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  1. docjames

    QR905 circling Melbourne

    Two passes over eastern Melbourne now over bay. Stayed under 6000ft initially now appears climbing to 8,000ft (? Fuel dump). Assuming it’ll be returning to MEL, await more info but some weird and increased noise compared to most aircraft passing over ? engine issue or just related to...
  2. docjames

    Answered Status match?

    mrsdoc has just changed employers and with that will have corporate travel with VA. Current status is QF WP. Any current tips/process for requesting status match on the move across? Likely upcoming domestic travel next 1-2 months initially.
  3. docjames

    Qantas A380 to Orlando (MCO) - one off only

    Interesting one-off reported on airlineroute Reportedly the Flight centre charter is VA this year so probably not that one. Wonder who it’s for? Brethren charter? Doesn’t appear to be bookable on qantas site.
  4. docjames

    Milan Linate Closed for 3 months Looks like Linate finally gets runway repairs and terminal upgrades. Closed July 27-Oct 27 with ongoing works until 2021! <Insert comment about Italian building, unions and timelines.....>
  5. docjames

    Bargain (not) from Qantas wine

    Wow save 3 points or pay the regular price for cash
  6. docjames

    United route increases ex-SFO

    Courtesy United Announces Largest International Route Expansion from SFO Ex-SFO UA are adding Year-round nonstop flights to - MEL - Toronto and seasonal - DEL Adding an additional daily flight to Seoul And expanding to all year-round - AKL - AMS - PPT So they are crowing about a whole...
  7. docjames

    Answered QF Manage Booking - why not accept change online?

    Have trip next year with a just re-timed QF10 now dep ~1hr earlier but still leaving me a 2h30m connection at LHR. When I log into my booking, the message says to call QF, no option to accept online. Any ideas why I have to call and this no longer allows online accept changes?
  8. docjames

    2018 Travel - the year in review thread

    Barring last minute changes (disasters), I'm done for 2018. 77k miles 33 Sectors/19 airports After MEL (home airport), most visited was LHR. 3 New carriers (AY, IB, VS) 3 New airports (LCY, MAD, HEL) J for 63% by distance, 45% by sector No F (except US domestic)
  9. docjames

    Points crediting QF/HA flights

    Booked as a single pnr through a TA with QF ticketing with QF flight to HNL then connecting to HA to the other islands. Is it possible to credit the QF flights to QF and the HA flights to VA? If so, suggested process? TIA.
  10. docjames

    Melbourne Airport to Swing like AMS

    Melbourne airport looking at "swing" gates within domestic terminal(s) to be used for international flights (and allow for both growth and airline flexibility for aircraft to operate mix of Dom and Int routings). I would imagine QF will be keen on this. Which will be bad news for F Lounge...
  11. docjames

    Viator Issue (and other options?)

    Ok, please take this as question (at the end) and discussion (not rant). Old Viator threads aren’t open. Having successfully booked via QF and Viator for (excellent) transfers in Cape Town a few years ago, I was looking for an “easy” option for a transfer from LHR T3 to London (N19). I...
  12. docjames

    Qantas Turboprop Interior Refresh

    Hopefully it's a refresh only not an enhancement (ie denser seating)....... QANTASLINK TURBOPROPS TO RECEIVE CABIN UPGRADE
  13. docjames

    Referral to

    To my AFF friends, anyone who'd like to be referred to I'm happy to oblige, please PM me with your preferred email address for registration. By way of full disclosure, if i refer enough i "win" something although i'm happy to refer just a single person who wants referring (or none...
  14. docjames

    Qantas timetable no longer in pdf

    Was doing some searching and found this on the qantas site - disappointing, it can be easier to save the pdf and search that way for some routes. Whats annoying is as i try and search, it times out / errors repeatedly. If i just download the pdf, i can play to my heart's content, and repeated...
  15. docjames

    IHG Accelerate Jan-Apr 2018

    New Accelerate offer received yesterday. With already booked travel, I can probable manage all except the January points and corporate portal. So circa 40,000 points to come for me! Earn 45,500 total bonus points. Complete all of your Accelerate offers and earn 45,500 total bonus points. My...
  16. docjames

    No reward nights IC O2 London

    Any ideas? Searched the whole 12 months, not a single date with availability - i find that hard to believe. Is there something about the O2 that they wont release rooms? Searched whilst logged in as IHG Amb Plat.
  17. docjames

    QF quality quaffing questionable?

    Ok, apologies for the title but it attracted you to the thread didn't it? :p In light of these comments in the linked thread: It made me wonder if we had retrospective data to look at QF's wines and if they indeed have gone backwards. My own impression over the last 10-15 years is that QF...
  18. docjames

    Avis Pricing

    Looking for a hire ex-CNS in october. Logged in using my wizard. Small SUV (X-trial) n/a Commodore Wagon $677 Remove wizard SUV $540 Wagon $625. Not happy.
  19. docjames

    Tigerair Australia short on flight crews?

    Re: Tigerair Australia Delays/Cancellations I'm reliably informed that due to a prior hiring freeze in order to contain costs, followed by higher than expected resignations, Tiger is currently relatively short on flight crews. Adding to the complexity is the medium-term plan to switch to the...
  20. docjames

    Highest Lifetime Status Credits?

    I tried finding suitable threads but none seemed to exist. Can anyone top 70,000 lifetime SC's?