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  1. mrs.dr.ron

    How do you unpack once you get back home?

    You could always use my method of unpacking, I upend both cases onto the queen size bed in 3rd bedroom, put the dirty washing into the laundry basket and then close the door until I feel like tackling the mess ;););)
  2. mrs.dr.ron

    Luggage forwarding services

    Next year we are doing two cruises with a space of 8 days between them. We get off ship A in Venice and get on ship B in Barcelona. Has any one used any luggage forwarding services ? We have used the Takubin services in Japan and it works perfectly. On Cruise Critic...
  3. mrs.dr.ron

    Mooning across the Atlantic !

    We have just booked the Silversea Silver Moon for November 2020 for a 15 day transatlantic crossing. The trip report will be titled " Mooning across the Atlantic" :D
  4. mrs.dr.ron

    New aerosols in HLO Ban? (DPO)

    Did a new aerosols in HLO come into effect in the last week ?? I just spoke with Ron who is at DPO awaiting his first flight home, and security at DPO is confiscating ALL aerosols !! I flew out of there last week, it wasn't happening then. I cant see anything on AFF about it when I...
  5. mrs.dr.ron

    Looking for Adelaide recommendations !

    We are visiting Adelaide in September for 2 nights, staying in the CBD so looking for recommendations for dinner please !
  6. mrs.dr.ron


    Silverseas are no longer sailing into or out of Istanbul. For the rest of 2016 and all of 2017.
  7. mrs.dr.ron

    Maiden Voyage "Harmony of the Seas" not so harmonious !!

    Mutiny on the Harmony: The biggest cruise ship in the world is still a building site, angry passengers say during its maiden voyage Read more: How Harmony of the Seas' first trip became a PR disaster | Daily Mail Online How Harmony of the Seas' first trip became a PR disaster | Daily Mail Online
  8. mrs.dr.ron

    Jetstar going to fly ADL to MCY

    JETSTAR will fly direct from the Sunshine Coast to Adelaide three times a week from September this year. New Sunshine Coast to Adelaide flights announced | Sunshine Coast Daily SO that those poor Adelaideans can come and visit :D
  9. mrs.dr.ron

    QANTAS - a good news story

    On the channel 7 news last night was a good news story about Qantas pilots and crew helping out farmers in outback QLD. hope the link works !
  10. mrs.dr.ron

    Fire on Le Ponant ship

    "A small cruise ship operated by French line Ponant has been evacuated after an engine room fire. The 264-passenger Le Boreal was sailing off the Falkland Islands early Wednesday when the fire broke out, according to a Ponant statement sent to USA TODAY. There were no injuries to passengers or...
  11. mrs.dr.ron


    It was announced that Silverseas are going to convert the Silver Cloud to an expedition ship ! "Silversea Cruises will announce that it will move Silver Cloud to its luxury expedition fleet in November 2017. Destined mostly for polar waters, the elite 296-guest ship that launched the...
  12. mrs.dr.ron

    Sunshine coast dinner 14th November 2015

    We thought it was about time to have another dinner on the Sunny Coast. :D I am looking at either Friday 13th or Saturday 14th November. Anyone interested ??
  13. mrs.dr.ron

    Myanmar E visa for Australians

    From the 01 September 2014 you can get an E visa for Myanmar ( Burma). Currently there are certain restrictions, and it only applies to flying into Yangon, but this is certainly a step in the right direction for Myanmar :) Myanmar eVisa (Official Government Website) The cost is $ 50...
  14. mrs.dr.ron

    Has anyone flown in a moon boot ??

    Recently broke my leg and ankle and I am currently wearing a moon boot with limited weight bearing. In May we are doing a RTW ( 14 flights - 4 domestic ) so I was hoping that maybe someone has also done this so I know what to expect !!! :shock: Any thoughts much...
  15. mrs.dr.ron

    Shopping in NYC!

    OK - for Princess Fiona and Amaroo and anyone else going to NYC in December - Here’s a great map for a holiday windows walk: Macys, Lord & Taylors, Saks, Barneys, Bloomingdales - ( don't forget you can get a 10% discount card at Macys and Bloomies - go to Visitor Centre in each store)...
  16. mrs.dr.ron

    PJs on QF 63 ??

    We are on QF 63 next month flying SYD - JNB does anyone know if you get the Qantas PJs ? Technically it is a day time flight, but it is 14 hours, so if they dont give them out, I will take a pair from home. :shock: I did do a search on here but all the posts are old, and closed...
  17. mrs.dr.ron

    ISTANBUL - a warning

    We recently flew into Istanbul. It took half and hour in the visa queue, then an hour in the immigration queue, so it was over and hour and a half before we picked up our luggage at the carousel. We had 2 Antler cases with TSA locks on - but the locks had been cut...
  18. mrs.dr.ron

    Can we have a quickie to SIN with just HCO ?? [HLO]

    :shock: Drron has surprised me with a quickie trip to Singapore next month ( BRI - SIN CX J ) using up his rapidly expiring points. We are going for 6 days. I DO NOT PACK LIGHT - but in my favour most of our os trips are 6 weeks and several climate changes. I would light to try...
  19. mrs.dr.ron

    My first V lounge & flight since Plat

    I was flying home to the Sunshine Coast today after spending a week with drron in tassie. I flew QF from DPO to MEL at 6.30am, arriving in the V lounge about 8am. I was booked on DJ 1509 at 9.25. I had a cappuccino and fruit toast for breaky, and tried to read a magazine, but...
  20. mrs.dr.ron

    SEX on a DASH8

    As most of you know Drron has been working in Tassie over the last two summers, and I fly down to see him every month. He is Q P - I am Q Plat. When he flies MEL-DEV return he always gets row 2 sitting by himself. I always get row 4 with someone sitting next to me. Last night, there...