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  1. K

    Well Hello!!

    Welcome to AFF community @Zaccy
  2. K

    another comparatively infrequent flyer :)

    Welcome to AFF community @tlamont
  3. K

    WP "soft landing" to Gold ?

    When the SG member was gifted WP , what was the membership status review date ? Was it an year from the gifted WP date or the initial date from status SG ?
  4. K

    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    That is definitely not accepted. They cannot serve that , did you bring this to FA’s attention ?
  5. K

    Status Points Offer

    Nothing to lose for double SCs. Let us know how you go with that. cheers
  6. K

    Status Points Offer

    Did you book directly on Qantas website or with an OTA ? If it's Amex or any other OTA to book tickets it's a pain to have something cancelled/updated.
  7. K

    1,000 Velocity points for a health check on your home loan with Uno

    Do we know the time for velocity points to get posted after the loan health check is done.
  8. K

    Upgrade using points

    I have an upcoming booking from MEL - CNS and return. The fare class booked was elevate . When I logon to Velocity portal and try to bid for upgrade using points , it says my booking is not eligible for points upgrade. As it is a domestic flight , not sure why my booking is not eligible for...
  9. K

    Status Points Offer

    There is always a next time :) I always check the offers page before booking tickets and or logon here to see if we are missing to get updates on offers.
  10. K

    Status Points Offer

    You might be able to get the points for your flight but not the DSC offer unless registered prior to booking the tickets. Irrespective of FF partner , it is always mandatory to register for any offer before making any booking.
  11. K

    Question Is it worth joining a hotel loyalty program if not corporate funded?

    IMO Accor usually have better rates for members with status and often find their rates cheaper than many OTAs. Having said that if you frequent to Europe/Americas something HH or Marriott might get you some good deals. Again end of the day , if you are getting a better deal with OTA and not...
  12. K

    Interesting Amex to velocity transfer

    In my experience , the one year of WP is awarded from the day 800K points are transferred. As you are already WP , you might retain the status for an year more from that day.
  13. K

    I signed up a few days ago.

    Welcome to AFF community @Kate59
  14. K

    Flash flybuys to velocity bonus

    I suspect 20% offer is only for velocity red members and for all others it is 15%.
  15. K

    Flash flybuys to velocity bonus

    Just checked the mail , my wife got an email talking about the 20% bonus on transfer from flybuys to velocity.
  16. K

    Flash flybuys to velocity bonus

    Is that targeted offer ? Are you able to share any link to this offer , thanks.
  17. K

    Virgin Australia - Promo Codes (ongoing)

    I can still see some promo fares using the code BHJ23.
  18. K

    Interesting Amex to velocity transfer

    Yes , that’s correct unless specified otherwise.
  19. K

    Interesting Amex to velocity transfer

    For non business platinum card holders it’s equivalent to 150-180K spend on their card. Rather ill prefer a status run to DUD to Bali spending 2K to hit SG/WP
  20. K

    Interesting Amex to velocity transfer

    Yes , the terms and conditions state that if you are already SG , then you will be able to retain that status after the promotional period for one year if you transfer 400K points. 1581924655 it says 20% if you are member of premium ascent rewards ( platinum charge or centurion card holders)