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Search results

  1. nige_perth

    Any news on QFF and Qatar points / SC?

    I'm looking at booking a flight from SIN to JFK on Qatar Airways, as they join Oneworld on Next Wednesday 30 Oct, I was wondering what status credits and Qantas will be offering?Ive been looking to to no joy, Im Qantas Platinum Anyone know? Cheers in advance
  2. nige_perth

    6 hrs in MEL international

    Hi, Can anyone help! I'm stuck in MEL international next Saturday for 6 hrs from around 17:30. Looking at the Qantas website both the F and J lounges close at approximately 17:30 ish :( Can anyone suggest any lounges I can visit being QF Platinum? As it seems hardly any international flight...
  3. nige_perth

    2 questions I cant find the answer to

    Hi All, My 2 questions are: 1-When you achieve Platinum One status, are you issued with new Q Tags if so, how different are they to the standard Platinum Q Tags 2- Once you achieve Lifetime Silver/Gold status, is your Q card replaced? So as to indicate your lifetime status? Thanks...
  4. nige_perth

    Which so I do EK, CX or TG First class?

    Which should I do EK, CX or TG First class? Good Morning All, I cant decide which flights to take :confused: I have 12 days trip to Asia, SIN, BKK and HKG. My question is should I fly Thai A380 from BKK which has an awesome F lounge I'm told to HKG or fly with Emirates again on a380? The...
  5. nige_perth

    Qatar Airways Lounge Perth

    Hi all, Does anybody know which lounge Qatar business class passengers can use in Perth International? Cheers Nige
  6. nige_perth

    Will I get a refund if we don't actually take the flight after checking-in?

    Help required..... A friend of mine as never been on an aircraft (hard to believe I know) My question is, if I book a fully flexible Qanta's fare, check in for the flight, but my friend backs out of taking the flight due to nerves, would I be able to get a refund???? I have phoned Qantas...
  7. nige_perth

    My First Up and Coming Status Run

    So, I've been allowed to spend the weekend flying, thanks to the other half.... :0) He thinks I'm mad.....and im tending to agree .... The trip is as followed. PER-SYD-BNE-NAN-SYD-ADL-PER for $2065 netting me 840 SC as I have the double promo A330-300,737-800,737-800,747-400,767-300 AND...
  8. nige_perth

    Not happy with platinum service

    As a Qantas Platinum frequent flyer I'm not impressed to been told my upgrade request to business class will happen 5 (five) hours before departure??? Qantas state within 2 (two) days on their website. Am I correct? Cheers Nige
  9. nige_perth

    Flounge access SYD......

    G`day all, I recently experienced the Qantas F lounge in SYD en-route to Nadi. My question is my flight back is NAN-MEL via SYD with a 2 hour transfer time in Syd. As I'm a Platium member and flying Qantas business class am I able to experience the first lounge again or will I be forced to use...
  10. nige_perth

    Flight Price Rip Off

    Afternoon, Im booking a flight to LHR late March returning Mid April. I can book with Qantas PER-SIN-LHR return for 2 pax @ $15197 in J, or Jakarta -LHR via SIN for $9032 for 2 pax, ok Jakarta to SIN is on a SQ flight ( J) it's not gonna cost us $6165 to get to Jakarta.from PER.... A flight...
  11. nige_perth

    Luxury Travel Required (just once)

    Hi everyone, I want to experience first class luxury (on a budget). Seems I can fly from Singapore to Sydney for $5900 (dates not an issue) Im based in PER so SIN or HKG are not too far away. Anyone know of a cheapest quality First Class experience? Im Qantas platinum member. Thanks in...
  12. nige_perth

    MEL- NAN via SYD

    Help.......... my partner and I are going to Nadi in Jan 2012, I'm a Qantas Platinum frequent flyer. If we are flying Mel, Syd then Nadi will we be able to use the first class lounge in Mel and Syd or just Syd? and will we be check through? Cheers nige
  13. nige_perth

    J class config QF568

    Good evening all, Can anyone help in determine if the following flight in DOM or INT config? QF568 PER-SYD 23.55 arrive 06:00 on June 1st, and if this is normally a full flight in J, as bigggg diff in seat pitch. Im guessing DOM :( Many Thanks In Advance Nige
  14. nige_perth

    Whats the cheapest F class fare with Qf?

    Happy Australia Day :o) Could anyone tell me the cheapest F class fare Qantas offer's? I don't care which Australian airport we leave from or where we end up. I've been looking on but cheapest I can find is $8k SYD to SIN? Anything better. Cheers nig_perth
  15. nige_perth

    MH or QF business class.

    We're off to the UK in late April, (not for the wedding on the 29th) Have flown Qantas J class a number of time so know what to expect, my travel dates are unfortunately not flexible, Qantas are currently asking for $7600 and Malaysia airlines $5400. MH operate 772 and 744 and QF 332 and A380 (...
  16. nige_perth

    Best SC flights?

    What are the best SC flight you know? Ive just spent $4344 on a PER-SIN return in "J" for just 200 SC :( not great value
  17. nige_perth

    Whats the least amount of money you'd need to earn 1400 Qantas SC

    So who can get the most SC on the least money?
  18. nige_perth

    Qanats SC's flying LAN ???

    Does anyone know if you receive SC's when flying LAN? They are part of one world. I'm booked on a "J " class flight from SYD to AKL. I only need 110 SC's for QF gold, Qantas site shows you'll receive 120 SC on a QF flight. Please help
  19. nige_perth

    Qantas SC's

    Hi, Could anyone if you'll receive 480 or 560 Qantas SC's for a J class flight to JFK from SYD. SYD-LAX-JFK = 560SC SYD-JFK= ONLY 480 and it seems you stop in LAX for an hour of so?? Thanks in advance nige
  20. nige_perth

    QF A330-200 skybeds

    Hi, Does anyone know which QF A330-200 flight in J class have skybeds leaving PER to SYD on MEL? I've flown 5 time this year on the A330-200 but only once had a skybed :(