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  1. kamchatsky

    Swapping Classes

    I have 4 * J HKG-SYD award ticket on QF at end of January next year. Now I have found that my parent-in-laws will be joining us. Given they are very old and need wheelchair support, they would need J class. However there are no more Y or J awards for that flight. Moving dates/flights is not an...
  2. kamchatsky

    SYD-HKG QF F vs VA J

    I am currently booked on VA J SYD-HKG on 18 Jan at 10am. I checked AA and noticed that QF F is available on QF127 departing at 9:35am for 50K miles. The question is, is QF F worth it over VA J, especially given it is on their A380, and with HKG being such a mess, i may ended up getting a...
  3. kamchatsky

    Award seat availability for Qantas Gold members

    In the past I have struggled using QFF points when I was a Bronze, especially for 4 people. So I hardly used my stash of QFF points and I just let it slowly accumulate. I used to be able to use QFF to book on CX instead as CX used to be generous on their award availability. But with the recent...
  4. kamchatsky

    $200 Voucher + 1 Year Prime Cashback on Commonwealth Bank Awards Credit Cards

    Here we go, no QF/VA bonus points but vouchers from Amazon for CBA cards: $200 and Amazon prime offer – CommBank __________________________________________________________ Awards Card Offer with Amazon Australia Apply for a...
  5. kamchatsky

    Free Interactive Luggage Tag from iFlyA380 with Le Club AccorHotels

    I've got this offer in below link in my Le Club AccorHotels email. I have done the instruction below and received email to get an interactive luggage tag: iflyA380 x Le Club AccorHotels Exclusive gift for Le Club AccorHotels members from iflyA380! How to get your free interactive luggage tag...
  6. kamchatsky

    SCs after requalifying Platinum

    I have just requalified Platinum and I still have about 2 months left. What happens to the SCs earned for these 2 months? Do they go to waste given there is no lifetime status? I am trying to figure out whether it is still worth flying VA over QF for those times. QF has much better frequencies...
  7. kamchatsky

    Double Status Credits Offer (By offer only)

    Just got the email below from VA. Obviously I have just registered it. Kamchatsky, don't let double Status Credits fly by For a limited time you can take off with double Status Credits when you book an eligible Virgin Australia flight*. Here's how: 1. Activate this offer by 15 May 2018 2...
  8. kamchatsky

    Qantas Status Challenge - your experiences

    OK being VA Platinum and being in AFF I know that I can always go for a Qantas status challenge. I submitted my VA Platinum card and all my flight records with VA to QFF to see if they would do status match. Obviously they didn't but they did offer me a challenge to Gold by getting 200SCs within...
  9. kamchatsky

    American Express Explorer Card - 100,000 points (apply by 11-Apr-2018)

    AMEX has updated its Explorer Card referral sign-on bonus as of today: now when you apply for a new Explorer card, you can earn 60,000 bonus Membership Rewards Gateway points after spending at least $1,500 on the card within the first three months! Now I know it is not as good as the 100000...
  10. kamchatsky

    Qantas Future Planet - Great way to activate eligible QF Spending on Credit Cards

    Not sure if this is already posted, if so MOD please merge it to another thread. I have a Westpac Altitude Qantas Black card, and I need to get spend something on Qantas services in order to activate to get my 2 complimentary Qantas Club invites. I thought about getting Qantas vouchers but I...
  11. kamchatsky

    Alaska Airlines Partners with Singapore Airlines

    Wow, that is a big play ..... You can earn AS miles from SQ flights from 27 September. Redemption is still to be announced .....
  12. kamchatsky

    I have finally done it! [BIS VA WP]

    I am happy to announce to the world that I have finally done something that I thought I would never have achieved: Bum In Seat (BIS) Platinum! I have achieved it by getting 986 SCs out of 1000 required SCs from 20 Sept 2016, and VA has reviewed today and has given me a Platinum! Now I would...
  13. kamchatsky

    St.George Bank GIANTS Amplify credit card - $250 Cash Back AND 25000 Velocity Points

    This is an interesting offer, I thought it is worth sharing here. St.George Bank GIANTS Amplify credit card Regardless whether you are GWS Giants fan or not, this is an interesting offer. If you get a St George GIANTS Amplify Credit Card, you get the following: 25000 Velocity Frequent Flyer...
  14. kamchatsky

    Etihad Posts $1.87 Billion Loss

    This is not good for Etihad at all ..... Maybe EY and EK will get married? Wonder how it will affect VA:
  15. kamchatsky

    Coles Rewards Mastercard: 20000 Flybuys Points + 3 months VA Explore Gold

    This is a slightly different offer. Got the email below from Flybuys. Only 20K Flybuys Points BUT you do get 3 months free VA Explore Gold: Rewards Mastercard NOTE: You will need to enter PROMO4 in promo field when applying to claim the offer. This card is suitable for anyone who wants to...
  16. kamchatsky

    Japan Airlines to begin MEL-NRT flights

    Surprising there has been no thread about this. It will begin in 1 September, on their B788s: I checked on BA and the award seats are already loaded, and is wide open. Excellent use of AA miles IMO on J. If I have not...
  17. kamchatsky

    More Sydney Trains Services for Airport Line due to increasing patronage

    Despite the high station access fee ($13.8 for adults), more and more people are catching the trains to the airport. Sydney Trains needs to add more services to meet the demand. I prefer to catch the train to airport from city over taxi for work purposes, even though I got CabCharge vouchers...
  18. kamchatsky

    Qatar Airways Super Business Q Suites

    Looking at the photos in the news below, the new Q Suites looks very impressive, and is great for a family of 4! Here is the official video from Qatar Airways: 360 degree...
  19. kamchatsky

    Qantas American Express Premium Card: 60000 Qantas Points Offer

    With the new interchange fee rate hitting the banks very hard, and the Visa/MasterCard point earning power going down the hill, it is time to look at American Express, which seems to be unaffected by this change. American Express is offering 60000 Qantas points for Qantas American Express...
  20. kamchatsky

    Qantas Ultimate American Express: 80000 Points (New as of 31 Jan 2017) Referral Offer

    If you collect Qantas points and prefer to fly Qantas, this is the card for you. American Express is feeling generous. They are now offering Qantas Ultimate Amex with 80000 points with free Qantas domestic flights thrown in. This is be best bang for the buck card if you are looking for Qantas...