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    What spend category are Square Payments?

    Hi, Did some search and couldn't find a thread this fit into. Thought this wouldn't hurt as the current points regime is about to change anyway. I made a payment to a Square merchant yesterday and noticed the below. Have gone back through my statements and noticed the same thing with other...
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    CX J Lounge acces in SYD

    I'm flying CX in J tomorrow. I've flown CX in J previously and used the Qantas business lounge prior to departure. Are there any other lounges I can access in SYD with my CX BP? I've searched the CX website and also the OneWorld site, looks like it's only Qantas. Apologies if this has been...
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    Likelihood of change of class after waitlist expiry?

    I have a reward booking SYD-HKG-JFK return in J with departure on 2 May. I had waitlisted for F not long after my initial booking & that waitlist has now expired (as only a few days from departure). CX confirmed some revenue seats available (wouldn’t say how many). How likely is it some of...
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    5th Night free question

    Hi, I can't see an answer to this elsewhere - apologies if it has been answered before. I'm currently a diamond member. I recall there being a 5th night free offer for points redemptions much like SPG and Marriott offer. I'm currently making my second redemption (last long stay was 7 nights...
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    Qantas Lounge access for a bronze member

    Hi, Apologies in advance if this has been asked in the recent past and my searching skills are not up to scratch. I usually fly VA and have lounge access. I’m flying QF in a few weeks SYD-CBR return. I have no QF status so ordinarily won’t have lounge access. Is there a way (outside purposely...
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    Hawaiian Reward seats

    hi, I’m currently researching an intended rewards redemption during school holidays of all times. I understand the odds of snaring rewards seats during this time are slim but will give it a go before seeking other avenues. I called the Velocity rewards center over the weekend. The operator I...
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    SQ Newbie 1st booking

    Hi, Just attempting my first SQ J redemption (during school holidays to make it harder) & wanted to check with more experienced members that I'm doing it right. I've redeemed from VA, CX and EY (not during school holidays) without issue. I want to check I'm on the right path here. The flights...
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    Sector charges

    Hi, Apologies in advance of I've missed this elsewhere. I have a stash of Velocity points. Looking to use them primarily for travel to Europe and as an alternative way to get to east coast USA. I'm aware that for J awards there is now a substantial 'sector' cost for Velocity redemptions. I have...
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    Woolies Visa Gift Card

    Hi, I was at my local Woolies yesterday and spotted the Visa gift cards (up to $500 charge). It's clear on the packaging card can only charge with eftpos (assuming the merchant fee on a CC eats into the $5.50 issue fee which they're not keen on). I tried to put it through with some other...
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    Transfer time to Asia Miles

    I've got some ANZ points. Am planning to drain them to Asia Miles with impending end to Canberra payments. I can see business reward availability on their site. How long has it typically taken members to transfer ANZ reward points to AM? Website says to allow 18 days. Hoping it's not that long...
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    Premium lounge kerbside access Sydney with Amex Platinum

    Hi, I've accessed the Sydney lounge from the kerbside entry with my business class ticket before. I'll be flying to Melbourne shortly and wasn't planning to fly business. I have unlimited lounge access with Amex platinum charge. Will I be able to use the kerbside entry even though I have an...
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    Etihad business seating

    Hi, I've not flown EY previously. I'm planning a trip in J from SYD to CDG. I'll be flying with my wife. I'm interested in other members' experiences in terms of the best seat location in the business Cabin on the Boeing 777? Albyd.
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    Etihad redemptions 777 only?

    Hi, I just booked a business rewards seat to CDG using my Velocity points. I was informed I could only redeem on the Boeing 777 rather than the A380 which was my preference since they have the business suites. I have no reason not to believe them and I'm sure it will beat flying in Y. Just...
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    20% bonus on Asia Miles redemptions with ANZ

    Just received rewards statement email from ANZ with 20% bonus offer for Asia Miles redemptions to 20 August. Might look at this for redemption to Asia as using Velocity points to fly to Asia on SQ seems to be poor value...
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    Virgin America Lounge access

    Hi, I'll be flying Virgin Australia in J from SYD to LAX so understand my ticket gives me Koru lounge access in SYD & *Alliance lounge access at JFK on my flight home. I've looked on the virgin website & suggests I have Virgin America lounge access (I'm flying in "first") in LAX but doesn't...
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    Direct Debit Setup

    Hi, I've recently set up with DC and will give it a try and see how we go. I'm going to use Direct Debit (DD) to ensure my statement is always paid on time. I'm completing the DD Form and it asks me to nominate a day of the month to run it. I've been in touch with DC to figure out the latest I...
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    Taking altitude black into credit

    Hi, I have a contribution to make to the fiscal fiend which is about 70% higher than my limit. If I pay my card substantially into credit to get this done in one go, will I have any issues with Westpac not paying points or their system handling this situation?
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    Current transfer times to velocity

    Hi, I transferred some points from citi select to velocity on 30th July. Just checked again this morning and not shown up. How long are citi taking on these? I transferred some from altitude on the same day and showed up next day. Call center is quoting 15 days (vs usual 28 days).
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    NAB Ant is ending

    Hi, I've had a NAB Ant Amex for some years which has been in the bottom drawer not being used. Just received a letter that they're closing the product down. Have offered to migrate me to the basic velocity or qantas dual card offerings with the same 20000 sign up points as new sign ups which is...
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    Change to Select Call Center

    Hi, I've tried to follow the consensus on AFF not to call Citi call centre unless absolutely have to. I've applied for a Supplementary for a relative travelling next week (maybe haven't left myself much time) to see if I can get them to rush it through although they still need to "approve" it...