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    ID needed with Single lounge pass??

    How are you getting into the lounge? If you've got status or lounge membership then you can get your child in for free. No need to burn a lounge pass. No guests if flying J, but if you're in J I'd assume your 10 year old is too... Virgin Australia's Airport Lounges | Virgin Australia Also as...
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    Airlines eye new slots at Haneda (Tokyo)

    I had heard they were using it for a second Sydney flight so as a semi regular traveller to Japan ex MEL, I'm very happy with this... Shame my outward flight this time is just a few days too early and I still have to do one more trek from NRT to our Tokyo office.
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    Airlines eye new slots at Haneda (Tokyo)

    Looks like Qantas is going to use their new Haneda slot for QF79/80 from MEL. Just had notification that an upcoming flight from MEL to Tokyo in late March is now returning from HND, not NRT as originally booked...
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    AMEX - Shop Small November 2019

    Under the terms of the Shop Small promotion, participating retailers are supposed to be “warmly welcoming” businesses, defined as either no surcharge, or the surcharge is no higher than other cards (page 3)...
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    Latest Velocity BP Fuel Offers

    Well, yeah obviously. But I meant from Velocity’s point of view. With so little time left in the partnership, why would they still want to direct their customers to a partner who are about to be linked up with their direct competitor?
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    Latest Velocity BP Fuel Offers

    Def targeted. I got 4 pts/litre / 6 pts/litre / 8pts/litre on my Velocity account while my wife go the 3/4/5 offer. Won't be taking either up and frankly baffled that they're still running these this close to the end of the partnership. What's the point?
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    best way to spend overseas? just realised the fees on virgin cards for OS transaction

    ANZ Travel Adventures is the other one that gets you points on O/S spend and has no forex fees (alongside Coles Rewards MC). Both have annual fees and decent signup bonuses running at the moment. ANZ ($225 fee / 75,000 Velocity signup bonus): ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures credit card guide -...
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    Bassinet Questions

    Flew VA MEL-LAX back in June. Our youngest was 10 months at the time and would have been around the stated height limit for the bassinet but fitted in fine (snugly). They don't enforce the height limits -- the crew aren't wandering around with a tape measure checking your kids or anything -- it...
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    Coles MasterCard 120k Flybuys ( 60k Velocity )

    Really? I mean I get that different people have different needs and that but 75k Velocity pts sign up bonus (as it is now) plus $1 = 1 VA ongoing seems good to me. I looked at this list of Velocity earning cards -- Best Virgin Australia Velocity credit card sign-up offers -- the signup bonus...
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    Coles MasterCard 120k Flybuys ( 60k Velocity )

    Grr. Applied for this one yesterday with the 120,000 offer then last night saw they'd upped it to 140 via certain specific links and now it's 150. Maybe they didn't get the take up they were hoping for? Surprised this card doesn't get more love round here -- the ongoing earn rate of...
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    Answered Difference between SQ and VA

    VA coded flights will count as an "eligible sector" for status re-qualification, while the SQ coded ones won't (which may or may not be important, depending on your other flight plans during your current WP year).
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    Pay day?

    Yup. Got this one too on 1 out of the 4 accounts in our family. Surely has to be the "something's coming" promo, which is all about 10 million members. I think someone in IT stuffed up and started posting the SCs early...
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    Something's Coming...

    One of our family's accounts has today received a mysterious 10 bonus SCs, marked as "Pay day". I suspect this is the "Something for your membership" (i.e. 10 million members are all getting 10 bonus SCs) and someone in VA's IT team stuffed up and started crediting them early... (out of the 4...
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    what’s the right time to apply for membership pause?

    Just to echo what others have said -- am currently on a parental pause and can confirm you keep your current status and all its benefits during the six month period while you are paused. I'm paused Gold and have used the VA lounge plus received the bonus VA miles for my travel during the pause...
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    A380 or 777.

    Just been through this with an upcoming redemption to Europe. Found this writeup on Point Hacks showing all the different versions to be very helpful: A guide to the different Singapore Airlines products flying to Australia Careful with the 777 -- which one do you mean? 777-300ER, 777-200/-300...
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    What's your company travel policy?

    Small software company. Flexible choice of airline and some flexibility about including some personal travel before or after a work trip (within reason) but Y only, no matter how far. I've been to the UK, South Africa and Asia, all in Y. Grr...
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    "Refer and be rewarded" promo

    Or sooner. My referral bonus posted some time this afternoon. Referee (my 8 month old) looks to have received her side of the bonus yesterday.
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    CC churning - equifax scores

    Similar experience here -- my Credit Simple (D&B/Illion) score dropped by over 100 points when my mortgage (on which I have never missed a payment) got added to it late last year. Funny thing is, the exact same datapoint also hit my Credit Savvy (Experian) report, and that score went UP.
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    Christmas Bonus Of Up To 10,000 Velocity Points (2018)

    Go to Click Book Online (left nav) Select NSW > 33 Cross St > Entry and exit times this afternoon Enter Velocity Number and click Book a Bay: On the next screen choose the $3 parking and click through the rest of the process.
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    Christmas Bonus Of Up To 10,000 Velocity Points (2018)

    True, but it’s the same snippet of t&cs that were quoted earlier and appears on the offer page on the website—on the offer page it explicitly says “BP Fuel” where in the original email it just said “BP”. Anyway, I’m taking no chances. All 3 of my family’s Velocity cards took a trip to buy fuel...