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Search results

  1. mannej

    QF574 PER-SYD drops from A330-200 to B737-800

    Definitely not unusual for QF to use the 737 more frequently on a weekend
  2. mannej

    QF574 PER-SYD drops from A330-200 to B737-800

    Nothing unusual about a weekend flight being operated by a 737. 574 on the 9th of November is an A330
  3. mannej

    International Seat Selection

    SQ does have the 787 and have had them for a while.
  4. mannej

    International Seat Selection

    JohnK holds status, but his wife and daughter may not (and I assume are on a separate booking)
  5. mannej

    Question Whete is the Upgrade Loadings help desk?

    This is your thread you are after - Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk
  6. mannej

    International Seat Selection

    JohnK, have you attempted OLCI again? For whatever reasons it doesn’t always open up when it should.
  7. mannej

    QFi to Japan post 747 retirement

    This has been done for years, it is nothing new...
  8. mannej

    Singapore Airlines adds fifth daily flight to Perth

    Fairly sure it is up to 10 x weekly (CX171 x daily, CX143 x 3 weekly).
  9. mannej

    Help: changing tight Sydney connection to Jo'burg

    A sale fare shouldn't preclude you from upgrading the domestic leg, there must be another reason as to why it isn't allowing you to submit the upgrade request online.
  10. mannej

    Seeking advice for HKG lounge use

    Qantas Club is of no use flying CX
  11. mannej

    Whats typical QF points compensation for having broken no IFE

    3000 points is fairly standard for domestic IFE failure
  12. mannej

    QF 44 on thurs cancelled due to aircraft damage

    Yep I missed that. Been a couple of gear issues The Aviation Herald
  13. mannej

    QF 44 on thurs cancelled due to aircraft damage

    The Qantas source can be a great place to look for information - QANTAS A330-200 VH-EBF Returns from Sydney Maintenance. | The QANTAS Source
  14. mannej

    QF 44 on thurs cancelled due to aircraft damage

    I could have sworn this was a bird strike event but I may be wrong - QANTAS A330-200 VH-EBS QF37 Melbourne Technical Return. | The QANTAS Source
  15. mannej

    “Don’t fly a Dreamliner” says former Boeing Quality Manager

    There have been safety claims about the 737NG previously as well - A Wing and a Prayer
  16. mannej

    Do they ever cancel flights that are really underbooked?

    Are you using the seat map to gauge load?
  17. mannej

    BNE - MEL - BNE Thoughts

    I would have thought that the toilet situation is an issue more generic to narrow body aircraft rather than airline specific?
  18. mannej

    Another Celeb denied access to Qantas Lounge [Dress code]

    There is a difference in dress standard for the domestic lounge networks and international lounges.
  19. mannej

    VH-EBB issues

    No - Avherald is your friend
  20. mannej

    Question AU OR Euro when booking a hotel from Aus using a visa card .

    This has been discussed on here previously - Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) often gives a less favourable outcome than paying in the local currency.