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    BP Plus + Qantas Business Rewards (Earn up to 100,000 Qantas points)

    This Just arrived via email We’re excited to announce that BP Plus will soon be a Qantas Business Rewards partner. From 1 February,≈ the BP Plus fuel card will be the only fuel card in the market that offers you Qantas Points for your business when you pay your invoice.* To...
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    Parmelia Hilton Perth Refurbishment Commencing 8 December 2019

    Overnight I received the following e-mail from the Parmelia Hilton team From 8 December this year, we will commence a major renovation of the hotel including guest rooms, bathrooms, corridors, the lobby and front entrance, and the addition of a brand new executive lounge. Guest rooms will...
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    2 x lounge passes expire 15 September 19

    Free to a good home 2 x General QF lounge passes expire Sunday 15 September 2019. First come first served
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    2 x P1 - QF F Lounge Passes - Expire 31/12/17

    I have 2 QF First Lounge Access Passes to give away. They have an expiry date of 31 December 2017. There have been a number of threads on these electronic passes and their use. The broad terms from Qantas are can be used when the next onward flight that day is a Qantas operated flight and...
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    Checking Jetstar seat selection availability on line without completing a booking

    Is anyone aware of a way to check online the availability of specific seats on a J* service prior to making a booking ala Expert Flyer? I have some flexibility of dates for a trip to DPS and would prefer if I have to fly J* (thank you Qantas for not giving me an option) to pick a date when...
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    I'm feeling a bit sad - last flight as a P1 today

    Well as they say all good things must come to an end and my QF flight today will be my last as a P1 It's been a good two and a bit years racking up 10,000 sc's along the way but I will admit that I'm exhausted this year and the toll of that many mainly domestic Y flights is large both on the...
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    Interconnecting rooms query

    Just tried to book with Hilton two interconnecting rooms at the Sydney Hilton for a family weekend away (2 adults and 2 kids- 1 room paid and 1 on points, I'm diamond FWIW in this instance). I was advised by the reservations operator that interconnecting rooms could only be confirmed by the...
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    If Qantas can't be profitable at these prices.......

    At least you get double status credits
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    New Denpasar Bali International Terminal

    Hello, was just wondering if anyone knew if the new Denpasar International terminal had opened and if so if anyone had experienced the new lounges yet? Thanks Peter