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Search results

  1. opusman

    Marriott - buy points with a 50% bonus offer

    There's always family transfers...
  2. opusman

    WP "soft landing" to Gold ?

    There has always been a soft landing for status you've earned afaik. Certainly this has always been my experience. I was under the impression that gifted status did not receive a soft landing.
  3. opusman

    Marriott - buy points with a 50% bonus offer

    Maybe the new peak award pricing has something to do with it?
  4. opusman

    Marriott - buy points with a 50% bonus offer

    I was looking at the Sheraton on the Park in Sydney out of interest, for my dates in May a park view club room would have been about $2500 or 215,000 points (including fifth night free). The points would cost $2728.
  5. opusman

    Upset Qantas FF silver member

    To be honest I'm surprised they offered you the option to buy Gold; anecdotally that's only ever been an option when you fail to requalify, not fail to qualify in the first place.
  6. opusman

    Two passengers on one PNR with three flights, only one taking last flight

    I don't think there would be any issue. Missing earlier legs in a booking can cause problems but I can't see how missing the last leg would.
  7. opusman

    Question Is it worth joining a hotel loyalty program if not corporate funded?

    Marriott Gold is pretty worthless these days, I can only imagine what Silver would be like.
  8. opusman

    Loyalty bonus question

    Yes QF codeshare on EK counts:
  9. opusman

    Make an offer to upgrade on your flight to Sydney. How many emails is enough>

    In the most recent set of enhancements.
  10. opusman

    Ansett memorabilia

    Anyone a collector? I spotted this at the Queen Vic Markets on the weekend (they have about 6 other types as well). Only 50 cents each!
  11. opusman

    Emirates adds SIN-PEN fifth-freedom route

    Yes had to call as the flight was not showing online. Consultant said there were three award seats left in J. 18400 pts + ~$50 taxes per pax. Booking fee was waived because online booking wasn't possible.
  12. opusman

    Emirates adds SIN-PEN fifth-freedom route

    Thanks for that, booked!
  13. opusman

    Question Aiming for QFF Gold by 31 March.

    Depends how much you want to spend. A red e-deal MEL-ADL will get you 10SCs so that's your gold qualified for. A paid J MEL-SYD one/way will get you 40SCs and over the line for the bonus as well. Good to say where you're based so people can give you targeted advice.
  14. opusman

    Emirates adds SIN-PEN fifth-freedom route

    Even though there's plenty of availability on the SIN-PEN route QFF is still not showing them available as award flights at all. Does anyone know if it'd be worth calling QF to see if they can book partner awards on this route?
  15. opusman

    Question Suggestion needed - another Amex Qantas Ultimate or Amex Qantas business rewards

    You could look into the co-branded Westpac Amex as this is considered separate from Amex-issued cards. Not sure if they have a decent offer on at the moment though.
  16. opusman

    EK415 Experience

    Not a great time for F-lounging.
  17. opusman

    Changes afoot at Alaska Airlines [joins Oneworld]

    When are OW going to find a replacement for South America, that's what I want to know.
  18. opusman

    QF Partner Award Pricing Query

    Whether it's because of the OW award condition or the "trip" definition, I'd say the change of airline is the problem yeah.
  19. opusman

    QF Partner Award Pricing Query

    I don't think you get to pick and choose which table you want it to fall into. If it qualifies as a OW award it's a OW award :)
  20. opusman

    QF Partner Award Pricing Query

    The way I read that, your award would be treated as a OW award because it uses more than one OW member airline and no non-OW members.