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  1. Altair

    QBR DSC offer opens tomorrow (Book Feb 20 - 25, 2020)

    Sorry I missed typed it is 14 February 2021. I also now understand that today is QF Half Year announcement and that it is also on the Australian website.
  2. Altair

    QBR DSC offer opens tomorrow (Book Feb 20 - 25, 2020)

    Well on the New Zealand website it is a non-targeted DSC right now. 20-25 February flights up to 14 February 2021 on QF operated and coded flights.
  3. Altair

    Wellington Airport o/night stay

    Yes but compared to the NZ KC you will find it quiet with lots of spare space, in the morning there is ample food for a breakfast and tea/coffee. The First Lounge or Business Lounge f&b offerings it is not, but sufficient for the need. The showers are roomy and often no waiting so for the OP...
  4. Altair

    Hotel Bookings Rip Off.

    Well I just book on Qantas Hotels and it was either the same or slightly cheaper than the other hotel booking sites. No message regarding other fees but I did book a non-refundable and had to pay now.
  5. Altair

    Wellington Airport o/night stay

    Airport is shut between 2 and 4 am for cleaning and checks. There was a report somewhere that security lets people stay overnight in the seating area near the exit of international arrivals. Check in does not open until 4 am and outbound security, immigration and QP opens around 4:30 am. Well...
  6. Altair

    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    The small pies reminded me of the QF NZ domestic flights when you had a choice of an apple or a mini pie. That was over 11 years ago.:(
  7. Altair

    SYD to WLG flights - aircraft type

    QF only fly the A330 for special high volume reasons, such as a Wallabies game at Wellington. Last flight IIRC was for the 2011 RWC match. During the run up to Christmas QF would just put a third daily 737 to/from SYD and maybe a BNE flight as well. Other than SQ all other widebody flights...
  8. Altair

    QF Dreamliners in Y - what are people's experiences?

    With the current configuration they would need to drop about 2" off the pitch to get the extra row in. So eliminate 15 seats to get another 8 seats {7 seats loss} shows how cheap QF is and other airlines may have a slightly higher loss. Yes airlines are penny pinching.....I avoided 10 across...
  9. Altair

    Sydney QF First Lounge v Emirates Business Lounge

    I prefer the QF First Lounge. I rarely drink alcohol so that is not part of my equation. I am very familiar with both lounges in SYD and will use to the QF First Lounge when possible. I prefer my food hot and the EK buffet generally does not guarantee that. I usually arrive a 4:00 pm and they...
  10. Altair

    Project Sunrise: A350 or 777X?

    This was to be the final static test on an airframe that was never going to fly. Normally the test usually goes to the point of destruction so they do not need to do another test for later larger/heavier variants, the original 777 is a case in point. Interestingly Boeing did not test the 787 to...
  11. Altair

    No Más Nachos - Brisbane J Lounge

    Never relied on it for food, just a snack. To me the biggest loss was the extra corn chips, salsa and Mexican sauces that I used.
  12. Altair

    Qantas Salt & Pepper Squid thread

    It was once one of my go to dishes at the F Lounge, and at the start of the new F Lounge may have been considered a "signature dish". Now it is a reserve dish if the other offerings do not catch my eye AND I want something to eat as soon as possible. The reason the quality decreased as I got...
  13. Altair

    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    To be fair the main soup is larger and does usually have a different or additional garnish on the top. I also have just decided to have a cheese platter as well. This is because: I love soup and find it hard to pass up, but never for entrée ANDmain I have a meal in the First Lounge, or Emirates...
  14. Altair

    Qantas Status Credits Bonus Offers

    I often find WLG-BNE in Business is cheaper or the same price as WLG-SYD, you get 40 SC for a total of 120SC. I also see the WLG-SYD-MEL trip at the same price as the WLG-MEL not stop as well.
  15. Altair

    Question When is next anticipated double SC promotion?

    I thought his reply like mine to Mrs Blackcloud would be "Well what is the point of status unless you can get to enjoy it!" ;) Please note I too am waiting for a DSC to retain WP.
  16. Altair

    Qantas Sydney International Business Lounge Refresh

    Oh QF and their announcements and re-announcement then announcement of a change to plan. I fondly remember the much hyped plastic insert in the middle business class seat on the A330. Yep that took the cake and a panicked QF survey after that, which I am sure that respondents like me expressed...
  17. Altair

    Fully Inflexible - A Rort?

    I know that the OP was complaining about not changing flights. I even mentioned that IME QF flights that I have taken seem near 100% in Y but not necessarily in J when I have been able to change to earlier flights. Would an airline change someone on a flexible ticket to a flight that has not...
  18. Altair

    Fully Inflexible - A Rort?

    Air New Zealand domestic has flexitime fares where you can change to any flight on the day of travel as long as there is a seat available. It is on $40 extra over the cheapest fare of the original flight you purchased and can actually be cheaper than buying a seat only fare on a busier flight...
  19. Altair

    Qantas 2019-20 annual result: reading between the lines

    My take on JQ regional is the withdrawal of the Q300 services. The A320 services seem to be doing OK and support QF international passengers but with the QF/NZ codeshare agreement I think the Q300 will be withdrawn as they are too costly to run (IIRC they are actually Australian pilots so there...
  20. Altair

    Fully Inflexible - A Rort?

    Well are the flights that you do take are they full? It seems to me that there are hardly any spare seats in Economy on any flights I have been on and the only time I have been able to get an earlier flight is when I am in Business and only during the 12-3 time block.