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    Hilton SEA promotion -20% off stay and dining

    Whilst searching for somewhere cheap to stay in BKK, whilst at the same time pondering a mattress run to keep my HH G into 2013, I found that there is a current promo on for South East Asian Hiltons: Exotic Holidays - Resorts & Hotels in Thailand Which was a bit interesting, as I'd been...
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    Great J deal, slightly odd route!

    Hi everyone, I'm sure this is unlikely to be of help to anyone, but just in case.... Just booked a one-way in I (business saver) on CX - DXB - SHA (PVG) via HKG for $805 (possibly more depends on AMEX conversion/commission). I believe similar fares are available for other destinations ex-UAE...
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    SQ removes A380 from Japan route

    Found this on SQ website today whilst trying to book award flight... No A380?! Pah, may as well book AirAsia then, since the taxes for my Award flight are almost the same price!
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    What are my options?

    OK, need collective wisdom here please guys! I booked a JQ JetFlex fare MEL-PER for the 27th March, a 2200 departure. I booked this for a number of reasons 1) Flexible in case I got stuck in F1 traffic and missed the flight 2) Latest departure of the evening, so best chance of making flight...
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    QF PER-SYD 'rejected take-off'

    Qantas plane take-off aborted in Perth | 2 days down the track from the MH event at Perth, and I bet you can't guess which one nonews manages to report within hours of it occuring, and which was barely given a second glance... I note that the flight has since been cancelled...
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    NZ176 cancellation

    Does anyone know why Air NZ's PER-AKL flight NZ176 was cancelled yesterday (20 Feb 2011)? Seems to show as cancelled on PER and AKL airport websites but can't see what happened. Thankfully my AKL-PER flight seems to be ok.... Wondered if it had anything to do with the MH problems reported by...
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    I have a morbid fascination with Aeroflot (evidenced by the dozen photos of a single Aeroflot plane taken at NRT... that's not weird, right?) and whilst looking at a long and odd fare I have found a very cheap leg on Aeroflot (2 connecting flights). Yes, I know they have a rather dubious...
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    Advice wanted for complex travel route

    Hi all, I bit the bullet and went to a travel agent today seeking help and they were extremely unhelpful so thought I would do the smarter thing and ask here - should have done that to begin with really! I am planning (well, hoping) to spend the second half of the year travelling and doing all...
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    Any advice/recommmendations PER-San Diego??

    Hi all, I have to get myself and a colleague to San Diego for a conference next month. Sadly we work for the Health Dept and all travel is self-funded. :shock: Additionally we have to work the day before we leave and the day after we get back... We are looking at flying out late on Feb...
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    Greetings all

    Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker who finally got around to joining whilst trying to sort logistics of a trip to San Diego for a conference next month. Sadly, all conference-related travel is self-funded, so currently trying to work out the least painful flights PER-SAN for what is a 6-day...