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    ZNZ availability

    Hi all, Travelling to eastern africa next august and finishing in zanzibar. Was hoping to get an award J ticket out with QR. There is a ZNZ-DOH service - I can see plenty of availability up until the 31st May 2019, and then it just disappears. Both in Y & J. The service still exists. Anyone...
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    QR availability

    Hi guys, Hoping to make a J QR redemption for August 2019 shortly (when availability opens up). Happy to go out of any port. Availability over June / July 2019 looks really scarce. Is that just peak time or is QR notoriously hard to get award tickets?
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    Adding VA domestic leg to KF redemption

    Hey everyone, Based in NTL. Planning on making a KF redemption shortly (MEL-EBB) - which is available via the KF website. There is a logical VA domestic flight that would connect nicely from NTL. However doesn’t show on the KF website. If I try to make the booking over the phone - do you...
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    New Award Rates - Chance of Points refund w/o losing booking?

    Hi guys, I have a booking for myself and my partner next year in early Feb from LAX-HKG-SYD. We have had this booked for a while and hence under the old award (110,000 pts each). The route now prices for 85,000k. Any chance of getting the point difference refunded without losing the booking...
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    ANZ Black Rewards - bonus posting time

    Hey all - long stretch and I think it’s unlikely - but how quickly do the sign-on 75k bonus points take to post? Just got the card today - can make the spend required ASAP - was half hoping they would post prior to the end of the month to take advantage of the 30% bonus with velocity. Any...
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    Velocity or Krisflyer for SQ redemption

    Hey everyone - looking for some advice! Wanting to make a few J/F SQ redemptions for November 2018. These flights are about to be available on KrisFlyer. However these flights won’t be available on velocity for another month (they only release 11 months in advance). My dilemma...have a fairly...
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    EY Rejected claim

    Hi guys, Recently flew EY on EY ticket. Originally booked economy H-fare (eligible to earn) Upgraded to J w points. Fights showed up on account as no earn for points/sc Submitted retro claim to the plat team and they rejected it. Im suspecting it is because the ticket/fare that we ended up...
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    Dumb redemption Q involving star alliance leg

    Hey guys, Fairly straight forward question - was wanting to get a redemption quote on an itinerary that involves mostly SQ but one service on a star alliance partner. When I search for the itinerary as a paying customer - I get the price However when I search the same itinerary for a...
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    March targeted 15% bonus on CC transfers - missing points

    Hey all, I received a targeted 15% bonus on credit-card transfers for 25th March - 9th April via e-mail (came with the "we've sliced things up"). I know other members on here received the same email/promo. Has anyone actually received the bonus points? I made transfers from both NAB / ANZ...
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    Balance transfer from AMEX

    Hi all, I had a general enquiry re a balance transfer from an AMEX card. If i was to go ahead and do this, this wouldn't affect any points/point balance nor the card in itself? Im sure it wouldn't - just wanted to confirm prior. Apologies if not the best place for this thread Cheers.
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    Moving limit between cards

    Hey guys, I've got an edge and explorer, the edge with a larger limit and explorer not so much. I'm wanting to move most of my limit to the explorer. Is there anyway this can be done online or does it have to be a phone call?
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    The Member Get Member offer

    Hi Guys, Ive been helping my brother / sister in law get into the FF game, anyway signed them up using the referral promo and also the crown rewards promotion. Ive set family pooling up from sister in law > brother My question: will the crown points count as the meeting the minimum 40 velocity...
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    Alitalia as award partner...effectively useless?!

    Hi Guys.... Might be reading it wrong, however was looking at booking a flight that is marketed by EY as a formal connection FCO-AUH-BNE, first leg alitalia operated (EY codeshare) into EY metal leg, rang the call centre....was told alitalia bookings cannot be combined and would need to be two...
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    Y > J upgrade w miles on codeshare

    Hi Guys, Fairly straight forward question: if the appropriate Y revenue fare is booked, can you upgrade to J with miles on codeshare services? In particular im looking at a service from FCO to AUH (EY flight no, Alitalia operated) connecting onto EY back to oz. Was originally looking at a...
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    MXP availability

    Hi all...I am helping my oldies out with an award booking for 2018 to Italy. With upcoming rate changes, I am trying to find some saver-award availability for SIN-MXP (preferred over FCO due to operating aircraft), anytime really from May 17 onwards....however everything seems to be...
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    Future redemption assistance

    Hello all, I am helping my oldies get organised for a J-award booking to Europe in 2018, they have enough points - however its spread across multiple accounts (seperate velocity accounts, seperate ANZ rewards, seperate MR). Was wanting to find out whats the best way to arrange the points in the...
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    Combining VA & SQ PNRs

    Hi everyone, Ive got a upcoming trip to Japan, I have the domestic leg booked with VA, into a international leg with SQ. Seperate bookings. With their interline agreement - is there anyway for the PNRs to be linked prior to arriving at the domestic leg so bags are checked all the way through...
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    Agoda - ineligible booking

    Hey everyone - I made a booking through the velocity-Agoda link no problems. I made the booking under my name // using my FF...however it was my partner who was staying. Is this then ineligible for velocity points? I thought it would still be as I made the booking under my name. Velocity...
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    Plat Edge // Aussie Farmers Direct

    Hi all...was wondering if anyone knew wether or not Aussie Farmers Direct qualifies as a supermarket on the plat edge and hence 3MR/$1 I suspect not.... But just wanted to clarify. Cheers
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    Transfer / gifting of MR points

    Hi everyone, I'm wanting to rearrange my Amex card portfolio between myself and my partner, part of my plan is to transfer MR points between accounts. Has anyone ever done this or had any experience? A quick google and I can find an AMEX form for "request points gift"....which looks legit and...