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Search results

  1. straitman

    Holiday Inn Express Melbourne

    For anyone interested in staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Melbourne. Currently rooms are available for $145 on Groupon versus $188 on the IHG web site. Included are a bottle of wine, breakfast and a late checkout This is a 22%++ discount which is well worth the loss of points from...
  2. straitman

    Honolulu Hotels

    Whilst not really a Hilton question that's our starting point. A friend of mine is getting off a ship in Honolulu next May and is in the process of selecting some accommodation in Honolulu for a few days after they arrive. One of the options is the Double Tree by Hilton Alana-Waikiki Beach...
  3. straitman

    Melbourne Yum Cha Sunday 11th August 2019

    A few years ago we had Yum Cha lunch in Melbourne as a monthly event. After a while its popularity died as it became too regular. As we haven't had it for a while it's time to give it another go and that will be in two weeks time on August 11th, as a few people are already in Melbourne that...
  4. straitman

    Suez Canal Cruise October 2020

    Whilst talking of cruises we have also booked Regal Princess from Civitavecchia (Rome) to Sydney via the Suez Canal starting on 17th November 2020. Forty Six nights this one. This is similar to one we did last year when we had to bypass Petra. On that occasion the Jordanian Government had...
  5. straitman

    Panama Canal Cruise November 2019

    We have just booked the Emerald Princess from Barcelona to LA vis the Panama Canal starting on 4th November 2019. Twenty Nine nights all up and stopping at a few interesting places. We already know about ten people booked on this cruise. To get to Barcelona we have a QR booking in J using...
  6. straitman

    MEX - LAX - MEL

    I'm after some help from those with more knowledge of LAX than myself. I'm planning a trip where I am flying from MEX-LAX with American Airlines, then connecting to another international flight to Australia with Qantas. (A Qantas award ticket) The first leg is most likely in economy and the...
  7. straitman

    Hiltons in NYC

    We are arriving in JFK at 2235 and are there for one night only prior to boarding Queen Mary II to Southampton. I have a Hilton voucher to use so would normally stay at Hilton JKF but the hotel is booked out for rewards and normal stays. As a Diamond I can force a booking but at approx $US400 I...
  8. straitman

    Travelex taking funds but not providing the the funds requested.

    Tonight I sent just over $1500 to Travelex so i could pickup some Fiji cash on leaving Australia on Thursday night. Travelex require that you use your residential address and not a PO Box so I provided our residential address which I have done previously. (Admittedly I misread their...
  9. straitman

    Thoughts for AFF Cruise #2.

    Fourteen months ago Sinophile888, after a bit of prompting, posted her thoughts for the 'Inaugural AFF Cruise 25 - 29 Jan 2018' After months of planning the event finally took place last weekend when 13 people caught Golden Princess from Adelaide to Melbourne. To the best of my knowledge...
  10. straitman

    Melbourne Yum Cha Sunday 19th November 2017.

    For a while in 2015 we had a Yum Cha in Melbourne one Sunday each month. Unfortunately once a month was a bit too often and it died a natural death. We are flying to Singapore on 20th November and in discussions with Goodonya have decided to do Yum Cha on Sunday 19th November at 1:30 pm...
  11. straitman

    A Business Award flight from MEL - JFK

    Could I have some thoughts on a J award from MEL-JFK for October 2018. I have considered QF and CX via Qantas points and EY or SQ via Virgin points as we have enough for either. The QF/CX award is available to book now whereas the EY has not opened up yet. Your thoughts please people?
  12. straitman

    How does GHA Discovery Treat you as an Elite

    As a few are getting GHA Discovery Status matches I thought this was an appropriate thread. :cool:
  13. straitman

    Viva Aerobus

    Does anyone know anything of this LCC in Mexico and anything of their misplaced bagged policy and requirements?
  14. straitman

    Boeing's Second 737 MAX Variant Begins Flight Test

    Boeing's Second 737 MAX Variant Begins Flight TestApr 13, 2017Guy Norris | Aviation Daily Paul Weatherman/Boeing SEATTLE—The first 737-9, the second member of Boeing’s 737 MAX family, made its first flight from the company’s Renton, Washington, facility on April 13, marking the start of...
  15. straitman

    Looking at flying MEL-SIN on Jetstar in 'J' Am I crazy?

    We are heading to Singapore on/about 10th June and I'm contemplating flying JQ Business. It's a daytime flight so seats are more than adequate rather than needing beds. Am I crazy for even considering this:?:
  16. straitman

    Anyone around for a Brisbane lunch on Wednesday 9th November?

    WE will be in Brisbane on Wednesday 9th Nov if anyone wants to do lunch.
  17. straitman

    Anyone around for a Darwin lunch on Friday 4th November?

    We will be in Darwin for the day on Friday if anyone is around and is hungry.
  18. straitman

    Adelaide Dinner 15th October.

    It's been a while since We've been to a dinner in Adelaide. Sue and I have a night there at the Hilton on 15th Oct before we fly out to Beijing. Our flight out is at 7:25am so we are not up for a late night but we still have to eat. Who is in and what is your preference?
  19. straitman

    Seating on SQ metal with a VA booking

    The following is from a friend who is having seating problems. I'm no expert on the VA/SQ arrangement so seek the help of those who are. "As discussed, the reason that I booked Virgin (not Singapore even though the latter was cheaper) is because I am a Platinum Virgin Member with lots of points...
  20. straitman

    Melbourne Yum Cha Sunday 21st August

    For a while Melbourne monthly Sunday Yum Cha was a regular event but it seems to have died off. We are going to be in Melbourne for dinner on the 20th August so thought a Yum Cha on the 21st sounded like a good idea. Is anyone interested and would care to join us? I'll post details later in...