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    An Awful Qantas Experience That Must Be Shared.

    Whilst AF’s response was great, there is a big difference between their situation and that of QF: the AF flight was terminating in Dubai. Even if QF bussed all passengers to Dubai airport, the only ones benefiting would be those disembarking in Dubai or thos3 continuing on EK codeshares. The QF...
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    Daughter - in-law and qantas staff travel list g

    Looks like a troll :)
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    Automation ex Asia and DXB

    Worked for me for a booking from CGK yesterday. Brilliant!
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    Booking Qantas Classic Award flight not from Australia?

    I know that for flights originating in Jakarta provided you pay by Amex you can do it all by email with no need to attend the Qantas offices in indonesia.
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    Babymoon ideas

    Hi guys, Does anyone have ideas for a relatively inexpensive "babymoon"? We are looking for a quiet, relaxing break - preferably somewhere near the coast. We are based in Sydney and are willing to travel within Australia (but would need to be in the school holidays). Have trawled the internet...
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    12hr Layover in SIN will I get a hotel room flying BOM - SIN - SYD - MEL

    If you need to get some rest, I would recommend the Ambassador Transit Hotel which is inside the airport (so no need to clear immigration, etc). Nice, clean rooms, good bathroom facilities and the ability to book a wae-up call to ensure you dont miss the next flight.
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    OOL <-> CBR & SYD <-> CBR no J???

    What do you receive on a SYD-CBR flight in J - surely they wouldn't have time for a meal? Is it just a cup of coffee and small snack?
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    OOL <-> CBR & SYD <-> CBR no J???

    I suspect the vast majority of J travel between Sydney and Canberra is on QF - they seem to have the government market sewn up. It is probably questionable whether Virgin see the need for a J class on this route given it is such a short hop - is J really worth it for 25mins in the air???
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    A postive note for BA

    If you don't mind me asking is complimentary gold membership of the Marco Polo program available for Australian platinum Amex cards?
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    "Behind the scenes" at Sydney Airport

    Hi all, Is anyone aware of a "behind the scenes" experience at Sydney Airport for children? I understand that Airside Tarmac Tours are now gone but am looking for a suitable alternative for primary aged children that gives a taste of the various tasks involved in operation (baggage, security...
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    Ask The Pilot

    Hi JB, Firstly, thank you so much for the time you have spent responding to our queries. You have brought a lot of joy and produced many hours of facinated reading for us! Hearing the goings-on in the cockpit brings back memories for many of us as we dreamt of becoming a pilot in our younger...
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    LHR Arrivals lounge in T3? Any other tips?

    I can confirm that J passengers can access the AA Arrivals Lounge without any status. I am a NB and accessed it a few weeks ago....
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    LHR Arrivals lounge in T3? Any other tips?

    The AA arrivals lounge is upstairs in Terminal 3 at LHR (however you will need to be flying Business to access it - Qantas Club membership is not sufficient). After going through the border and out through the "welcoming area" turn right and take the lifts up to the next level. The AA arrivals...
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    Favourite restaurants in Vanuatu ?

    "Chill" in central Port Vila is very nice. Fresh seafood, good location - highly recommended. The owner is Aussie/Kiwi and has Australian television showing near the bar - great to catch a game of NRL/AFL when away from home. We also enjoyed the restaurant at the Benjor Beach Club. This...
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    Dear Mr Joyce...

    That is a very good point Chris. I firmly believe that most Australians prefer to fly their national carrier when at all possible - it is simply a matter of matching (or beating!) the competition on price and in-flight product and we will gladly fly Qantas. Why do people fly SQ rather than QF -...
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    First trip to Europe in Business - Tips?

    Hi all, This is my first post so please forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere. I have been trawling through posts looking for tips flying to London in J class. This is a long-anticipated holiday and I am keen to take FULL advantage of everything the experience has to offer! :) Have...