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    Advice on limits for applications, and more.

    Thanks, that makes sense. I’ll do the same.
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    Advice on limits for applications, and more.

    It's been about a year since I applied for a credit card. I've been looking at the application for an ANZ card, they seem to ask more information about expenses now, such as personal and lifestyle expenses. One question I have is how do people here answer the question about monthly credit card...
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    If you had a day to spend with AJ to fix QF what would you say ?

    I’d ask why they just sent me a new Platinum QFF card, congratulating me for retaining platinum for another year. My FF year ends in April and with only 145 status credits I’m unlikely to retain platinum. (This was a year of using points for overseas J travel and I hope to extend platinum for...
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    RBA Tinkering Again with Interchange Fees

    Wouldn’t this only apply to debit cards? Credit accounts don’t go through Ettpos.
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    Qantas recently announced some kind of reciprocal relationship with KLM/Air France

    I flew KLM from Lyon to Amsterdam on 8 January. The check in staff at Lyon knew of the arrangement and happily added my Qantas FF to the booking. My QFF number and WP status showed on the boarding pass as well as a prominent Sky Priority tag. Now just chasing up the points with Qantas.
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    Citibank Debit Card is Great.

    ING also rebate the 2.5% fee on purchases when you meet the $1000 deposit & 5 card transactions condition.
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    Qantas Business Class customers bumped to economy in Tokyo

    True. A member reports the same treatment by VA.
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    Woolworths gift card thread

    Woolworths promptly credited the points after I emailed my receipt and photos.
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    Woolworths gift card thread

    I also didn’t receive the bonus points for Only 1 cards I bought. These were the ones with the peel off tabs covering the number. After waiting a week for a resolution via online chat, I’ve been informed that the cards I purchased were not eligible for the bonus. Luckily I took a picture of the...
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    Which debit card is best overseas?

    If you have a maximiser account, you should be doing the $1000 deposit and 5 card transactions now. You’ll get bonus interest of 1.7% on maximiser account (total 2.2%).
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    EBP increasing top up fee from 0.8% to 1.3%

    I asked EBP about the first $1000. Their reply was: Hi Peter, The first $1000 per month free will be removed under the new changes. It was necessary to remove this and increase the merchant fee in line with the increased costs incurred to operate the Easy Bill Pay Service. You can continue...
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    EBP increasing top up fee from 0.8% to 1.3%

    The email says the 1.3% surcharge will apply to all top-up transactions made from credit/debit cards. It doesn’t say the first $1000 is free of surcharge. Time will tell whether they maintain this. As with most corporate babble it includes this as part of so called updates. Apparently they’ve...
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    Beware of DCC in Europe

    I’ve noticed that when I use PayPass or Apple Pay for my Bankwest Mastercard, I am never prompted for currency and it defaults to local currency. This could be a way of avoiding DCC.
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    Woolworths gift card thread

    I just bought a few Perfect Gift Cards in ACT. Earned 2140 points per card. Don’t know where the extra 140 points came from.
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    Shanghai Visa

    The link to the online application contained in the article quoted is no longer valid. The online application is now at
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    Answered Google popup (spam)

    I get the pop up on my phone when on home WiFi (Telstra). Never get it on 4G (Vodafone). I’ve started turning WiFi off when accessing AFF.
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    Qantas fix for partner award ticketing problems

    Thanks for your replies. QF actually called me today as the CC details for the additional charges didn’t make it to the ticketing section. All fixed now and ticket reissued.
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    Qantas fix for partner award ticketing problems

    I added some QR and MH flights to an existing reward booking today. The updated ticket has not yet been issued and the points have not yet been deducted. I can see my booking on the Qatar website and it includes the original ticket number. Should this be enough to “trick” QR and MH into thinking...
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    Qantas Premier Credit Card

    I received this card today and tried to pay my Vodafone bill. It was recognised as an international Mastercard with a surcharge of 3.005%. (I did not proceed with the payment). There was discussion about this issue early in this thread. Is this still a common issue or is Vodafone’s information...
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    Qantas to move 717 heavy maintenance to Singapore

    Guess so. Still it’s a shame. As an ACT resident I like to see our economy expand outside of the government sector.