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    Rockpool group no longer offering QFF points from 15th August 2019

    Brief bump - I see Amex is offering a "Spend $100 get $20 back" offer for Rockpool group. Maybe not wanting everyone to change their habits too quickly when the points stop? :)
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    Rockpool group no longer offering QFF points from 15th August 2019

    Looking at the newspapers today, looks like NP might be having to do a few backpays to his staff, and could use the Qantas income!
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    Windowless window seat.

    Nice diagram Happy Trails. And the airstairs take me back.... was it the 727 or DC9 that last had that here? :)
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    SMS Login Verification - Argh

    I've had several SMS with verification codes when I haven't accessed the website of been using the app. No points activity when I've checked the site. I wonder if AwardWallet is triggering this if trying to background update the points balance? Anyone else had these mystery SMS codes?
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    SMS Login Verification - Argh

    Also comes up when using AwardWallet to check balances. The app asks for security questions; but also triggered the SMS verification code being sent. (also see that Woolworths EDR now requires an SMS verification as well for AW to check)
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    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    I'm doing this route in June - what were the meal choices like on the SYD-HNL sector? Bad options, or badly done?
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    HNL to PDX - best way to book mixed AS AA travel?

    Hi all, I've booked travel BNE-SYD-HNL in June under the QF DSC offer (June 21-28). I actually want to travel to Portland during that time, and the best flight HNL-PDX direct seems to be with Alaska airlines. I'd like to book AA for the return PDX-HNL for the QF status credits, and wondering if...
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    Best way to book an AA (ex US) flight (new thread)

    For interest, did you add the "0" to the start or end of the postcode, and did you use the location of that zipcode or your home suburb (to match the card billing address)? I agree, the AA Australian booking site gives much less choice of flights and significant cost difference.
  9. M

    What! No more espresso machine after MEL Dom J lounge upgrade???

    They used to have a sign for the Skip pick-up point - might not have been re-installed?
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    Qantas: 'one of the worst airlines in the free world'

    After reading and enjoying the back and forth on this thread, I Just had to add the data point that staffer with a Dyson vacuum is busy in the sydney J lounge right now. I’m sure it’s usual, but can’t help picturing them reading these threads out the back and resolving to clean harder!
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    Qantas: 'one of the worst airlines in the free world'

    I'm sure I've seen a Dyson come out in the Sydney lounge when it's not too busy. Maybe having the QC crowd in meant there wasn't a chance to clean as much as usually.
  12. M

    How do Hilton treat you as an Elite?

    Property: Hilton Sydney Date: Fri Nov 16 Status: Gold Rate: AAA Stay & Save Room Booked: King Guestroom Plus Room provided: Executive King Guestroom. Just a quick trip to Sydney, and with a few stays to go to maintain Gold status, I looked at the Hilton Properties. A couple of weeks back the...
  13. M

    Qantas Drought Relief Charity Flight SYD to Longreach- Buy your seat now.

    Looks like a good day out, but arranging BNE connections would be a bit more to consider. And have to suppress a twitch in the Frequent Flyer nerve at seeing the "No points or SC earn" conditions..... ;)
  14. M

    Answered Do Marriott accept RACQ cards for AAA rate in the USA

    Any recent experience with this - I've tried booking a Nashville Marriot property, and the booking page wants a 16 digit AAA number, and won't accept the RACQ card number. I'm sure in the past I have used the "310" AAA logo number (might not have been with Marriott though).
  15. M

    BNE Saturday 14th April 2018 Dinner

    I'd hope to be free that weekend, so (depending on dinner venue), colour me gold-ish....
  16. M

    I'm feeling a bit sad ...[My SC's are getting wiped today... =( ]

    Sob .... It was sad on April 1st to see my hard earned points all gone, but nice to think that with DSC, Plat should be retained by the end of June. Oh well, it's lucky we all love flying!:)
  17. M

    10,000 Bonus QFF Points for opening an IG Share trading account

    Points posted today as well, after second email follow up. 10,025 points. Now to see about cashing out the trading account!
  18. M

    Anybody with any experience getting wiped points reinstated?

    Why did you transfer the points to a 2 year old's account? Wouldn't the points challenge if offered then be offered to your son, the holder of the lapsed points?
  19. M

    QF 11/12 J to F upgrade?

    Thanks for the comments. I am travelling via Sydney, on QF11 as I stated, and returning on QF12. My main query was as I had flown on the QF12 last year and upgraded the LAX-SYD leg; but am now being told that can’t be requested. I will call and enquire again and see if there might be a...
  20. M

    QF 11/12 J to F upgrade?

    I have a J booking (with DSC!) in June from BNE to JFK using QF 11 and 12 out and back. This has the change of gauge from A380 to 747 for LAX to JFK. I made an upgrade request to F on the phone, but was told it was not possible as the flight was sold as SYD-JFK with no F on the second leg...