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    Virgin joins AIA, 50% cashback on flights 2X per year

    I find getting to platinum quite easy, I always get there within the first 6 months of each membership year.
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    Booking with Delta to US on VA metal

    Any examples of some of these? I'm US-based at the moment and keen to take advantage if they're that cheap!
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    ANA codeshare - likely benefits

    This information should be coming fairly soon, right? When’s the latest they could leave this?
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    Virgin joins AIA, 50% cashback on flights 2X per year

    I’m an AIA platinum member and loved this benefit back when it was with qantas. Very flexible and easy to use. I’m yet to see any good value with VA or Singapore. The problem is the only tickets that can be bought are the more expensive ones. Hoping to find some sweet spot with a PE ticket to...
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    Accidentally credited to SQ

    I accidentally credited a Singapore Airlines flight to Singapore instead of VA. Landed this morning. Is it possible to change it after the flight? Really needed those SCs...
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    The NEW Velocity Status Run Master thread

    @serfty Thanks. I think you're right. Seems like the only reason for getting to WP would be for the soft landing to gold...
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    The NEW Velocity Status Run Master thread

    Hi all, I'm looking to hit platinum next year for the first time. I'm based in the US so have plenty of SC but lacking eligible sectors. I'll be in Melbourne Feb 24 - March 9 and need 4 more sectors to make platinum. Best options for a day trip ex Melbourne? Also would the cost of this trip...
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    Tokyo Haneda slot - how will Virgin Operate it?

    Do we have any details about Virgin's new partnership? (Or speculation!)
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    Can I board with two VA tickets?

    Could this be a way to do double DSC runs??
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    Transiting LAX to/from Delta

    Do VA J passengers transitting through LAX receive any priority?
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    Delta Re-purposing 'S' class as discount Comfort+

    Good and bad news.
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    Delta Re-purposing 'S' class as discount Comfort+

    How cheap is "fairly"? I'll be looking for some good deals to replace this!
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    Delta Re-purposing 'S' class as discount Comfort+

    I'm relocating to the US temporarily and was hoping to take advantage of the W fare to get to platinum! Not great news...
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    Best Business to LAX?

    That's actually the only flight available on the day I want to book!
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    Best Business to LAX?

    Are the VA services from BNE, SYD and MEL all identical?
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    Best Business to LAX?

    Absolutely. Cancellation is only $60 so I've booked "placeholder" PE (generally better availability) for set dates as security.
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    Best Business to LAX?

    This morning there were 4 days available in the next week with min 2 seats, so it works well enough if you're flexible. I usually pick rough dates and check them every day, they open eventually (most of the time). More difficult to coordinate a return as well...
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    Best Business to LAX?

    Thank you all! VA is generally more available than DL so that works for me!
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    Best Business to LAX?

    I'm redeeming points for MEL - LAX and have found availability is not as bad as I expected! I'm looking to book ASAP and wanted your opinions: what's the best business option out of: VA 23 - direct DL 1 - stop in SYD VA 1 - stop in SYD Direct seems best, unless the Delta product is...
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    changing family pooling recipient

    Thank you! :)