When booked all the way through, how does the upgrade lottery work? Eg, I'm booked on QF12 JFK to SYD and put in a upgrade request from Y to J. Given there is a change of aircraft and people join the flight in LAX, who gets priority? Someone just bidding LAX to SYD sector? Doesn't seem like...
  18. Daver6

    Best Lounge shower LHR T3?

    WP passing through T3 and will be after a shower. Which lounge would have the best shower facilities? I'm guessing the new QF lounge might be decent. What about the CX F lounge? I also have PP access. I might be a little pushed for time, so lounge hopping to investigate isn't really an option...
  19. Daver6

    Screen real estate being eaten up

    I notice a change overnight that now when viewing a thread, on the right there is a user summary and "What we're discussing now" bit. See image below. How do I get rid of this when reading a thread. It's just annoying making me scroll even more with the narrower columns for the actual discussion?
  20. Daver6

    Resort Islands near Singapore

    I need to be in Singapore for work the week after Easter. Thought it might be a good idea to head up the Thursday before Good Friday to Singapore with MrsDaver6 and hit up a beach type resort. Welcome to Rimba Resort, Sibu Island, Malaysia came highly recommended and fitted the bill. Everything...