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  1. Pushka

    Seat Selection tactic?

    A weird possibly deliberate issue yesterday. Booking for partner who is WP and in their account when making a booking so seat selection for Qantas domestic flight should be wide open. Thought I’d do an advance seat selection and the closest to the front I was offered was the Exit Row - 12 and...
  2. Pushka

    Ongoing issues (Optus)

    Hi Folks Since the older thread that I posted in last week about access issues, I am still have enough issues that I just can’t post much at the moment - maybe some think that’s a good thing! I often can’t get the forum to load; if I see I have notifications I either can’t click to see what...
  3. Pushka

    Having ‘discussions’ with RE Agent

    As context our house is going up for auction in a few weeks. We are in discussions with the RE Agent currently. He has inserted a price in the online advertisement that will go ‘live’ Wednesday. We do not want a price inserted. His argument is that it will attract more buyers and therefore...
  4. Pushka

    TSA PreCheck.

    Curiously we have TSA Prechk printed on our boarding passes yet we haven’t applied for this. It means we don’t have to do any of the usuals in the US - shoes, jackets, watches, belts liquids, laptops etc to pass through screening. Today in Flagstaff we were given a red token to carry us through...
  5. Pushka

    Viking Invades Alaska!

    With just on a week to go I feel brave enough to say we are off to Alaska. Not to rehash but we, well, I, planned an intricate itinerary 3 years ago for Alaska to celebrate my Zero birthday but which had to be canned a couple of months out due to a health issue. I had already complied my travel...
  6. Pushka

    Baby and an Award booking.

    Help please. I’m sure this has been answered but I’d like to check again. I’m making an Award booking for my DIL into Manchester for November in J. Her baby is due in August. So, how do I go about this. No gender nor name is known, well, not to me anyway. So help please? Maybe I should call and...
  7. Pushka

    Multiple Marketing emails

    I mentioned this is another thread but for the past couple of weeks I’m getting multiple emails a day from Qantas marketing various products. Four in the last five hours. If I opt out will this mean I miss the important ones like DSC’s. It’s getting ridiculous.
  8. Pushka

    Experience of Emergency measures

    Hiving off from the thread about the emergency measures put into place for the recent Adelaide - Canberra flight, where oxygen masks were used and altitude reduced to 10,000 feet, got me to thinking (stealing a Carrie Bradshaw line there :cool:) as to how many of us have been travelling and...
  9. Pushka

    Question Amex Business Card

    We have an Amex Business Card that registers the ABN and points accrued go to the QantasBusinessRewards account and from there we divvy up the points. Possibly this delay has occurred every month but this month the points left Amex on 16th but still have not been credited to the QBR account...
  10. Pushka

    Vancouver for 3 days and 4 nights

    i know there are many who have travelled to Vancouver but am hoping to get this consolidated into one thread for travel. In late May we arrive on a Wednesday evening and staying in Auberge Hotel until we leave on a Sunday to commence a cruise. I know there’s Butchart Gardens, Stanley Park and...
  11. Pushka

    Booking award flights as 2 separate sectors

    I’m preparing for the release of award tickets next year with all the city variations etc. We are looking at a Hong Kong transit then through to Tel Aviv on CX. If I use the multi sector function via HK then availability seems to be held back a little longer than if I plug in as separate trips...
  12. Pushka

    Doha, Dubai, Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

    We are looking at an Egypt journey late next year with a Nile River Cruise. We are looking at flying with Qatar through to Amman then a driver to take us into Tel Aviv at which time we will be on a guided tour through Israel, then Egypt, then into Jordan. We then plan to fly home not sure...
  13. Pushka

    American Airlines Record Locator to PNR

    Now, I have searched the forum, ventured into Flyer talk and general google but I seem unable to find the PNR for an AA booking. I’ve tried all the suggestions - BA, FinAir and Qantas. Has this trick been stopped now?
  14. Pushka

    Answered Qatar Seating Question

    Are you travelling as a couple? I travelled in Q suites recently. If a solo then make sure your seat is either any window, or the Q suite facing forward. Nice planes.
  15. Pushka

    Qantas Mystery Box?

    This is weird. Received this text from the number Qantas used to verify my dual log in. Anyone else? Has their number been hacked? Correct name too.
  16. Pushka

    Hawaii for a week - accommodation help

    We will be staying for a week in Hawaii after an Alaskan cruise next June. I've just cancelled a classic awards flight SFO to Adelaide (we were going to backtrack to SFO from Hawaii as QF classic award flights out of Honolulu have never appeared) but have now bitten the bullet and booked a...
  17. Pushka

    A Cooks Tour of London.

    Now that the family business has long gone and everyone jetted back to the routines - well except for the honeymooners now ensconced in their five star resort on The Palm Dubai, we have trained it from Manchester to London Town. The newlyweds Emirate chauffeur collected them on time in Heswall...
  18. Pushka

    These Digital passes.

    I had accumulated a few of these through booking Qantas using Amex over the last couple of years. Today I received an email suggesting I use them or guest them forward. Which I did, to my sons QFF account. He rocked up to the Lounge tonight with his card to scan and was told that isn’t the way...
  19. Pushka

    Can I do this?

    As luck would have it our flight next week ADL - MEL - DPS has hit a hitch as MrP now needs to be in Melbourne the night before until quite late. He can make the last flight out to Adelaide that night but then catches an 11 am flight back to MEL the next day. Seems kinda redundant. There...
  20. Pushka

    Website broken again

    Of course I need to amend a booking this morning and request a points upgrade but it’s broke!