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    Bonkers via Honkers - to Austria

    Many of us would remember the old Cathay Pacific jingle, which used to go "you'd have to be bonkers, not to go via Honkers". I suspect a lot of travellers would feel different at the present time, with the Coronavirus outbreak, but over new year, we did exactly that. The plan for the trip was...
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    Qantas cans all mainland China flights for at least 2 months

    Finally, they’ve just announced cancellation of all QF flights to PRC for 2 months. Reason given is that it will affect aircrew who will face flow on entry restrictions (into Singapore and the US for example).
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    Lapland for Xmas - which village and general tips?

    Planning ahead for xmas next year and the aim is to be out of Sydney enjoying a white Christmas with the kids. The idea is to spend the xmas week in a village in Lapland in the Finnish Arctic, and I've narrowed it down to 3. Levi Yllas Ruka Priorities are: Northern lights spotting A bit of...
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    There’s only 1 Lake Como. Plus Zeppelins, plus F-18’s!

    There’s many amazing lake destinations in Europe. Lake Bled, Lugano, Maggiore and the list goes on. But one place has that extra geographical drama, natural ampItheatre, and sense of place - Lake Como. The plan for this trip is as follows: SYD - MXP on EK A week at Lake Como, based out of...
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    Anyone been through Malpensa lately?

    Heading to Milan shortly and will be flying into Malpensa (MXP). As some will be aware, Milan’s other major airport (Linate) is currently out of action for maintenance. This has meant a much greater number of passengers and flights hitting Malpensa during the closure. Looking for some...
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    Iran firing off SAMs [effect on routes?]

    So Iran shot off a surface to air missile into busy commercial airspace over the Persian gulf. Given the MH17 case, this is obviously a concern if it continues. The FAA has now made set some airspace restrictions, applicable only to US carriers, but you can see others following suit: US...
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    Cold calls from Qantas wine

    In a similar vein to recent threads about unexpected emails from Qantas, yesterday I had a random phone call from someone purporting to be from Qantas wine. He advised he could do deals not available online and also had a swag of FF points to give away to sweeten the deal. Is this legit? It...
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    Zeppelin flights

    I'm going to be in Europe in September and while there, I'm planning to take a flight on a Zeppelin. These are offered out of Friedrichshafen, on the German shore of Lake Constance. I've visited the area previously and saw the Zeppelin museum, and the modern zeppelins flying silently out over...
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    HKG New years eve stopover

    They say you'd have to be bonkers not to go via Honkers, so that's what we are doing. I was looking for some award seats for a family trip to Europe for next January, and ended up finding some Y+ seats on Cathay out of HKG. This means we will need to make a positioning flight to HKG a day or...
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    Partner gold + partner plat

    Question for those who might know how this plays out. When you reach 2400SC, you can grant someone “Partner Gold” for the remainder of the current membership year + 12 months. If you then go on to 3600 you can then grant Platinum. Does this need to be the same person you granted Gold to...
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    Lake Como to Switzerland by train

    Hi all, We've got a week at Lake Como in September. After this we have no real plans yet other than to be at Lake Constance about a week later for a Zeppelin ride and to visit some friends. So after leaving Lake Como, I'm looking for thoughts on a couple of different route options for the...
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    All the way to BDA

    Earlier this month we visited Bermuda, so I thought I'd drop a trip report. As it's almost the exact antipode of Sydney, it's quite a journey to get there. For us, it started with QF11, right through to JFK.
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    QF9 turnback 8/9/18

    Due to a disruptive passenger apparently. Qantas non-stop flight turned back In addition to the inconvenience to passengers, that's going to be a very expensive exercise for Qantas. Being only 2 hours into a 17 hour flight, I imagine they would have had to dump fuel to land.
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    QF Platinum on AA Domestic Y

    Hi all, Hopefully a simple question When travelling in Y on an AA Domestic flight in the US, there is a per bag fee for checked luggage. Is there a free allowance for OWE/QFWP or does the fee apply regardless? I haven't been able to figure this out based on what I've seen online.
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    Dubai misconnect discussion

    Interested in hearing some thoughts on what is a safe minimum connection time in DXB. I've got a flight back to AU from Europe next week and the connection is 1h30. Ive been through DXB over a dozen times, but this is by far the shortest, and I think the first leg will be a Tarmac disembark...
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    Qantas to Tahiti

    I'm looking at the Qantas offering from Sydney to Tahiti. This consists of a Qantaslink [Correction JetConnect] flight to Auckland and then an onward QF codeshare to Papeete operated by Air Tahiti Nui. A couple of questions to anyone who may have done this route recently: Do your bags get...