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  1. luxury-lizard

    Question Any recent experience with SIM card for South Africa

    We're off to South Africa in March (6 days in Cape Town then a Ponant cruise to Durban and onto the Seychelles) - I would like to get a SIM card for use while in Cape Town in particular (must have data) - buying one here from SIMCorner (which I have used previously for Europe and US/Canada)...
  2. luxury-lizard

    Issue logging on to account

    I had a bit of a strange issue yesterday - logged onto my LM account - no issues then tried to logon to Mr LL's account and it would not work - LM just kept re-displaying the logon screen - no error message. I figured it was yet another LM web site glitch so tried from a different laptop and...
  3. luxury-lizard

    LM offering discounts on awards except to/from OZ

    Saw this on OMMAT LifeMiles' Star Alliance Award Sale | One Mile at a Time Surprise surprise - no discounts on routes to/from Australia - I'm so over LM - can't wait to run down my miles and never use them again.
  4. luxury-lizard

    Answered What to do over Christmas

    I'm racking my brain for ideas for a Christmas break - does not necessarily need to be exactly over Christmas - say 5-7 days. Here are the variables:- We have no children or family in Australia - so family oriented things are not possible Not willing to pay the exorbitant surcharges of most...
  5. luxury-lizard

    Interesting experience with claim on travel insurance from CC's

    Way back in June while travelling in Europe our holiday unit in Split, Croatia was broken into (I posted the long sad story on another forum at the time). Well we have now finalised the insurance claim(s) as follows:- AmEx (underwritten by Chubb) - paid out for the following:- Emergency...
  6. luxury-lizard

    anyone stayed at Marriott properties in Mauritius?

    Will be in Mauritius in April 2020 (Seychelles as well) - it's around Easter so will be high season. We've booked the Westin (3 nights) and still plan to book the St Regis for 3 nights and (not Marriott) the Shangri-La for 3 nights. What is very frustrating is trying to decide which...
  7. luxury-lizard

    When buying HH points makes sense

    Well I've never considered buying any hotel points to be good value but today on looking to book the Hilton Seychelles for 5 nights I decided to check if buying points would be worth while (cheapest room is 500EUR pn) - so low and behold I found there is a promo at the moment - 100% bonus when...
  8. luxury-lizard

    Assistance with luggage

    I have a friend who wishes to travel SYD-MEL for a few days for the Melbourne Cup. Now she is still recovering from a badly broken arm/shoulder and is not able to carry anything so will require assistance with her luggage - from the point of taxi drop off. I suggested that the only way to get...
  9. luxury-lizard

    JW Marriott Hanoi - Gold member given Club Access

    We're currently staying at the JW in Hanoi and on check-in was given Club Lounge access for our stay even though Mr LL is only Gold. Thought it was an Asia exception but last year at the JW in Singapore they certainly did not extend this benefit. Also while not a Marriott issue - earlier this...
  10. luxury-lizard

    Hate to admit it but CX just trumped SQ

    After many years (15+) of flying SQ (pointy end) on both paid and award tickets - just flew today HAN-HKG-YVR in CX business class and I'm afraid to admit it but both MR LL and I agreed that the seat and the food were better than SQ. BUT we will maintain our loyalty to SQ - this CX trip was an...
  11. luxury-lizard

    Accor - Mosio airport transfer

    The Accor website recommends using Mosio to book car/driver for airport transfers and other taxi services (in fact you link to it from their website). We have used it twice - once in Zagreb about 3 months ago and just the other day in Hanoi. Beware - it is a total ripoff - we thought that the...
  12. luxury-lizard

    Answered When does Hyatt charge pre-paid rates

    While cross-checking my hotel booking with my credit card statement(s) for an upcoming trip to the US - I found a few Hyatt hotels which I booked some months ago on pre-paid/non-refundable rates had not been charged to my credit card. Is this the normal practice ? It can be very confusing when...
  13. luxury-lizard

    Question hotel bookings via QF portal

    I recently booked my first ever hotel via QF - it was the same price as booking direct (MEL ParkRoyal for one night) - earned over 1000 points but took 6 weeks to post - I presume this is normal? Now I am currently booking some very expensive hotels in the Seychelles and Mauritius and...
  14. luxury-lizard

    Fares for itineraries which transit HKG

    While helping a friend find a last minute J fare SYD-xxx-JFK (or EWR) (and return a week later) - noticed that itineraries which transit HKG (on CX) were among the most expensive. I was surprised that CX were not discounting such fares as many passengers would not wish to risk a HKG connection...
  15. luxury-lizard

    Question QR availability & booking using AA

    Looking at using QR in 2020 (mid-July) for SYD-DOH-FRA but my dates aren't open yet - however when I search the week prior (which is open) AA displays availability on QR in business - amazing!! but when I search the same route for the same date (July 9) neither QF or BA show any availability on...
  16. luxury-lizard

    Some questions re Vietnam tourist visa

    I have searched this forum but not found exactly the information I am seeking. Mr LL and I are travelling to Vietnam (arriving and departing HAN) on the following dates: Sept 6-14 then again Oct 6-8 ( in between we will be travelling in Canada and USA - haha on that CX mistake fare booked on...
  17. luxury-lizard

    Getting LM points to post when booking hotels thru portal

    Well I booked a hotel through the LifeMiles portal - should get 4000+ points - stayed at hotel and after a couple of weeks no points posted so I sent the support centre an e-mail. The response said it could take up to 6 weeks (!!) to post - I mean really ?? By the time the 6+ weeks...
  18. luxury-lizard

    SQ 25 delayed on July 17/18

    We were booked on SQ FRA-SIN-MEL departing July 18 (SQ 25, which originates in JFK). Woke up at 6am as we had a 9am train from Stuttgart to FRA booked. Alert received (SMS and e-mail) that SQ25 delayed from 12:30pm to 14:30 (this later became 15:40) - panic - this meant we would miss our...
  19. luxury-lizard

    Beware of DCC in Europe

    We are currently travelling in Europe (which we do at least once per year) - this time I've noticed that often both ATMs and credit card terminals default to DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) - the uplift (i.e. less favourable exchange rate and fees) are up to 10% more than when paying in local...
  20. luxury-lizard

    Heist in Split Croatia

    Mr LL and I are currently in Zermatt but have just completed 2 weeks in Croatia - while in Split our almost new high-security holiday apartment was broken into and the safe literally ripped out of the cupboard. It contained our passports, substantial cash, my wallet with credit and bank cards...