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  1. CaptJCool

    Rexit because QF wrecks it? A matter for the ACCC?
  2. CaptJCool

    JQ makes a piece of marriage history

    Well well well
  3. CaptJCool

    Australian Cricket Season 2019-20

    Surprised to see no thread for this year so here it is .. Best to start over here with the First Ball Live from the Gabba and it’s over to your commentator ...’s-first-test-v-pakistan-tr-live.97236/
  4. CaptJCool

    F is for Fail-safe Trap, Right? Book Sat fly Tues as FF points Deval Belgium, Berlin & Stockholm

    Hi all This is a placeholder for sharing my First F experience. Edit; however, I did make the rookie mistake of going backwards and forwards instead of as they would say in the Sound of Music “you start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start”. Which dates me seeing it’s the...
  5. CaptJCool


    Thought this worth posting AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCES A GREAT AIR RACE 19 March, 1919 The Australian Government announces a £10,000 prize for the first Australians to fly from Britain to Australia. It’s the brainchild of then Prime Minister Billy Hughes, who’s experiencing the wonders...
  6. CaptJCool

    New J class fares to NZ Can anyone decipher what this means? I can’t C the point of the announcement seeing it doesn’t suggest cheaper fares. And I’d note on the current...
  7. CaptJCool

    Qantas Channel QDP

    I notice a new service being made available for Agencies The Qantas Channel 3 key points Recognising Frequent Flyer members at the point of sale, enabling you to identify their unique preferences and...
  8. CaptJCool

    QANTAS 2020 100th anniversary

    hi all After reading of the new Bendigo destination, I pondered the idea of setting up a trip to visit every QF destinations as a good adventure to celebrate the 100th anniversary By then I’ll be on FIRE and have the time (& cash) to do so, a side benefit would mean I probably get across the...
  9. CaptJCool

    Qantas Points Accelerator

    ah this showed up for one of my adult children Qantas Points Accelerator | FAQs Sounds like an interesting twist on encouraging engagement, although hardly gonna cause him to stop gaming to go buy
  10. CaptJCool

    QF Links social media a/c to QF FF Profile without authority

    i noticed this week a login via messenger and that QF Had without my authority connected their FF Profile to one of my social media accounts. Anyone else noticed this ?
  11. CaptJCool

    Fragrance de Voyage. Flying with you soon
  12. CaptJCool

    Garuda first return to Amsterdam Sale for. Travel Nov 2016 return for $4570

    This popped up on newsfeed The Best Garuda Indonesia First Class Roundtrip Fare I've Ever Seen - One Mile at a Time didnt know quite where to place it jakarta Amsterdam first $4570 return....
  13. CaptJCool

    Beating Qantas Surge Pricing (esp when Big "sports" events are on)

    Didn't know where to place this thread but thought it best go here. This situation also happened during the grand final of football (soccer) back in May where fares from Sydney to Adelaide were surge priced. It was cheaper to fly Syd-Adel via Bris and even via Perth. Even saw business class...
  14. CaptJCool

    Boeing unveils future concept design for new jet cabins

    Boeing reveal: What plane cabins will look like in the future
  15. CaptJCool

    If 2016 is the year QF reclaims "Enhancement", what do they need to Enhance??

    Hi all Thought RED ROO the leader of CHEER for Qantas might appreciate some help with members collective brainstorming ? what kind of enhancement would you suggest ? Be creative and Twitter an idea...
  16. CaptJCool

    Ua bug bounty winners of one million points

    Saw this today.. United Airlines awards millions of points as bug bounty - Security - News -
  17. CaptJCool

    Analytics of QF LOYALTY

    Well, here's some from the horses mouth insights
  18. CaptJCool

    scheduled PAX capacity of Boeing 747 below that of Airbus A380 for first time

    The slow death of the Boeing 747 – Quartz Seems one must freight themselves if they want to get a rid on a jumbo in the not too distant future... The scheduled passenger capacity of the Boeing 747—as measured in available seat miles—dropped below that of the double-decker Airbus A380 for the...
  19. CaptJCool

    is this the secret to booking cheap flights?

    hi all came across this link today.... New app claims to have discovered the secret to booking cheap flights Claims to analyse "billions" of prices before identifying the cheapest time to travel on thousands of routes. Hopper believes it can save fliers 40 per cent, on average. Hopper...