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Search results

  1. amaroo

    Park Hyatt Auckland - Opens 1st March 2020

    Forgive me if this has already been posted - I did do a search. Park Hyatt opens March 2020. Might hop on over and check it out.
  2. amaroo

    25 years - A Pictorial Celebration

    5 years since the last one - doesn't time fly! This TR is a follow up to the 20 year celebration you can see linked in my signature. This time we're heading for a short but sweet trip to the USA. Highlights will include first time visit to Boston, driving through New England, Fall Colours...
  3. amaroo

    Growth of Chinese Tourist....

    Some interesting reading and big numbers in this article. The highlights... - In the first year of the new millennium, a modest 10.5 million overseas trips were made by Chinese residents. Fast forward to 2018 and the figure was 149.7 million – an astounding increase of 1326 per cent. -...
  4. amaroo

    Hong Kong - P1 induced 5 day family trip

    Hong Kong - who doesn't love it? The perfect destination for a long weekend. This trip basically came about due to the spoils of having P1 status. The special attention Qantas showers on these flyers is pretty impressive. I made P1 for the first time earlier this year, and from the get-go...
  5. amaroo

    St Regis Hong Kong .... anyone stayed here?

    Unexpected Hong Kong trip has popped up and thinking about staying somewhere new. St Regis opened last month, have never stayed at a St Regis property - what are they like...
  6. amaroo

    Answered Using Bonvoy points for a higher room category than Standard

    Is it possible to redeem points for a higher room category than the standard room always offered via the website search?
  7. amaroo

    Paris Suites!

    This trip started like most others - booked exclusively with QFF. Back in May 2018, madrooster and I spent countless hours on the phone sorting out another holiday. We ended up ticketing - J QF BNE-SYD-HND, F JL HND-LHR, F CX CDG-HKG, J QF HKG-BNE. All was well until life got in the way around...
  8. amaroo


    Have arranged a birthday trip for mrsamaroo and I'm looking for some recommendations for Paris restaurants - lunch and dinner. We have 5 nights to fill - budget is wide open and I'd be looking at booking a couple of three stars down to the local bistro. We're staying in the 8th arrondissement...
  9. amaroo

    Blanket Bay... another NZ stunning lodge

    New Zealand does many things well ... one of them is luxury lodges. I've done trip reports on Huka Lodge and Wharekauhau lodge ..... this year it's Blanket Bay!
  10. amaroo

    Impulsive Christmas Trip

    Here we go again! It all started once I saw the Qantas companion sale email ... 2 x F BNE-SYD-LHR-SYD-BNE - booked. We also booked two seats for the kids, they are currently seated back in whY ;) Their whY tickets have been strategically booked in a class that allows upgrades to business -...
  11. amaroo

    London Airport / City Transfers

    Looking for a company for private transfers to and from the city. Need larger vehicle to carry 4 with lots of luggage. Pretty sure we’ve used Bricklane in the pass. Anyone know the name of the company that use to do QF transfers? Cheers
  12. amaroo

    Qantas Companion Sale

    Just in time for Xmas holidays :) First Class LHR return looks like a pretty decent deal at $11k Premium Companion Sale | Qantas AU
  13. amaroo

    Shanghai - A Long Weekend

    Shanghai trip reports are pretty sparse .... so here is one :) Flights QF J BNE-HKG KA J HKG-PVG KA J PVG-HKG QF J HKG-BNE Hotels The Puli Ritz Carlton (Pudong) Restaurants (Shanghai) Din Tai Fung Hakkasan Crystal Jade Bistro 321 le Bec Imperial Treasure (Michelin**) Jin Xuan (Michelin*)...
  14. amaroo

    TI Denied if you don't get your shots?

    Hmmm, one for the memory bank. I've never linked travel insurance and vaccinations .... seems obvious with hindsight. Aussie woman’s nightmare flight
  15. amaroo

    BOQ - Everyday account earning QF or VA points

    Email invite.... appears to be uncapped. Thought this was the best place to put it. Everyday Plus account with Velocity Points or Qantas Points | BOQ Specialist
  16. amaroo

    Peppers Blue on Blue, Magnetic Is and some Townsville restaurants

    A short break - we had. Someone might be interested in staying here and eating at some of Townsville’s finest. QF J BNE-TSV You can now take a Hertz car over to the Island. Weather wasn’t the best, not the most pleasant journey .... the hire car got a thorough wash (with salt water)...
  17. amaroo

    Mexico ... and a few other places

    Some trips almost book themselves - some feel like an endurance test. This trip is certainly in the latter category. 5 weeks, 4 countries, 16 flights, 13 hotels, 2 hire cars, and a Cumpleaños Especial :) The Trip Internal destinations Yukatan destinations Belize and Guatemala...
  18. amaroo

    2017 SPG Status Challenge

    Was reviewing bookings for our upcoming Xmas hols and realised that we've booked 4 SPG properties for a total of 9 nights. I then noticed that a stay we did in Tokyo earlier this year counted for 2 stays and 8 nights ..... I'd only booked 2 rooms for 4 nights. I then read the T&C and learnt...
  19. amaroo

    Huka Lodge (mini report)

    After recently posting a trip report on Wharekauhau Lodge Wharekauhau a couple of members mentioned they were keen to visit some NZ lodges. We've been to a few, so I thought I would post some mini reports .... the kiwis do luxury lodges very well. We've been lucky enough to visit Huka Lodge...
  20. amaroo

    Targeted Extra 50% SC Offers

    Just ticked over the 1,200 threshold off the back of this DSC offer ..... have registered and future proofed using the speculative method for the current DSC ...... have just received a 50% offer today. Seems like they're baiting for WP1....