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  1. K

    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    Worked a treat in ADL this morning. QF670, both scanners boarding "premium" passengers first. Announcement was clear that general boarding for all other economy passengers would commence shortly. 👍
  2. K

    Points Plus Pay Option that earns Status Credits

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help. I need 35 Status Credits to obtain Platinum, but need it by 28th August. I was under the impression that if I booked a return Flexi Fare ADL to MEL as a Points plus pay option - Any Seat, that I can get the necessary Status Credits (20 each way) all for approx...
  3. K

    Fly ahead - with a fee

    I always purchase the Saver Lite fare, more often than not one of the last flights of the day and without fail if I complete my work early or on leisure trips, decide to head to the airport early, I am offered the next flight available to Adelaide. In the one instance last week, when I wasn't...
  4. K


    Welcome to AFF!
  5. K

    My Bookings

    Same applies to me. I have a number of flights booked past the 5 shown under my bookings when checking with my Velocity number. Until a month ago, I was able to click show more and they would all appear. Not so now. I emailed Velocity about it and the response was some generic reply about using...
  6. K

    Qantas research [Post flight Survey eMail]

    I received one last week after a flight from ADL to MEL. First one Ive ever been asked to do.
  7. K

    Qantas double SCs

    Likewise....Mine have just been credited as well for all flights taken this month!
  8. K

    Qantas double SCs

    Also got the email. A nice surprise!
  9. K

    Hello and Thank you!!!

    Hello to everyone. Stumbled across this site a few days ago and while Ive only really just started flying most recently on a regular basis, the information on here is truly outstanding and very helpful. Thanks to all!